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Scots Descendants
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I'd like to explain why I added this page to the site.   Essentially I wanted to show what the Scots-Americans had got up to when they emigrated to the USA. Almost all entries in here are thus mini biographies and I have also tried to pick from a range of people so have highlighted - blacksmiths, carpenters, cashiers, farmers, mine operators, military, pioneers, judges, senators, etc. While I feel this list serves its purpose I would certainly be happy to add in any more if anyone wants to send us one in for inclusion in this list. Simply email Alastair McIntyre.
  • Biographies on RootsWeb
    This is a small listing of biographies of Scots descendants found on RootsWeb where visitors have pointed them out to us.
  • The Grahams in Virginia
    The Grahams, like many of the early settlers of the Valley of Virginia, were of Scotch-Irish descent and came from the counties of Donegal and Londonderry, in the northern part of Ireland.
  • The McClung Family
    The McClung family is of Scotch descent. Its history begins in the time of Agricola, the Roman emperor who found in them a foe among the Grampian Hills of Scotland, which successfully resisted his further progress in that direction.
  • James Franklin McClung
    John McClung, who emigrated from Scotland to Ireland about 1690, and from there to Virginia, finally, was the ancestor of James F. McClung.
  • William White
    The emigrant who established in Greenbrier county the family bearing the name White was William White (I), who came from Omagh, in the Province of Ulster, North Ireland, in the summer of 1817 and built a home in the Tuckahoe Draft. near the White Sulphur Springs.
  • Col. William Leckie
    COL. WILLIAM LECKIE was one of the big, strong, kindly and generous men of the West Virginia coal fields. A native of Scotland, son of a Scotch miner, he came to the United States when a young man.
  • Jacob McLean
    JACOB MCLEAN, a venerable and honored retired farmer residing at Belington, has been a resident of Barbour County fully seventy-five years—since the time of his boyhood. He was born in Randolph County, Virginia.
  • The family of John Bane
    John Bane (sometimes Bain), the oldest known ancestor of this branch of the family is said by some of his grandchildren to have emigrated to this country from Edenburg, Scotland, landing either in Delaware or Maryland with a brother, his wife and at least one son.
  • James Laing
    James Laing, son of John and Margaret Bowie Laing, was born at Slamanan, near the city of Glasgow, Scotland, January 2, 1846.
  • Charles Williamson
    One man brought Rochester, Carroll and Fitzhugh to the Genesee Valley. Williamsburgh owed its existence to one man. The New York State towns and cities of Sodus, Geneva, Bath, Caledonia and Lyons also owed their presence to one man. Charles Williamson.
  • John Stuart
    David Stuart (the father of Col. John Stuart of Greenbrier county) was born in Scotland in 17-. He came of a family connected with the House of Stuart, whose members were strong partisans of that house.
  • Herbert Madden Brenneman
    The fine fruit farm owned and occupied by Mr. Brenneman is here situated two miles distant from Arroyo, an important shipping point, and is the place on which his birth occurred, the date of his nativity having been April 24, 1877.
  • John C Gilmour
    Mr. Gilmour was born in Scotland May 5, 1886, son of John C. and Harriett (Hutton) Gilmour, also natives of Scotland. His father was an experienced coal miner in the old country, and made his first visit to the United States in 1884.
  • Charles Oliver Henry M.D.
    He was born in this city, then a mere village) on the 3d of December, 1856, and is a son of Lawrence and Mary Ann (Holmes) Henry, both natives of Scotland.
  • William MacDonald
    William MacDonald was not born in the United States, but under a flag representing freedom and democracy, as he came into the world at Stellarton, Nova Scotia, Canada, October 19, 1865. His father had emigrated to Nova Scotia at the commencement of his career from Dunbartonshire, Scotland.
  • James Scott Stewart
    One of the veteran figures in West Virginia educational affairs, was born in Jefferson County, Ohio, January 5, 1854. Both his grandfathers were natives of Scotland.
  • Arthur B Spencer
    Spencer is one of the older family names in the history of West Virginia. The family was first established in Monongalia County, where Arthur B. Spencer's grandfather, Caleb D. Spencer, was born.
  • Judge Samuel Woods
    Was the son of Adam Woods and his wife, Jane Long. They came to America in 1818 from the North of Ireland, and their people had come to the North of Ireland from the North of Scotland.
  • Herbert M Crawford
    Mr. Crawford was born at Kittanning in Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, June 12, 1867. His family came to America from Scotland, and some four or five generations have lived in Pennsylvania.
  • John McKenzie
    Is a Scotch Canadian, and the background of his early life and experience was a thrifty farm on the north shore of Lake Erie.
  • Winfield Scott Wilson
    It is doubtful it in all West Virginia there is a family tree with greater and more important ramifications than that of the Wilsons.
  • Arthur Merryman Gilbert
    One of the veteran busi- ness men of Martinsburg, where he has been a druggist over forty years and where his judgment has been enlisted in the service of several other substantial institutions.
  • Herbert E Hannis
    The Hannis family is descended from Andrew Hannis, a native of Scotland, who came to America in Colonial times and established his home in Philadelphia.
  • James Campbell
    Was born in Scotland in 1719 and emigrated to "The Colonies" as a young man. He took as his profession the dangerous vocation of overland pack merchant.
  • Alexander Edie
    Was born in Adams county, Pennsylvania in 1739, the son of David Edie, who had come to this country from Scotland as a young man.
  • Herbert Dewitt McClintock
    Mr. McClintock was born at Dempseytown, Venango County, Pennsylvania, on the 16th of June, 1873. His paternal grandfather, Gen. James R. McClintock, was a successful farmer in the vicinity of Dempseytown and served as a brigadier general in the Pennsylvania State Militia.
  • Lewis Van Gilder Guthrie M.D.
    Doctor Guthrie inherited traditions of honorable service and grew up in a home atmosphere calculated to arouse in him high ideals. His father was the late Judge Francis Asbury Guthrie, who died at Point Pleasant, West Virginia, in 1904, after forty years of honorable professional and public service for the state.
  • Rev. Thomas K. Young
    Thomas Young was born in Fayette Co., West Virignia, a son of William Wilson and Elizabeth (Kay) Young, natives of Scotland, he born in Edinburgh and she in Lanark and she survives and is living with her son, Dr. Young.
  • Alexander Clarke Kincaid M.D.
    Dr. Clarke Kincaid was educated at the University of Virginia and was a practicing physician first in Braxton, then in Greenbrier and adjoining counties for more than forty years.
  • Conrad Syme
    He is a sixth lineal descendant of Col. John Syme and Sarah Winston, his wife, who lived at Studleigh, Hanover county, Virginia. Col. John Syme, of Studleigh, came to Virginia from Scotland.
  • The Dunbar Family
    Mathew Dunbar, the ancestor of the Donbars in Monroe and Greenbrier counties by that name, was a dashing Scotchman, and he was born on the Firth of Forth, Scotland, in 1764.
  • George A Gilchrist M.D.
    Dr. Gilchrist was of Scotch descent and a native of Monroe county, where he was born in the Gap Mills community on June 15, 1867.
  • John B Laing
    Of Lewisburg, judicial center of Greenbrier County, has made a record of constructive enterprise as a coal operator and railroad builder in West Virginia, in which state the family residence was established when he was an infant. His father, James Laing, was born and reared in Scotland.
  • Frank Nixon Mann
    He was born in Greenbrier County, July 19, 1861. Back in Colonial times three brothers left Scotland and came to America, one locating in Pennsylvania, another in Mary- land, while the direct ancestor of the Huntington manufacturer established his home in Gloucester County, Virginia.
  • George Campbell
    During a long, useful and active career George Campbell has applied himself to the vocation of agriculture with such good results that he is now accounted one of the substantial men of the Holliday's Cove community of Hancock County.
  • Orville L McDonald
    He is recognized as an able attorney and is a member of the well known law firm of Strother & McDonald, general practitioners, with offices in the Union National Bank Building.
  • Andrew Sterrett Alexander
    Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Kanawha County, is a Charleston lawyer and banker, and is one of a number of prominent representatives of this name and family running back into the earliest pioneer times of what is now West Virginia.
  • Walter Lee Taylor
    One of the West Virginia leaders in the promulgation and development of corporation law.
  • Davidson Brothers
    The branch of the Davidson family to which belong Henry Alexander and George S. Davidson, of Morgantown, Monongalia County, was founded in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, prior to 1800.
  • Lynn Hastings
    One who has dedicated his life to the work of the educator and who has achieved an honored place in his vocation and in the confidence of the public is Lynn Hastings, of Morgantown, superintendent of the free schools of Monongalia County.
  • Robert Raymond McFall
    General manager and treasurer of the Southern Fuel Company of Mortgantown, has had an interesting diversity of experience in business and in educational circles.
  • James H McGrew
    Mr. McGrew was born at Morgantown, October 31, 1873, a son of William Clark and Julia E. (Willey) McGrew, and is descended from an old Scotch family which has been in America since prior to the War of the American Revolution and in West Virginia (then old Virginia) for over a century and a quarter.
  • Harry Stuart Irons
    The record of achievement which Mr. Irons had made in his profession marks him as one of the representative members of the bar of Cabell County, where he is engaged in active general practice in the City of Huntington.
  • Judge Blizzard
    He is one of West Virginia's distinguished lawyers, formerly a circuit judge, and has also been a con- structive factor in the larger business affairs of the state.
  • William Boggs Anderson
    Mr. Anderson was born September 7, 1861, in Pendleton County, and belonged to a family that originated in Scotland, the first American ancestor of which was his great-grandfather, who came from Glasgow, Scotland, in the first years of the United States as a republic.
  • William McCoy
    In the family of McCoy the traditions of ability, honor and worth left by those who have gone beyond set a worthy precedent which the present generation, and that from which it sprang, have followed, to which they have added a life chapter that must prove as inspiration and a positive incentive to those destined to come after them.
  • Charles E Trembly
    Mr. Trembly represents one of the oldest families of Preston County and was born on a farm near Albright April 14, 1873. His Americanism is the product of almost two centuries. About 1730 the first of the Trembly family came from Scotland and settled on the eastern shore at Trembly's Point, near Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  • Gustavus Hite Wilson
    This branch of the Wilson family has been in Preston County for more than a century. His great-grandfather came from Scotland and settled in Taylor County, West Virginia, more than 100 years ago.
  • Immigrant Ships Transcribers Guild [External site]
    This is a site that is working on producing passenger lists from ship departures and arrivals. From this site you can select Scottish Ports.
  • Journal of Rev. David Irving Craig
    The original home of the Craig's was Scotland. There are hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of Craig's in Scotland today. The name is old in Scotland.
  • McNeill/McEachin Family Cemetery, Scotland County, NC [External site]
    John McEachin, Sr. was born Feb. 21, 1740/41 in Kintyre, Argyllshire, Scotland and died Oct. 8, 1815. He was married to Mary Currie (c 1750 - June 26, 1837). They had at least children.
  • Alexander H. Ferguson
    The Grandfather Ferguson went from Greenock, Scotland, to Virginia, while a young man, moving from there to Tennessee, where he lived until his death. He was the father of three children: William D., Allen McL. and Horatio N. (all now deceased). The boys came to Arkansas in 1820 and settled at Greenock, a Scottish town named after the town in which their father was born.
  • C. S. Keith
    He was born in Tennessee, in 1845 and is the son of John H. and Leutia (Davis) Keith, natives of North Carolina and Tennessee, respectively, and the grandson of W. A. Keith, who was a solider in the war for independence, and who was a school teacher, having a superior education for those days. The latter was a native of Scotland.
  • Tom D. Thomson
    The paternal grandfather was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and at an early day settled in Alabama, from which State he enlisted as a soldier in the Revolutionary War.
  • James Dalrymple
    Mr. Dalrymple is a native of Scotland, born on the 13th of July, 1863, his parents being James and Agnes (Patton) Dalrymple, who were likewise natives of the land of hills and heather, where they spent their entire lives, the father devoting his attention to coal mining.
  • David Thompson M.D.
    Dr. David Thompson has been continuously engaged in the practice of medicine and surgery in Denver for more than a quarter of a century and enjoys an enviable reputation as one of the city's most skilled and successful physicians. His birth occurred in Harthill, Scotland.
  • David Duff Seerie
    Contractor and manufacturer, born in Scotland, March 11, 1862, was a son of Edward and Margaret (Duff) Seerie, the former now seventy-nine years of age.
  • Peter Seerie
    Member of the firm of Seerie & Varnum, contractors of Denver, was born in Dundee, Scotland, February 27, 1880, a son of Edward R. and Margaret (Duff) Seerie, who came to America in that year.
  • Hon Harry Carson Riddle
    He is descended from Scotch and Scotch-Irish ancestry. The founder of the family in the new world was John Riddle, who crossed the Atlantic at an early period in the colonization of the new world and who was a representative of one of the old families of the Highlands of Scotland.
  • Frank Anderson
    Cashier of the treasury department of the Colorado & Southern Railway Company with office in Denver, his native city, was born on the 28th of October, 1886, a son of Alexander and Margaret (Duffus) Anderson. The father was born in Forfar, Scotland.
  • Allison Stocker
    Mr. Stocker was born in St. Clair, Pennsylvania, August 11, 1862. His father, Matthew S. Stocker, was also a native of the Keystone state and was a son of Alexander Stocker, who was a native of Scotland.
  • William A. Dollison
    President of the Great Divide Petroleum & Refining Company, which has been operating extensively in oil fields in three states.
  • Atwater Lincoln Douglass M.D.
    Dr. Atwater Lincoln Douglass, engaged in medical and surgical practice in Denver, was born in Bar Harbor, Maine, on the 14th of April. 1869, and is of Scotch descent.
  • James K. P. McCallum
    Among the representatives of Denver's bar are men capable of crossing swords in forensic combat with the ablest members of the profession anywhere.
  • Frank Gordon
    Frank Gordon is numbered among the agriculturists and stock men in the Colville valley. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on April 19, 1853, the son of Alexander and Julia (McGregor) Gordon, natives of Glasgow, Scotland, and Georgia.
  • Eleanor Clarke Darin
    The records of the Clarke "Family Tree" trace back to the years preceding the discovery of American by Columbus. The Clarke annals previous to this are lost in the mist of the unrecorded history of Scotland.
  • Thomas Little
    Native of Scotland, Lived Here 54 Years. Thomas Little who died in Rochester, Minn. Monday, was one of the best known mining men in the state of Illinois.
  • Col. N. C. Buswell
    Col. N. C. Buswell, Neponset, the subject of the following biography, was born December 5, 1831, in Caledonia County, Vt. He is of Scotch descent, a son of James Buswell, a native of Caledonia County, Vt., where he was born in 1793.
  • Colonel George Scroggs
    Few men probably of his age have attained so much and well-merited a popularity as Col. George SCROGGS. A history of Champaign county would be deficient without a record of his life.
  • Richard J Oglesby
    This distinguished soldier and statesman was born on the twenty-fifth of July, St. James' day, 1824, in Oldham County, Kentucky. His parents, Isabella Watson and Jacob Oglesby, both of Scottish descent, came to Kentucky from Virginia.
  • History of John Miller Camron Family
    John M. Camron, Nephew and partner of James Rutledge in the mill and town of New Salem, was born in 1790 in the state of Georgia. He was the son of Thomas and Nancy (Miller) Camron, his mother being the sister of James Rutledges wife. Camron was a millwright by trade and a Cumberland Presbyterian preacher by ordination. His parents were born in Scotland.
  • Captain John MacKenzie
    a resident of Fulton, and Master of the steamer “Siver Wave,” of the Van Sant & Musser line, plying between stillwater, Minn., and Muscatine, Iowa, is a native of Whiteside Co., Ill., being born in the town of Ustick, July 3, 1850. His parents, John and Margaret (Ritchie) MacKenzie, were born in the Highlands of Scotland and came to this counrty in 1843.
  • Thomas Tait
    About nine miles southeast from Chewelah one comes to an estate of one-half section which is owned by the subject of this article. Mr. Tait acquired title to half of it by homestead rights and the other half by purchase.
  • Clarence E Ross
    Was born in Canton, IIlinois, on November 15, 1867, the son of Stephen M. and Matilda (Blackburn) Ross, natives of Virginia and Maryland, respectively. The father was a nephew of the noted Indian fighter, General Morgan, and traces his ancestry back to early days of Scotland.
  • Duncan Family
    Rev. William Duncan was born in Perthshire, Scotland, January 7, 1630. He fell a martyr during the religious troubles that afflicted Scotland at the time Charles II was restored to the throne of his ancestors.
  • Daniel D. Boyce
    A prominent farmer, stock raiser and merchant at Blue Ridge, was born December 11, 1832, in Harrison County, Ky.
  • Lt. Col. James Bennett McCreary
    Lt. Col. James Bennett MCCREARY (1838-1918), of the 11th Kentucky Cavalry, CSA. After the war, McCreary became a U.S. Senator for Kentucky and twice was Governor of that State.
  • Ari Armstrong
    Pioneer, was born in Wayne County, Ind., November 4, 1814, son of John and Letitia (Dye) Armstrong; is the sixth in a family of thirteen children, and is of Scotch-German lineage.
  • Hon. William Robson
    Hon. William Robson, state senator from the Twentieth district, is one of the oldest and best known settlers of Caddo parish, La., and an example of what energy, industry and perseverance, when intelligently applied, have accomplished for those of foreign birth who have seen fit to locate within the borders of this parish.
  • William McFaddin Alexander
    William McFaddin's sons are numbered among the wealthy citizens of Texas, and are prominently identified with the affairs of the Lone Star state.
  • Hay, Alexander
    Well known architect of New Orleans, was born at Edinburgh, Scotland, April 10, 1857; son of James and Isabella (Hall) Hay, the former of whom was born in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, and the latter also in Scotland.
  • Col. R. H. Lindsay
    A general commission merchant and real estate agent of Shreveport, La., but was born in Montrose, Scotland, in 1832, and is a son of William and Mary (Hume) Lindsay, the latter being a niece of the celebrated Joseph Hume.
  • Jacob Irving
    Now living retired from the active duties of life, but formerly kept an extensive and well patronized meat market. He was born near Loch Maben, Dumfrieshire, Scotland, July 17, 1814.
  • Col. William Polk
    No name in the annals of the country is more highly honored, or held in more profound esteem than that of Polk. It dates with prominence far back in American history. The founder of the Polk family in America inherited the blood of a long line of Scottish kings.
  • Duke, James Rumsey
    Residence, Donaldsonville, La., was born in that city Dec. 4, 1859; son of Robert James and Rebecca (Herring) Duke, the former of whom was born at Maysville, Ky., and the latter at Donaldsonville. The father's ancestors came originally from Scotland.
  • George A. Colquitt
    A prosperous farmer of Ward 7, Caddo Parish, La., was born in Oglethorpe County, Ga., in 1839, being the son of Joseph E. and Ava Ann (Lee) Colquitt, natives of Oglethorpe County, and born in 1806 and 1816, respectively.
  • Fullilove, Samford Christian
    Superintendent of public safety, and regarded as one of the leaders of the bar of North Louisiana. He was born Jan. 23, 1877, in Caddo parish.
  • John L. Hodges
    The popular drug store belonging to this gentleman in Shreveport, La. Mr. Hodges was born in Bossier Parish, La., September 20, 1864, to Gen. John L. and Jeanette V. (Hamilton) Hodges, natives of Scotland and Georgia, respectively.
  • Reid, Henry A.
    Sheriff of Calcasieu parish, Lake Charles, La., was born at Lake Charles, July 23, 1876; son of Alexander L. and Mary Ida (Guillory) Reid, the former of whom was a native of St. Martinville, La., and the latter of St. Landry parish, near the village of Washington. The paternal grandfather, David J. Reid, was a native of Scotland.
  • Hon Wilbur Fisk Blackman
    A man of more than ordinary energy and force of character, and is now filling one of the most important and responsible offices in the county, that of judge of the Twelfth Judicial District.
  • Judge Taylor Beattie
    Of the Twentieth judicial district, is a native of La Fourche parish, La., horn in 1837, and is one of the popular men of the state.
  • James Yule, LaSalle Parish La.
    Yule's keen ear and skilled hands have led to a string of first place awards in annual National Wild Turkey Federation game call competitions, articles in newspapers, magazines and books, television interviews and a waiting list of discerning hunters and collectors eager to acquire his unique calls.
  • Glover, George James
    Worthy citizenship in the United States is made up from all the races and nations of the world, but it has remained for those who are commonly known as Scotch-Irish to acquire a distinction and leadership second to no others. Aptly typifying this class of our people in Louisiana may be named George James Glover.
  • Scott, Joseph Thompson
    Physician, was born at Lexington, Ky., March 20, 1833, son of Joseph and Lucy C. (Webb) Scott, born, respectively, at Neshaminy Falls, Pa., 1780, and Lexington, Ky. Joseph Scott, the father, was a graduate of Jefferson Medical college, Philadelphia.
  • Wright, Sophie B.
    The Wright family in Louisiana has been made famous by the wonderful career of Sophie B. Wright. She was born in New Orleans on June 5, 1866, when all over the South there was ruin and discouragement.
  • Rev. Herman Cope Duncan
    Descended from a long line of illustrious Scotch ancestry, his paternal great-grandshire being a leading promoter of the scheme to place Charles Edward, the last of the Stuarts, on the united throne of England and Scotland, and because of his prominence, after the disastrous battle of Culloden, he was banished and his estates confiscated.
  • Benjamin Wesley Baker
    Known as "Ben" or "B.W.", was born on October 26, 1844, near China Grove, in Pike County, Alabama. Ben was the eldest child of Milton Baker and Mary Lucinda Sheppard. Lucinda was the granddaughter of Andrew Sheppard, Sr., a Revolutionary War veteran of the North Carolina Line, who was born in Scotland, in 1757.
  • John Crichton
    This, in brief, is the sketch of a man whose present substantial position in like has been reached entirely through his own perseverance. His birth occurred in Muskogee County, Ga., October 17, 1843, to Peter and Mirian A. (Grieve) Crichton, both of whom were natives of Scotland.
  • Claiborner O. McDonald
    This gentleman is a son of John and Narcissa (Waldrof) McDonald, the father a native of Scotland, who came to this country with his parents' when an infant, and the mother a native of Louisiana.
  • Robert J. Stewart
    His father, Robert Stewart, was a native of Scotland, and of the pure old Scotch blood.
  • J. B. McCoy
    J. B. McCoy is a native of West Virginia, born at Wheeling in 1829. He is the son of William and Elizabeth (Bushfield) McCoy, the former a native of Scotland, born twelve miles from Edinburgh in '79', and the latter a native of Pennsylvania, born in 1793.
  • W. N. Stewart, M. D.
    A well-known physician and planter of West Feliciana parish. He is a son of James D., a native of Wilkinson county, and Amanda (Yerger) Stewart, a native of Warren county, Miss. James D. Stewart is an influential and well-known citizen of the last-named place. He is of Scotch descent, his paternal great-grandfather, James Stewart, having been a fugitive from Scotland to South Carolina in 1745.
  • Samuel C Curry
    Mr. Curry was a well to do farmer, and in ever respect self made, industrious and energetic. He was a member of Cloutierville Lodge of the A. F. & A. M., a son of Isaiah Curry, who was born in Scotland, but came to America prior to the Revolution, setting in Georgia, where he died a farmer.
  • Isaac Walker
    Isaac Walker was a loyal Jacobite, and tradition has it that he was a survivor of the Battle of Culloden Field in Scotland.
  • General John Parker Boyd
    The first owner of the township of Orneville in the County of Piscataquis was General John Parker Boyd.
  • Colonel John Allan of Revolutionary fame
    His services for the cause of the American Colonies again brings into prominence Passamaquoddy Bay and the historic town of Machias, that being his headquarters.
  • William and Samuel Gordon of Fryeburg
    Speaking of twins, it is safe to say that the oldest and smartest in the State are William and Samuel Gordon of Fryeburg, who quietly celebrated their 78th birthday Thursday. Their father was Stephen Gordon who thru three Henrys was a direct decendent of the famous Gordon clan of Scotland.
  • Victor Wells Macfarlane
    He was a man of great force and energy and abundant enthusiasm about whatever engaged his attention.
  • Major John Moor
    The ancestors of Major John Moor were "Scotch-Irish," they migrated from Scotland, and settled in Londonderry, Province of Ulster, Ireland, about 1616, and in 1718 removed to this country. The Moor's were a sept of the Scotish Clan, Leslie, and derived their name derived their name from the Gaelic word "Mhor" which means, big, tall, or mighty.
  • Colonel Arthur Noble
    The descendants of Col. Noble have a tradition that he was born at Enniskillen, County of Fermanagh, and Province of Ulster, Ireland, and that the family emigrated to that place from Scotland. Arthur Noble is supposed to have come to America in about 1720, with his brother Francis and James.
  • First Settlers of Stalwart, Chippewa County, Michigan
    Some of the first settlers came by way of the Mackinac Trail to Strongville, then east to Pickford, then south and east through what was later known as Sunshine, past Bassett's and Sampson's to Riley's, then east following the ridges until they came to Richard Hanna's homestead.
  • William McGregor
    Early lumberman and one of the first settlers of Flynn Township, died at the home of his youngest daughter, Mrs. John Shephard, July 29, 1912. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland August 6, 1826. In his boyhood, his family left Scotland and settled at Hamilton, Ont.
  • Grahams of Gartmore in Western Ontario
    Captain DUNCAN GRAHAM was the son of DUNCAN GRAHAM, one of the originals of the Glencoe-Mosa [town & twp in Middlesex Co, ON] Grahams, and was in his ninth year when the family emigrated [from Cambelltown, Argyll, Scotland].
  • Harry D. Mack
    Harry D. Mack was born in Brooklyn, Jackson county, Michigan, on November 12, 1863, being the son of David and Jane (Thompson) Mack, natives of Scotland and Canada, respectively.
  • John Hyslop
    Was a native of Scotland. He immigrated to America in 1852 and in 1855 settled in Marion township, near Chester, and developed a valuable farm. He was again a representative in 1878.
  • Andrew Boss
    an early settler in Gillford Township, and at one time one of the leading citizens of Wabasha County, was born in Kinloss, Scotland, July 6, 1835, and came to America at the age of 17 years.
  • Daniel Campbell
    (a lineal descendant of John Campbell, Duke of Argyle), born in Argyleshire, Scotland in 1660; was an officer in the army of William the Third, and was in the battle of "Boyne Waters".
  • George A. Mowatt
    Resides about two miles west of Chewelah where he devotes himself to general farming and stock raising, is one of the earliest settlers of the Colville valley, his father being among the very first pioneers of this section.
  • William Lincoln Hart
    Mr. Hart was born at Inverness in Columbiana County, Ohio, February 6, 1867, son of Benjamin F. and Ariel S. (Dreghorn) Hart. His maternal grandfather, John Dreghorn, was born in Scotland was a pioneer in the typically Scotch village of Inverness in Columbiana county. The Hart family has been been in America since early Colonial times.
  • Dr J E McFarland
    A physician and surgeon of Millgrove, is a native of Ohio, born in Darke County, November 5, 1847, a son of Lewis and Charity (Marquis) McFarland.
  • Peter Armstrong
    The Armstrong family, of which he is a representative, is of sturdy Scotch origin. James Armstrong, the grandfather, was a native of Scotland and emigrated to his country soon after the struggle in which our forefathers secured national independence.
  • Mrs. Ruth Campbell
    Ruth has lived in Wauseon, where she was and still is thought of as one of the best teachers that ever served here. Ruth was born January 1, 1890 to Judge and Mrs. Levi Brown in Glasgow, Scotland.
  • General St. Clair
    Arthur St. Clair was born in Scotland, in the year 1764. After receiving a liberal education in one of the most distinguished universities of his native land, he studied medicine. Being of an adventurous turn of mind, he obtained a subaltern's appointment to accompany General Wolfe, in 1763, to the storming of Quebec.
  • Sylvester McDonald
    A member of one of the pioneer families of Jackson township, Muskingum county, Ohio, and is a son of George McDonald, who was born in Frederick county, VA in 1799, his father, Greenberry McDonald, having been born in Scotland.
  • Miss Matilda Hindman
    for many years one of the most prominent advocates of woman's suffrage in the United States.
  • Joseph G. Brownlie
    Proprietor and vital and progressive manager of the Ad Letter Shop in the City of Youngstown, the important metropolis and industrial center of Mahoning County, was born at Meadville, Pennsylvania, July 22, 1887, and is a son of George and Jane (Gibb) Brownlie, both natives of Scotland.
  • Isaac McCallum Hogg
    One of the able attorneys practicing at the bar of Youngstown, and a leader in the local republican ranks. Isaac McCallum Hogg was born at Youngstown, Ohio, November 11, 1878, a son of Charles and Marion (McCallum) Hogg, natives of Scotland.
  • Mrs. Amanda Wampler
    Back in the 1880's, Mrs. Wampler, then Mrs. Lenochan, joined her brother in the job of taking 1,400 head of cattle from Texas to New Mexico. She could ride as well as any cowboy.
  • Archibald Hood
    Was a Scots-Irish immigrant who came to America around 1790 and who left many descendants in Greene County, Pennsylvania, and in Monongalia, Marion and Harrison Counties in West Virginia.
  • Hoge Family History 1730's
    I have to thank you for your favor of yesterday. You are no doubt acquainted with the romantic history and marriage of William Hoge and Barbara Hume. He was from Musselburg, and she from Paisley, Scotland.
  • History of the Heath Family (1790-1935)
    Samuel Heath, and his wife Rebecca; lived their entire life near Aberdeen, Scotland. Their three sons: John, Samuel and Henry, bid farewell to the sod of Scotland and sailed for America about the year of 1790.
  • Samuel A. McDowell
    Through the Doctor lived abroad many years, returning to his native land but a short time before his death, he was well known and much esteemed in Carlisle and Cumberland county, and as a dentist who had the reputation of being a leader in his profession in Europe for many years he enjoyed considerable renown on the Continent.

  • History of the Moorhead Family
    Beginning the latter part of the sixteenth century there dwelt on one of the moors of Scotland a clan of people who, at a later date, moved from the mountain range to that peninsula in Scotland marked on the map "South End." They were known as "The family that came from the head of the moor." With this brief introduction we give a history of the Moorhead family.
  • Hubert Paxton Wiggins
    One of the owners of the Messenger publishing company, publishers of the News-Messenger, a leading daily paper.
  • The Sampsons in Ireland
    Address of J. R. Sampson, at Sampson Re-union, held at Smythe Park, Mansfield, Pa. September 3, 1909.
  • Hall Brothers
    Owners and operators of a fine livery business in Republic. Daniel R. Hall was born in Roler Valley, Pennsylvania, on March 6, 1874, being the son of Robert and Isabelle (Moore) Hall, natives of Scotland and Pennsylvania, respectively.
  • James M. Campbell
    The grandfather of the deceased came from Scotland and located in Fannett township, Franklin county. He was the father of four sons, William, Mark, Andrew and John, and one sister who married a Mr. Briggs.
  • Rev. George MacConnachie
    Pastor of St. Bernard's Catholic church at Redfield, where he took up his abode on the 1st of October, 1900, came from Edinburgh, Scotland, and is a native of Banffshire, Scotland, born February 16, 1875.
  • James H. Dickson
    One of the leading citizens of Scotland, Bon Homme county, is a native of the old Empire state, having been born on a farm in St. Lawrence county, New York, on the 4th of September, 1844, a son of John and Catherine ( McGregor) Dickson, both of whom were born in Scotland, of stanch old Scottish lineage.
  • James Kirk
    Has traveled extensively and mingled much with men, and his long and varied experience in different fields of endeavor has greatly strengthened and enriched his mind, giving him a fund of useful and practical knowledge of far greater value than a collegiate or university training could have imparted. James Kirk, farmer, stock raiser and representative citizen, is a native of Dumfriesshire, Scotland.
  • David Paterson
    An American by adoption, his native country being Scotland, where his birth occurred on the 6th day of October, 1856, His parents, William and Margaret (Duncan) Paterson, were born in Scotland, spent their lives there on a farm, and both lie buried in the old cemetery where sleep so many of their kindred and friends.
  • John Duncan
    Comes of sterling Scotch lineage and is himself a native of the land of hills and heather, while the name which he bears is one which has been prominent in the history of Scotland for many generations.
  • Peter Philp
    Was born in Thronton, Fifeshire, Scotland, on August 27, 1838. After securing a good education in the schools of his native land he learned the trade of iron moulding and followed the same in various parts of Scotland until about 1875 or 1876, from which time until his removal to America, in 1880.
  • Edgar Fleming
    A prominent citizen and successful business man of Ree Heights, South Dakota, where he carries on operations as a miller and dealer in grain and coal. He was born in Egypt, about 1859, and is a son of Robert and Eliza (Wingate) Fleming, both natives of Scotland.
  • George K. Burt
    Editor and proprietor of the South Shore Republican, was born January 3, 1875, in Bradford county, Pennsylvania, being the son of John and Ellen (Kirk) Burt, both natives of Scotland.
  • Gregor Cruickshank
    Born in Inverness-shire, Scotland, on the 15th of November, 1852. He was reared in the schools of the same, and when a youth in his teens entered upon an apprenticeship to learn the stone-mason's trade, completing his term of service in his twentieth year. In 1873 he came to the United States.
  • Alexander Garrick
    Justly takes pride in tracing his lineage through many generations of sturdy Scotchmen, and is of the second generation of the family in America.
  • David K. Batchelor
    Is filling the position of county auditor of Fall River county and has also for a number of years been a well known contractor of Hot Springs, was born in Forfarshire, Scotland, August 31, 1876.
  • Robert Ferris
    Extensive and important are the business interests which Robert Ferris controls as a member of the firm of Ferris Brothers of Yankton, South Dakota. He was born October 11, 1870, at Burnfoot Hill in Ayrshire, Scotland.
  • David Robert Howie
    Successfully engaged in the real-estate business in Sioux Falls, was born upon a farm in Waukesha county, Wisconsin, August 24, 1856. His father, Thomas Howie, was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, in 1811.
  • John Barron
    One of the prosperous and highly honored young farmers and stock raisers of Moody county, comes of a long and sterling line of Scottish forbears, and is himself a native of Banffshire, Scotland, where he was born on the 26th of May, 1869.
  • John J. McCaughey
    One of the leading business men of Aberdeen, being president and general manager of the Aberdeen Hardware Company, is a native of the state of New Jersey.
  • Hon. Thomas Reed
    A native of Scotland, born in the town of Auchleblest on the 1st day of October, 1839. His parents were Robert Reed and Agnes Farley, both born and reared in Scotland.
  • Alfred Reid
    A native of Aberdeen, Scotland, where he was born on the 16th of January, 1870, being a son of Alexander and Sarah Reid, both representatives of staunch and honored Scottish ancestry.
  • James P. Wilson
    Of Lead City, widely known in legal circles throughout the state of South Dakota, is descended from sturdy Scotch ancestry, the history of his family in the United States dating from about the year 1842.
  • Dr. J. S. Goodmanson
    A prominent and successful dentist of Aberdeen, was born in Scotland, October 24, 1868. He is a son of G. and Sarah Goodmanson, who went to Nova Scotia from Scotland in 1878. They now reside in Duluth, Minnesota.
  • A. C. McDonald
    A valuable farm situated on section 35, Spirit Mound township, Clay county, bears witness through its splendid condition to the energy and efficiency of its owner, A. C. McDonald, who was born in Grey county, Ontario, Canada, on the 29th of August, 1859, a son of Andrew and Mary McDonald. The parents were born in the vicinity of Edinburgh.
  • Thomas McKinnon
    A contractor and builder of Sioux Falls, now representing his district in the upper house of the general assembly, is leaving the impress of his individuality upon the political history as well as the material development of his city and state. He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in 1860.
  • Alexander Law Stirling
    Engaged in the cigar and tobacco business at Rapid City, was born in Tama county, Iowa, December 15, 1874. His father, Thomas Stirling, was born February 11, 1840, in Scotland, and emigrated from Edinburgh when about thirty-one years of age.
  • William Bailey
    One of the best known and influential citizens of Wayne township, Minnehaha county, is an agriculturist residing on section 15, where he owns two hundred and fourteen acres of land and where he has lived continuously during the past forty-five years.
  • David Dunwoody
    Most of the families who settled in or near the town of Scotland, South Dakota, were of Scotch birth and they and their descendants have proved among the most valued citizens of Bon Homme county. David Dunwoody is a well-to-do farmer of that county.
  • Drs. T. Y. and R. R. Stevenson
    Thomas Young and Romeo Roderick Stevenson are specialists and partners in the treatment of diseases of the eye, ear, nose and throat at Sioux Falls.
  • Newton James Frayn
    Editor and proprietor of the Republican "Record," of Faulkton, South Dakota. He was born in Forrest, Ontario, Canada, October 10, 1876, and on his mother's side traces his ancestry back in direct line to the royal family of Scotland.
  • D. W. Robinson, M. D.
    A well- known physician and surgeon of Pierre, South Dakota, was born in Lawrence county, Pennsylvania, October 26, 1855, a son of William M. and Adaline {Stuart) Robinson, natives of Pennsylvania and Scotland, respectively, and members of the Scotch Presbyterian church.
  • Will H. Thompson
    Resides on section 26, Clearwater township, Miner county, is a prosperous and well-known agriculturist. Mr. Thompson was born February 22, 1853, in St. Lawrence county, New York, and is a son of Alexander and Elizabeth Thompson, natives respectively of Scotland and New York.
  • Gen. Chas. T. Campbell
    He was a Scotsman of ability and rugged courage who later became well known over the state as the proprietor of the Campbell House at Scotland.
  • General William Henry Harrison Beadle
    South Dakota's "Grand Old Man".
  • W. M. Mair
    Mair is a persuasive fellow. Born in Peterhead, Scotland, in 1870, 'tis said, as the story goes, that at the infant age of four years, he had already familiarized himself with so much history and had become so innoculated with the spirit of liberty, that he persuaded his parents to take him and move to America where he might rise to greatness and pave the way for his fellow Scotchman, Andrew Carnegie, to make a fortune.
  • Clarence A. Bartlett
    Editor and publisher of the daily and weekly Capital Journal, at Pierre, was born in West Vienna, Oneida county, New York, on the 29th of June, 1859 and is a son of Aldis and Mary (Chisholm) Bartlett, the former of whom was born in Vermont, of English descent, while the latter is of Scotch ancestry.
  • Thomas C. Blair
    A native of Nova Scotia, born on June 5, 1854, and the son of Duncan B. and Mary (McLean) Blair, who were born and reared in Scotland.
  • Frederick A. Burdick
    One of the pioneer stockmen of Stanley county, comes of staunch Scottish lineage, and the family was founded in America in the colonial epoch, while representatives of the name were found among the valiant soldiers in the Continental line during the war of the Revolution.
  • Dyer H. Campbell
    The able and popular sheriff of Brookings county, is a native of the old Keystone state of the Union, having been born in the town of Edinboro, Erie county, Pennsylvania, on the 28th of November, 1858.
  • James W. Cone
    Claims the old Buckeye state as the place of his nativity, having been born in Conesville, Coshocton county, Ohio, on the 4th of December, 1850, and being a son of Beebe S. and Lucinda D. (Davison) Cone.
  • George A. Dodds
    One of the leading and pioneer merchants of Watertown, is a native of the state of New York, having been born in Wellington, St. Lawrence county, on the 17th of June, 1845, and being a son of Captain George and Anne (Walton) Dodds, the former of whom was born in Scotland and the latter in England.
  • Robert T. Dott M.D.
    Successfully engaged in the practice of his profession in Salem, McCook county, was born in Jones county, Iowa, on the 26th of October, 1859, and is a son of Robert and Sarah J. (Peters) Dott.
  • David S. Gordon
    A native of the middle west, manifests in his life the spirit of activity and energy so typical of this section of the country. He was born in Lanawee county, Michigan, July 20, 1863, and is of Scotch-Irish lineage, the family originating in Scotland.
  • Robert Gordon
    A well-known farmer and stock raiser of Yankton county, was born in northern Ireland on the 15th of September, 1833, his parents being John and Mary (Cane) Gordon, who spent their entire lives on the Emerald Isle.
  • James Halley
    President of the First National Bank of Rapid City, is a native of Scotland, born January 7, 1854, at the thriving little city of Sterling, Perthshire.
  • George J. Hamilton
    Engaged in the general merchandise business in the town of Mellette, was born in Brownhelm, Lorain county, Ohio, on the 25th of August, 1860, and is a son of Alexander Hamilton, who was born and reared in Edinburg, Scotland, whence he came to America in 1855.
  • William Handley
    Is a sturdy Scotchman and is endowed with those sterling characteristics so typical of the race from which he is sprung. He was born in Dumfriesshire, Scotland, on the 27th of October, 1853, being a son of James and Mary (Barrett) Handley.
  • William H. Johnston
    Was born in Blue Earth county, Minnesota, November 7, 1860, and is one of a family of six children, four sons and two daughters, whose parents were John and Elizabeth (Sharp) Johnston, both natives of Scotland. John Johnston, a blacksmith by trade, came to the United States in 1855.
  • Hampton Ray Kenaston M.D.
    The ancestors of the Doctor in the agnatic line came from Scotland to America in the colonial epoch of our national history, the original orthography of the name having been McKenaston, and the prefix having been dropped by the American branch.
  • James H. Kyle
    The late Senator James H. Kyle, of South Dakota, died the early evening of July 1, 1901. The Senator's grandfather was born in Pennsylvania in 1773 of parents who came from Scotland to this country in a very early day.
  • Wallace S. LeCount
    Like many of the best citizens of this country, traces his ancestry to early French Huguenots. On the mother's side, Mr. LeCount is also of colonial stock, being descended from the old Stark family of Glasgow, Scotland, representatives of which became closely identified with the history of New England, especially of Vermont, where the name of Gen. John Stark, who added luster to the American arms during the Revolution.
  • John H. Lemay
    Editor and publisher of the Northville Journal, at Northville, Spink county, is a native of the city of Philadelphia, where he was born on the 27th of January, 1870, being a son of Edward F. and Nellie (Robertson) LeMay, the former of whom was born in France and the latter in Scotland.
  • John L. Lockhart
    Was born near Portage City, Columbia county, Wisconsin, on the 17th of April, 1856, being a son of John and Agnes (Gray) Lockhart, both of whom were born in Scotland, whence they emigrated to the United States in 1852.
  • Samuel S. Lockhart
    Judge of the Grant county court, is one of the representative citizens of Milbank and a leading member of the bar whose course has been such as to retain to him unqualified confidence and regard wherever he is known. Judge Lockhart is a native of the fair land of hills and heather, having been born in Tarbolton, Ayrshire, Scotland, on the 20th of November, 1850.
  • Richard W. Mathieson
    One of the prominent and honored citizens of Fort Pierre, Stanley county, was born in Colesburg, Delaware county, Iowa, on the 5th of August, 1849, and is a son of Robert and Ann (Wood) Mathieson, the former of whom was born in Scotland, where records extant trace the lineage back through thirty-four generations.
  • William H. Martin
    The city of Sioux Falls is signally favored in having at the head of its police department so able an executive as Chief Martin. A son of John Duncan Martin and Caroline (Wilks) Martin, both of whom were born and reared in Dundee, Scotland.
  • John Edmund McDougall
    A representative citizen of Britton, Marshall county, as the name implies, comes of staunch Scottish lineage on the paternal side, and he is a native of Prince Edward Island, having been born in the village of Campbellton, on the 24th of February, 1860.
  • William McGaan
    Who is serving most efficiently and acceptably on the bench of the county court of Clark county, was born in the historic old town of Ayr, Ayrshire, Scotland, on the 1st of October, 1853, and his forbears have been identified with the annals of Scottish history from the time to which the "memory of man runneth not to the contrary."
  • Andrew P. McMillan
    Is one of the leading merchants of Spink county, having a large and well-equipped general store in Conde, and is vice-president of the State Bank of Doland and the owner of a fine landed estate in the county where he has maintained his home since 1887.
  • W. S. Mitchell
    Was born in Aberdeen, Scotland, on the 16th of February, 1861, and received his educational discipline in the excellent schools of his native land, where he remained until he had attained the age of twenty-one years, when he severed the home ties and came to America.
  • John A. Munro
    President of the Wilmot Land and Loan Company, of Wilmot, was born in Nova Scotia, October 18, 1853, the son of Donald and Nancy Munro, the father a native of Scotland and by occupation a stone-mason and contractor.
  • William I. Noble
    Who is successfully established in the real estate and loan business at Clear Lake, and is one of the representative citizens of Deuel county, was born in the beautiful little city of St. Thomas, province of Ontario, Canada, on the 1st of March, 1865.
  • James Philip
    One of those sturdy characters to whom success has come through individual effort in connection with the industrial development of the great northwest, where he has resided from the early pioneer days working his way upward to a position of definite independence and prosperity and being now one of the influential citizens of the city of Fort Pierre.
  • David Robertson
    An able member of the bar of the state, who has served several terms as a representative of Spink county in the state legislature, comes of staunch Scottish lineage.
  • William L. Ryburn
    Cashier and general manager of the business of the First National Bank of Alexandria, was born in Rockford, Illinois, May 10 1872.
  • James P. Turner
    Comes of sturdy Scottish ancestry in both the paternal and maternal lines, and inherits in a marked degree the dominating characteristics of the true Scotchman, - integrity of purpose, broad mental perspective and indomitable energy.
  • George Watson
    Formerly a member of the state legislature, from Davison county, is one of the progressive farmers of the state, his fine landed estate being located in Davison and Hanson counties. Mr. Watson was born in the province of Ontario, Canada, in 1851, being one of the four children of Ebenezer and Margaret (Sims) Watson. The father of the subject was born and reared in Scotland.
  • Charles Weddell
    An esteemed citizen of Bon Homme county, engaged in the pursuit of agriculture, was born in Aurora, Illinois, February 11, 1848. Andrew Weddell, his father, a native of Scotland, came to the United States when young and lived for some time in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • John T. Ayer
    Is a well known representative of the republican party in Lawrence county, South Dakota, and is in the employ of the Homestake Mining Company at Lead, being an operative in one of their big stamp mills.
  • William H. H. Beadle
    The eldest son and fourth child of James Ward Beadle and Elizabeth (Bright) Beadle, was born in Liberty township, near the northwest corner of Parke county, Indiana, in a log cabin, built by his father's hands, and has distinguished himself by life work and especially by his service for South Dakota, both as a territory and a state.
  • Capt. Frederick Bonsey
    A native of Maine, he was born in Ellsworth, May 5, 1855, his parents being Samuel and Susan (Lords) Bonsey, both of whom were descended from old New England families. The first of the Bonsey family came to America from Scotland early in the seventeenth century.
  • Walter C. Buchanan
    The Buchanan family is of Scotch ancestry and was founded in America by Hugh Buchanan, grandfather of the subject of this review, who came from Scotland to the United States in early manhood.
  • David James Carson
    Dr. David James Carson, a successful medical practitioner of Faulkton, was born at Ottawa, Canada, November 16, 1866, his parents being Archibald and Charlotte (Gehan) Carson, the former born in Ireland about 1820 and the latter in Scotland about 1828.
  • W. R. Cleland
    Engaged in law practice at Vermillion, was born in Clay county in 1882, a son of John M. and Pamelia (Hixson) Cleland. The father was a native of Scotland and when but three years of age was brought by his parents to the new world.
  • Thomas Cruickshank
    Dr. Thomas Cruickshank is one of the leading and learned representatives of the medical fraternity in Clay county, South Dakota, who for the past fifteen years has practiced successfully in Vermillion. His birth occurred in Norway on the 17th of June, 1866, his parents being John and Anna (Olson) Cruickshank, the former a native of Scotland.
  • Alexander R. Dempster
    His entire life has been passed in the Mississippi valley. His birth occurred in Dundee, Illinois, January 28, 1848, his parents being Alexander R. and Jane Blythe (Whittaker) Dempster. The former was a native of Aberdeen, Scotland, born May 15, 1811, and in 1832, about the time he attained his majority, he came to the new world.
  • Dr. Jess W. Foster
    He was born in Fayette county, Iowa, on the 14th of September, 1886, and is a son of John A. and Jessie (McNaught) Foster, both of whom were natives of Scotland.
  • Robert D. Gardner
    Occupying the bench of the county court of Marshall county, received endorsement of his first term's service in a reelection in 1914. His parents being James and Vere (Russell) Gardner, who were natives of Scotland, born in 1825 and 1827 respectively.
  • Andrew Donald Gillies
    Since 1906 Andrew Donald Gillies has been engaged in general merchandising in Florence. His birth occurred in Stormont county, Ontario, on the 15th of September, 1876, his parents being Donald and Helen Gillies, who were of Highland Scotch descent.
  • Hon. James Halley
    Is the president of the First National Bank of Rapid City and has left the impress of his individuality for good upon the financial history of his state. He was born in Stirling, Perthshire, Scotland, January 7, 1854.
  • Dr. Robert James Jackson
    Engaged in the practice of medicine in Rapid City, was born at Forest, Ontario, Canada, August 10, 1874, a son of John and Joan (Elliott) Jackson. The former, who was a native of Scotland, crossed the Atlantic to Canada when seventeen years of age and during the period of his manhood engaged in farming there.
  • Albert Jackson Keith
    His birth occurred in Hamilton, New York, on the 5th of June, 1877, his parents being Hosmer Hale and Mary (Spear) Keith. The first representative of the family in this country came from Scotland on the Mayflower.
  • Rev. Rowland Oliver Mackintosh
    Rector of Christ's (Episcopal) church of Lead, South Dakota, is a power not only in church circles of the city but also in the larger community life.
  • William C. McConnell
    Mr. McConnell was born in Walkerton, Ontario, Canada, May 31, 1879, and is a son of Oliver and a grandson of William McConnell, the latter a native of Scotland, who went to Canada as a young man, locating in Ontario.
  • Dr. Philip S. McIntyre
    Has gained a large practice in the town of Bradley and in the rural district of which it is the center and is proving successful in his treatment of disease. He was born in Litchfield, Minnesota, on the 15th of July, 1884, a son of Peter and Catherine (Klass) McIntyre, natives of Scotland and Germany, respectively.
  • Richard I. McKenzie
    A resident farmer of the Mission Hill precinct whose arrival in Dakota territory occurred in the year 1873. He was born at Duncannon, Perry county, Pennsylvania, July 10, 1856, a son of Augustus McKenzie, who also was a native of the Keystone state, while the grandfather was born near Glasgow, Scotland.
  • Dennis L. McKinney
    The grandfather of our subject was Henry McKinney and the great-grandfather was the founder of the family in America, coming to this country from Scotland.
  • Hon. Donald A. McPherson
    Cashier of the First National Bank of Deadwood, has been a prominent figure in business circles in the Black Hills country for many years and a recognized leader in political connections in the state. He was born in Lancaster, Ontario, Canada, May 29, 1841, a son of John and Catherine (Cameron) McPherson. The father was a native of Inverness-shire, Scotland.
  • Eugene Reiley
    One of the representative and able citizens of Sioux Falls and one of the most popular men in public life who ever held office in Minnehaha county is Eugene Reiley, who on December 31, 1914, ended the second term of his efficient and conscientious service in the office of sheriff.
  • George H. Stoddart
    City auditor of Brookings, was born in Shullsburg, Wisconsin, on the 29th of July, 1854, his parents being William and Sophia (Hats) Stoddart, the former a native of Glasgow, Scotland, and the latter probably of New York city.
  • James P. Turner
    Is conducting a general blacksmithing and woodworking establishment and general repair shop at Faulkton and is thus closely associated with industrial activity there. He was born in Elgin county, Ontario, Canada, December 1, 1858, a son of James and Mary (Jardine) Turner, natives of Scotland.
  • George L. Almond
    Well known as a dealer of farm implements at Clear Lake and a prominent and influential citizen there, having served as mayor from 1910 until 1914, was born in Argyle. Scotland, May 9, 1848, a son of John and Anna Almond, who were likewise natives of the land of hills and heather.
  • James A. Cochran
    A prominent and well known pioneer, is living retired in Milbank. His birth occurred in Aurora, Illinois, on the 11th of October, 1854. His parents, Charles and Isabelle (Whitelaw) Cochran, were natives of Perth, Scotland, the former born in 1817 and the latter in 1822.
  • Hartford Nelson Gates
    Mr. Gates was born in Hemmingford, Canada, March 4, 1846, a son of Thomas C. and Mary Ann (Dawson) Gates. Like a number of the sterling citizens of this section off the country, he was of Scotch descent. His father was a native of Scotland, born in 1818.
  • John Headrick
    A prosperous farmer, stockman and landowner of Moody county, was born in Argyleshire, Scotland, January 4, 1852, a son of Peter and Mary (Park) Headrick.
  • William N. Hunter
    He was born at Florence, Douglas county, Nebraska, December 4, 1862, a son of Alexander and Jennie M. (Eckford) Hunter both of whom were natives of Scotland.
  • John Watts Jamieson
    Proprietor of the Jamieson Hotel at Roscoe, has been a factor in the business life of the town since 1886. He was born in New York on the 22nd of April, 1846, and is a son of George and Rachel (Watts) Jamieson, both of whom were natives of Scotland, born in Paisley and in Edinburgh respectively.
  • Captain John W. Kennedy
    Has lived practically retired in Gettysburg since 1903 but still looks after the residence property which he owns and engages in the loan business to some extent.
  • Hon. Donald McLean
    Senator from Day county and a well known ranchman making his home at Webster, was born in Morrisburg, Ontario, Canada, February 19, 1869. His father, William McLean, was a teacher and farmer who, after attending school in his native country, Scotland, began imparting to others the knowledge that he had acquired, making an excellent record as an educator.
  • William Ross
    For many years chief carpenter of the E. & D. & James River division of the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railroad, is now yard foreman and is well known in railroad circles.
  • John B. Wallace
    Postmaster of Ardmore, South Dakota, was born in Fremont county, Iowa, on the 26th of November, 1871, a son of Alexander H. and Jane (Bowes) Wallace. The father was born in Scotland on the 12th of August, 1832, and the mother in lower Canada, May 12, 1836.
  • Col. John B. Geddis
    One of bravest men who fought for his country's cause, and whose name stands among the foremost leaders on the field of battle, is of Scotch and Holland-Dutch descent. His grandfather was born in Edinboro Scotland.
  • Judge McGaan
    A native of Ayrshire, Scotland, and was born October 1, 1853. He was the third in a family of eleven children, four of whom are now living, born to William and Agnes (Andrews) McGaan. The family came to America in 1857.
  • Robert Allison
    Mr. Allison was born on the 14th of March, 1846, near Summit Centre, Waukesha county, Wisconsin, and is the sixth child of William and Margaret (Crawford) Allison, both natives of Glasgow, Scotland.
  • John Campbell
    The present register of deeds of Hand county, South Dakota, and a prominent citizen of Miller. A native of Scotland, Mr. Campbell was born August 16, 1839, and is a son of Robert and Catherine (Tait) Campbell, who emigrated to Canada in 1854.
  • R. W. Campbell
    He is a large land owner and one of the most progressive and energetic farmers and stock-raisers in this section of the country. Born in 1838 in Tennessee, of which state his ancestors, as far back as his great-grandfather on the paternal side, were also natives, while the great-great-grandfather was a native of Scotland.
  • Judge Healy
    Born in Mineral Point, Iowa county, Wisconsin, June 7, 1860. His grandfather, John O'Dowd, was a wealthy wholesale merchant in New York city, and. was a native of Ireland. His paternal grandfather, James Healy was a Scotch-man by birth, and the father of our subject.
  • Prof. Andrew C. Justice
    Well known throughout Dakota as a successful instructor and a substantial farmer, is one of the pioneers of the state, and his home is on section 23, in Burdett township, in Hand county. Our subject was born in Fifeshire, Scotland, October 29, 1840.
  • Thomas J. Lawrie
    A native of Illinois, and was born in 1854. His parents were born in Scotland, and came to America about the year 1842 or 1843.
  • George R. Mason
    One of the pioneer settlers of Burdett township, and ex-senator of Hand county, is a native of Wayne county, Michigan, and was born May 4, 1846. The parents of our subject, Samuel and Mary (fate) Mason, were natives of Scotland and Pennsylvania respectively.
  • John L. McKinnon
    An honored resident of Greenland township, McCook county. In tracing the life of the subject of this sketch, we find that he was born in Edinburgh Castle, Scotland, of Scotch parentage, his father being an officer in the British army.
  • A. P. McMillan
    A well-known merchant and prominent and influential citizen of Conde, Spink county, South Dakota. The great-great-grandparents of our subject came to the new world from Scotland and located in Canada, where the grandfather, James Enos McMillan, was born.
  • William McQuaker
    One of the leading and influential citizens of Clark county, South Dakota, who has taken an active part in promoting its substantial improvement and material development, and is now most capably serving his fellow citizens as county auditor.
  • William W. Moyes
    Editor and proprietor of the "Bridgewater Tribune," of the city of Bridgewater, South Dakota, is one of McCook county's most prominent men. Mr. Moyes' parents, Henry A. and Euphemia (McKinley) Moyes, were natives of Scotland and emigrated to America about 1868.
  • Silas R. Oldfield
    A leading agriculturist and highly-respected citizen of Sumner township, Spink county, South Dakota, was born in Canton, Ohio, in 1844, a son of Jonathan and Charity Oldfield, natives of New York and New Jersey, respectively. The great-grandfather, Thompson, was a native of Scotland, and fought for American independence as a soldier of the Revolutionary war.
  • John Rogers
    Ex-treasurer of Aurora county, South Dakota, and present postmaster of Plankinton, is one of the widely known and esteemed citizens of his community. He is a native of Scotland and was born February 17, 1845.
  • Alfred B. Rowley
    A native of New York Mr. Rowley was born in Steuben county, in 1855, of New England parents, and on the paternal side is of Scotch descent, his grandfather being a native of Scotland, but on the maternal side his ancestors have been Yankees for several generations.
  • Dr. Lorenzo D. Sweetland
    One of the pioneer physicians and surgeons of Miller, has attained prestige in the medical profession as one of its most skilled representatives in this section of South Dakota. The paternal great grandfather was a native of Scotland.
  • James P. Turner
    A well-known blacksmith of Faulkton, South Dakota, is a self-made man. A native of Ontario, Canada, born near the town of Aylmer, December 1, 1858, and is a son of James Turner, who was born in Scotland and emigrated to Canada with his father, Donald Turner, a carpenter by occupation.
  • J. H. Wallace
    Our subject's grandfather, Thomas W. Wallace, who belonged to the same family as Sir William Wallace, one of the most prominent men of Scottish history, removed from Scotland to the north of Ireland, where the father of our subject was born.
  • Josiah Wilson
    A pioneer settler of the vicinity of Groton, is one of the prominent business men of Brown county, and is owner of considerable land in that region. Mr. Wilson was born in Ontario, Canada, in 1855, and was the son of William and Flora Wilson, both natives of Scotland, who came to America in 1828 and settled in Lanark county, Ontario, on a farm.
  • William A. Burgess
    Treasurer of Brookings county, South Dakota, and one of its most popular officials and business men. Born in Nelson township, Buffalo county, Wisconsin, August 3, 1863, and is a son of John and Rachel (Evens) Burgess. John Burgess is a native of Scotland, and came to this country in 1854.
  • Robert Dixon
    A farmer living on the south half of section 6, township 114, range 55, Hamlin county, is a native of Ireland, although of Highland Scotch descent. He was born November 8, 1835. His father, also Robert Dixon, was born near Edinburg, Scotland. His father was one of the Scotch Covenanters and the troubles of his time caused him to move to Ireland.
  • Robert Floyd Kerr
    One of the most influential citizens of Brooking, who has always shown an unselfish interest in furthering the intellectual and material progress of its people. He was born in Sugar Grove, Tippecanoe county, Indiana, April 12, 1850.
  • Richard A Murray
    An attorney and one of the oldest settlers of Lake county. He resides at Madison. Colonel Murray was born in Scotland, February 18, 1833.
  • William Yuill
    An energetic and prosperous agriculturist who makes his home on section 14, Clearwater township, Miner county. He is one of the old settlers, having located upon his present farm in 1881. Mr. Yuill was born in Montreal, Canada, April 10, 1851, and is the son of John and Mary (Barr) Yuill, both native of Glasgow, Scotland, who came to Canada, about 1846.
  • Robert Buchanan
    The subject of this sketch was born in Glasgow, Scotland, on the 26th day of March, 1836. He emigrated to Canada in 1842, where he resided until 1863.
  • The Kilgore Family
    A Scotch-Irish line, emigrated to America from Nothern Ireland about 1763. The Scotch-Irish KILGORES have a tradition that their line of KILGORES, are related to the DOUGLASS family of Scotland, and through this line related to Queen Victoria.
  • Col. Robert McFarland Cemetary
    Location about 6 and one-half miles Southeast of Morristown on Springvale Pike. The farm for many years belonged to the McFarlands. This also includes genealogy on the American line.
  • Descendants of Josiah Goodall of New England and Virginia
    Paul Goodall (a prominent Methodist said to be) came to America from Scotland with his family about the year 1750, and settled in that part of the territory of Massachusetts now known as the state of Maine.
  • James Stevens of Halifax County
    Came to Virginia from Baldernock near Glasgow, Scotland, engaged in the milling business in Halifax County.
  • William Murray of Dayton Township, Waupaca Co
    Mr. Murray was born in Scotland four miles from Edinburgh. His father Thomas Murray was a minister of the Church of England. The family moved to Castlebar in County Mayo while William still an infant.
  • Gen. John Stark
    John Stark is best known for popularizing the NH state motto "Live Free or Die". NH born and bred, Stark was possibly the best military leader in Granite State history.
  • Jeanne Wallace
    Mountain Maid of Roaring River.
  • Daniel B. Cowie
    One of the most striking figures in the development of the salt industry in Kansas.
  • Ralston, Joseph
    A pioneer.
  • Beall, Philip
    A successful farmer.
  • My Scottish Ancestry
    By Robert L. Finch of Muskegon, Michigan

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