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Scots around the world
This is where we invite our visitors to contribute stories of their families and we'll post them in here to keep them for posterity! Send your story to Alastair McIntyre [* = Menu]

  • Scots Descendants *
    This is a page of mini bios of Scots descendants mostly in America. In here you can learn some of the background of people of Scots descent and how they contributed to the American way of life.
  • American History and Scottish Connections *
    The history is mostly where Scots and their descendants were involved. Includes mini bios of Scots-Americans.
  • Canadian History and Scottish Connections *
    The history is mostly where Scots and their descendants were involved. Includes mini bios of Scots-Canadians.
  • New Zealand History and Scottish Connections *
    The history is mostly where Scots and their descendants were involved. Includes mini bios of Scots-New Zelanders.
  • A Listing of Scots and Scots Descendants
    This is a huge listing of mainly Scottish Americans but does also include pure born Scots and ones who also worked in other countries around the world. [External Link]
  • The Scots-Irish in the Hills of Tennessee
    According to the Tennessee census bureau, one in five Tennesseans can trace their roots directly to the Scots-Irish settlers of the 18th century.
  • Bios on Our Scottish Ancestors in KANSAS
    A collection of around 30 bios on folks of Scots descent in Kansas.
    [External Link]
  • Australia
    Australia was fortunate in having a great many Scottish immigrants many of whom went on to play a large part in the early formation of the colony.
  • Heritage of Braxton County, West Virginia
    History of HAYMOND--WILSON Families.
  • Clan MacKay and Multiculturalism
    Scots are an important component of the multi-cultural fabric of Nova Scotia. So much so that the clans have sometimes regarded being Scottish as the norm in Nova Scotia and other cultural expressions as abnormal or at least on the fringes.
  • Forster & Maclain
    My mother's great grandfather was a Forster.
  • Our Highland cattle
    The cattle and the people of the highlands maybe spread all over the world, but nothing says Scotland like the highland cow.
  • Ruddell's Station
    America was just a baby in 1780.  The frontier had been made available to settle.  The Wilderness was everything west of Virginia.  A group of Virginian’s wanted to go west. Captain Stephen Ruddell was one to settle in Kentucky.
  • William Landsborough
    Most will know a little about William Landsborough who explored much of Queensland. He had done a lot or exploration and was rewarded by the Queensland Government with about 2000 acres of land which he named "Lamerough".
  • From a front poarch in West Virginia
    Two Hundred and fifty years ago many bannished and out-lawed Scots came to the colonies to settle.  One of the places the Scots chose to settle was the hills of Northern Virginia. 
  • Allen Thomas Stewart
    s one of the younger business men of Doniphan County and has established himself firmly in business and civic esteem at Denton, where he is proprietor of the only drug store and is now serving his second successive term as mayor.
  • A few hard working Scots
    Six ordinary folk of Scots descent living in America.
  • Cape Fear
    In September 1739, the quiet lapping of dark waters against the thickly wooded banks of the Cape Fear river would have been disturbed by the sounds of men, women and children talking excitedly in their native Gaelic, " Feuach, 's briagha a th'ann!" - (Look, isn't it lovely!).
  • History of the Old Bluff Presbyterian Church
    The Presbyterian Church in the Upper Cape Fear Valley was organized October 18, 1758, with the signing of a contract with Rev. Campbell by "Presbyterian Gentlemen"
  • Rutherford County, N. Carolina
    Rutherford County was formed, along with Lincoln County, out of Tryon County in 1779. The first session of court was held at the home of Colonel John Walker
  • Capt. Samuel Chester Reid
    Louisana and the Northwest Territory might now be British if Reid had not engaged them in what has been called one of the world's most decisive naval battles.
  • Scotland, South Dakota
    In the spring of 1870, General Charles T. Campbell established a stagecoach stop for the Firesteel Trail.  This stop, which included his residence, an inn, a general store and a large horse barn became the original town of Scotland South Dakota.
  • Senator Edmund G. Ross of Kansas
    This American Scot is little known but undoubtedly a man whose indomitable courage, at a crucial moment in U.S. history, certainly made a difference.
  • Guthrie's
    Besides John, there were four other Guthries, who came somewhat later than he to the American Colonies in the same century. The little that is known concerning them is given here.
  • Henry Joseph
    The leading American scientist after Benjamin Franklin until Willard Gibbs, was a professor at Princeton from 1832 to 1846.
  • Brackenridge, Hugh Henry
    A powerfully built, twenty-year-old Scotsman with a booming voice and fierce countenance, must have captured the attention of his younger classmates when he entered the class of 1771.
  • James McCosh
    Eleventh president of Princeton, took office in 1868, precisely a century after his fellow-Scot.
  • Scottish Rite Dormitory
    In 1920, Samuel P. Cochran, the Executive Head of the Scottish Rite Masonry in Texas, recognized that there was a lack of suitable housing for young ladies who were attending The University of Texas. He asked the Scottish Rite Bodies in Texas to donate the necessary funds to build a dormitory and the Bodies responded generously.
  • William R. Alexander
    Mr. Alexander was born on his father's farm in this county March 13, 1863. He is of Scotch ancestry.
  • Archie Markland Baird
    One of the additions to the manufacturing interests of Topeka, Archie Markland Baird has for many years boon known in railroad circles of the state, and has been connected with numerous movements national in their character.
  • David Bowie
    David Bowie was born in Stirling, Scotland, July 26, 1869, one of four children born to his parents Thomas and Margaret (McLintock) Bowie. In 1875, when David Bowie was six ears old his parents moved to Alloa, Scotland.
  • Will R. Black
    A native Kansan, grew up and received his education in this state, and is now one of the capable oil inspectors under the state government, with headquarters and home at Coffeyville. He traces his ancestry back to a family of Scotch origin, and one that was planted in Virginia during colonial days.
  • Women of Scots Descent in History
    A menu to over 50 women of Scots descent who made a mark on the world.
  • Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas
    My family comes from the Ozarks of Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. The Ozarks were settled in the early 1800's by Scots. 
  • Check out the Stewarts History
    A menu to some signifcant accounts of Stewarts in history.
  • Family History of Randolph County, West Virginia
    Benjamin Wilson, although he left Randolph county soon after its formation, was one of the most widely know and influential men the county has had in its century or more of existence. The following biography is from the American Historical Record, 1873, edited by Benson J. Lossing.
  • History of the Scots in Nova Scotia
    New England, New France and New Spain were already established on this side of the Great Atlantic Roar" when New Scotland was founded by Sir William Alexander, and King James of Scotland in the early 1600s
  • Scots to Carolina
    What can account for the furious transformation of the Highlanders, who in Europe had rallied round the Stuart flag in the Jacobite uprisings known as the 15 and the 45, in memory of the years of their occurrence, but who in North Carolina were the loyal supporters of the House of Hanover.
  • A love story
    The year was 1910 in a small West Virginia town named Webster Springs. Rosa Jane Howell and her cousins had went into town shopping. There was a man with Black wavey hair and sky blue eyes. He wore a thin black mustache and was he dashing!
  • The Hotel Warren
    There was no room for them at the Inn. How many times have we read that statement and always have we seen the venerable Joseph anxiously waiting for the Innkeeper to bid him bring his wife in to shelter, when she, the Blessed Mother of our Lord, calmly waited outside, indifferent to the beauties of the valleys through which they had passed and the careless declaration of the Innkeeper.
  • Hundred Years of Being "Liberal"
    The year was 1872 and western Kansas consisted of mile after mile of waving prairie grasslands and one large, flowering river. Settlers traveling west on the Santa Fe, Jones and Plummer, and western cattle trails simply passed through thinking this area "uninhabitable".
  • Stewartsville Cemetery
    This cemetery is located four miles southeast of Laurinburg. It was named after Honorable James Stewart, a wealthy and highly esteemed gentleman, who founded the Stewartsville homestead.
  • Archibald Kelly
    ARCHIBALD KELLY b. ABT. 1740, Scotland, (son of JAMES KELLY & MARGARET STUART) m. c1759, in Scotland.
  • Cumberland County, North Carolina
    Check out the Cumberland County web genealogy site for information and if you are looking for Scottish names then Old Bluff and Galatia cemetery sites will provide you with lots of names to check.
  • James & Maria Snedden, Australia
    In 1854, my great great grandparents James and Maria Snedden left their Scottish homeland forever and travelled half way around the world to Australia in search of a better life.
  • The Scottish Heritage Society of Iowa
    Scottish-Americans have a saying, "Scratch most any American and you'll find a Scottish grandmother just about skin deep!"
  • Col. John H. Patrick
    Raised: Hamilton County in 1861. Mustered in at Camp Dennison in Cinncinatti June 21, 1861.
    Commander: Col. John H. Patrick of Scotland (1820-1864), mortally wounded at New Hope Church, Ga)
  • Alex's Stories
    A small collection of stories from a Scot now living in Canada.
  • William Paterson
    one of the principal founders of the governments of New Jersey and the United States, was brought up in the village of Princeton, where his father, a Scotch-Irish immigrant tinsmith and shopkeeper.
  • Freneau, Philip [Morin]
    Philip entered Princeton as a sophomore in 1768, but the joy of the occasion was marred by his father's financial losses and death the year before. In spite of financial hardships, Philip's Scottish mother believed that her oldest of five children would graduate and join the clergy.
  • David Hosack
    A leading physician of his day and an eminent botanist and mineralogist, had strong ties with both Princeton and Columbia.
  • Robert M Blair
    He was awarded the Medal of Honor on June 22, 1865 for his actions on board the USS Pontoosic during the caputre of Fort Fisher and Wilmington from December 24, 1864 to January 22, 1865.
  • Dr. Thomas McCulloch
    In November 1803, a ship arrived at Pictou from Scotland. Among its passengers were Reverend Thomas McCulloch D.D., his wife and their children, all bound for Prince Edward Island, where McCulloch was to minister a Presbyterian congregation.
  • Robert Algie
    A physician and surgeon of exceptional attainments, Doctor Algie has been
    engaged in a large and growing practice at Linn for the past fourteen years. His home has been in Kansas since early youth.
  • Scotland and the Victorian West
    Telling the story of Scots in the North American West.
  • A Scots Cowboy
    Jim Gray in Ellsworth Kansas, a Scot of MacClean ancestry is the owner and operator of the Drover's Mercantile in Ellsworth.
  • Orlin M. Balch
    The mercantile interests of the thriving and prosperous Town of Earleton, in Neosho County, are well represented by Orlin M. Balch, who has resided in this community all his life.
  • Edgar M. Forde
    Is now grand recorder for Kansas of the Ancient Order of United Workmen.
  • Col. John Fraser
    Second chancellor of the University of Kansas.
  • Samuel V. Fraser
    Rev. Samuel V. Fraser, pastor of the Church of the Immaculate Conception at Minneapolis.
  • Australian MacDonalds
    An account of a McDonald family that emigrated to Australia at the time of the Highland clearances.
  • General MacPherson
    Major General James Birdseye McPherson was one of the most promising generals of the Union army and at the time of his heroic death was in command of the Army of the Tennessee.
  • Stories and Stovies
    These are stories by Charlotte Marie Alvoet Bleh of her memories of being brought up in Dundee, Scotland which she's written to pass on to her children.
  • Chief John Ross
    John Ross was chief of the Cherokee from 1828-1866, during some of the most turbulent times of their history. He led the tribe through the removal, rebuilding in Indian Territory, and the American Civil War. He was the son of a Scotsman, Daniel Ross, and a quarter-blood Cherokee, Mary "Mollie" (McDonald) Ross.
  • Scots and the Secret Services
    Scots played a significant part in the formation of the British Secret Service Bureau (SSB) established by the Committee of Imperial Defence in July 1909.
  • Panton, Leslie and Co.
    Panton, Leslie and Company, established in 1783 and headquartered in Pensacola from 1785-1830, was the Sears and Roebuck of its day, dealing in a variety of goods and servicing over a large geographical area.
  • Chief William McKintosh
    Called Tustunnugee Hutkee (White Warrior), William McIntosh was the son of Captain William McIntosh, a member of a prominent Savannah, Georgia family sent into the Creek Nation to recruit them to fight for the British during the Revolutionary War. His mother, a Creek named Senoya, was a member of the prominent Wind Clan.
  • Peter W. Stewart
    Is the owner of a good farm of one hundred and nine acres situated on section 4, Warren Township. He has been a resident of this county since 1841, and is therefore numbered among its pioneer settlers.
  • John McAlister
    Born in Falkirk, Scotland, October 2, 1802, and was a son of Alexander and Elizabeth (Brash) McAlister.
  • James Jamieson
    Mr. Jamieson is a veteran of the late war for the Union, and bears several scars received on the field of battle. He enlisted April 22, 1861, on President Lincoln's first call for three months' troops.
  • John Murrie
    For many years has been engaged in general farming on section 10, Newport Township, is a native of Scotland, and was born in Perthshire, November 22, 1816.
  • George H. Kennedy
    A prominent citizen and old settler of Antioch Township, has the honor of having been born in Lake County, upon the farm in Section 2 where he still resides.
  • David J. Minto
    Is the manager of an excellent farm of two hundred acres situated on section 21, Antioch Township. His life occupation has been general farming and stock-raising and in that pursuit he has shown marked ability which places him among the well-to-do citizens of the community.
  • George S. Smith
    The owner of a highly improved farm of one hundred and forty acres situated on section 25, Antioch Township, and ranks among the leading agriculturists of the county.
  • John Strang
    Who resides on section 31, Newport Township, is not only a representative of one of the honored pioneer families of the county, but upon his own merits has won the title of a leading and influential citizen of the community in which he makes his home.
  • Robert Strang
    Resides on section 36, Antioch Township, where he has a palatial home, and one of the finest farms of the county. He is a prominent and influential citizen of the community.
  • William Thom
    Who is engaged in general farming and stock raising on section 24. Antioch Township. is a native of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, born April 7, 1838.
  • Alexander Trotter
    Who is engaged in general farming on section 25, Antioch Township, has for fifty-two years been a resident of Lake County.
  • Andrew T. White
    Who is engaged in general farming on section 20, Antioch Township has spent almost his entire life in this county.
  • A Family of Golf Pros
    The Nashville American newspaper described Robert as "Master of the Golf Links".
  • Scots in the American North West
    A chapter from the book "Scots in the American North West.
  • Scottish Hillbillies and Rednecks
    Terms commonly used in America today which have their origins in Celtic roots.
  • Jack, John George
    A professor by nature.



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