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Mini Bios of People of Scots Descent
Hoge Family History 1730's

Copy of a letter received by Mr. F. L. Hoge
Uniontown, PA
August 31, 1880

Mr. F. L. Hoge
Wheeling, W. VA.
Dear Sir:

I have to thank you for your favor of yesterday. You are no doubt acquainted with the romantic history and marriage of William Hoge and Barbara Hume, so I will not repeat it. He was from Musselburg, and she from Paisley, Scotland. His father was Sir James Hoge, her father was a Knight and a Baron, and nearly related to the Royal House of Stuart of Scotland, so this takes you back to King Robert the Second of Scotland, born about 1300.

The Rev. William Henry Foot of Romney, WVa., in his "Sketches of Virginia", second series, gives a pretty full account of the descendants of William Hoge and Barbara Hume, but he mistakes many particulars. He makes your ancestor, William Hoge (the Quaker), the oldest son; this is a mistake; their oldest son was John Hoge, who never moved to VA. They lived in Chester Co., PA., and while the father and the balance of the family moved to the Valley of VA., about 1735, or before, John Hoge, the oldest son, moved to the Cumberland Valley about nine miles west of Harrisburg, and settled in village of Hogestown now stands, owned a large body of land, and lived and died there about 1752.

While the family lived in Chester Co., John Hoge married Gwenthloon Bowen, a Welch woman, while your ancestor, William Hoge, married a Quaker. John Hoge had four sons, John Hoge, Bunyan Hoge, Jonathan Hoge, and David Hoge, and four daughters. Of the daughters I will say nothing now, it would make the story too long; enough to say that names of their descendants have been distinguished both in church and state.

John was the Rev. John Hoge, who first preached at Opequan Church near Kernstown, where his grandfather lived, as mentioned by Dr. Foot; he left no issue. Bunyan died young. Jonathan Hoge was a prominent man in Cumberland Co., when all this part of Penna. was Cumberland Co., and through the Indian, Catfish, became the owner of the land where the town of Washington, Penna, now stands.

David Hoge's two sons, John Hoge and William Hoge, in 1782 came to Washington (Pa) and laid out the town of Washington, (see Dr. Creigh's History of Washington Co.), and there they both lived and died, both distinguished men. William Hoge was a member of Congress during Jefferson's entire administration, and died in 1814. If you are in Washington, go to the old graveyard and see his tombstone. John Hoge was also in Congress, and held many important offices in PA. He died in 1823 leaving no issue. David Hoge was Receiver of Public money at the land office at Steubenville, OH, from the beginning to the end of that office at that place, and died there in 1845, leaving several sons and daughters.

The only son now living is Joseph Hoge, a lawyer, who is in San Moreno Co., CA. He resided at one time in Illinois, and was a member of Congress from that state from 1842 to 1846, representing the Galena district. He afterward went to California. Jonathan Hoge moved to near Morgantown, W. VA., had two sons and died there. One son moved to southern Illinois and died, leaving several children. The other son lives in or near Washington, PA.

Amy Hoge, a daughter of David Hoge, married Alex Blaine. They had several children. Squire Blaine (not Fph.) lived and died at Washington, PA. A descendant lived in Wheeling, named Simms, and the only survivor of that branch, L. Q. R. Laidly, lived a few years ago in Charlestown, W. VA., and may be still there. L. Halsey Wells, cashier of the Second National Bank, Pittsburgh, is a descendent; George Shiras, the distinguished lawyer of Pittsburgh was another, and many other whom you and your brother no doubt know. This Mrs Blaine is the only one of David Hoge's daughters who left many descendents. Jane Hoge, another daughter, married Captain James Blaine; she died shortly after marriage without issue. Her husband then married a Miss Lyon, and they were the grandparents of Senator James Blaine whom we all know. The other daughter of David Hoge, married the Rev. Samuel Waugh, of Silver Spring, Cumberland Co. She had several children, but they are all dead. The third daughter, Mary Hoge, married Dr. John Hoge Irwin, and their daughter, my wife, is the only descendent of that branch, and she was born in Wheeling.

William Hoge and Barbara Hume have sons: John Hoge, William Hoge, Alexander Hoge, James Hoge, and George Hoge. We have disposed of John Hoge and William Hoge. Alexander Hoge became a lawyer of eminence, lived near Winchester, was a member of the first Congress of the U.S., and of the Virginia convention that adopted the Constitution of the US.

James Hoge was the father of the Rev. Moses Hoge, the distinguished divine, and who was the ancestor of the several preachers of the name in many parts of the country, including the present Rev. Moses Hoge of Richmond, VA, and Rev. James Hoge of Columbus, OH.

George Hoge moved to North Carolina. Do you know to which of the families Judge Hoge of Martinsburg, W. VA, belongs? It seems that most of the descendants come from through the son William Hoge, your ancestor, more than all the balance put together.

The little old church at Opequan has burnt down since the war. I think in remembrance of their ancestor, William Hoge, who had the first one built, (this is the third one), the Hoges (set) out to rebuild it. The little schoolhouse is still standing, one hundred years old; the burying ground is in good repair. I have a copy of the deed which William Hoge made for the ground on which the church, the school house and the graveyard are, dated Feb. 19, 1745.

I will be glad to have the Princeton Reviews to which you refer. This has been written "Currente Calamo", so you must excuse it.

Very truly yours,

D. Kaine

Again refer to the same reference listed above, pg. 4-9

We doubt if another family has given so many ministers of the gospel or men of prominence in all church, scholastic and benevolent works. We have been able to count among the names we have secured over fifty ministers of the gospel. eighteen have been chosen as members of congress, not to mention many who have been nominated for this position, and the list is quite large of those who have been senators, judges, foreign ministers, governors, etc., etc...

And let it be remembered with especial pride and pleasure that among the long list of names that have been obtained, not against a single one is there known a charge of unlawful behavior. Even the number of those who have been given to the use of intoxicating drink could be counted on the fingers of one's hands.

Surely this is not a family to be ashamed of! Some may be, or may have been poor and may have dropped somewhat in the social scale, but they have been honest, and let the poor but honorable ones be esteemed as highly as those who have won honor and distinction.

A very able and cultivated member of the family, Thomas C. Hoge, of New York, in writing to Rev. Moses D. Hoge, D.D., says with commendable pride, "There is no grander or nobler lineage in this or any other country than this one and my researches warrant me in saying that I know of none to equal it. in our earlier history, our ancestors-were princes and gentlemen, noble not only in blood, but noble of soul; and generation after generation, through centuries of time, have come and passed away, each leaving the same unwavering record of high lofty character, undeviating Christian principles, humble faith and devotion and social supremacy, which neither change of time nor circumstance nor condition could deteriorate. it is a curious fact that the underlying characteristics of the family appear to have always the same."

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