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Mini Bios of People of Scots Descent


Samuel Heath, and his wife Rebecca; lived their entire life near Aberdeen, Scotland. Their three sons: John, Samuel and Henry, bid farewell to the sod of Scotland and sailed for America about the year of 1790. They came to friends located in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. Samuel settled on land at Elizabeth near the Mongahalah River. He married and had several children, of which I could only find the name of two: Benjamin and Rebecca who at one time did visit relatives in Crawford County.

John went to Ohio, in the early pioneer days and settled near Marietta, married and had a family.

Henry, our Great Grandfather, traveling by foot through the dense forest, following an Indian trail by the way of the Allegheny River and French creek came to Meadville, Pennsylvania in the year of 1795. The early part of 1796 he contracted for a 400 acre track of land located on the East side of French Creek, one and a half miles north of Cochranton in what is now East Fairfield Township. (Land at that time sold from Ten to Twenty Cents an Acre). Here, he built himself a long cabin. In 1797, he married Miss Nancy Hunter (A daughter of James and Nancy Hunter who settled near Meadville in 1787). The same year, he and his bride took possession of the little log cabin thus making the fourth settler in East Fairfield Township, then a dense forest. 

William Dean, had settled the first tract north of Heath in 1795. Henry Marley, had settled just north of Dean in 1793 and John Wentworth north to Marley in he same year.

To this marriage was born two sons. Samuel (My Grandfather) born December 25, 1798, and Harvy born in 1801. Soon after this they moved to a second tract of land he had bought, three miles east of Cochranton, on a trail that after years became the Franklin Turnpike.  Here, he built a log cabin and prepared to make this his future home. On a small creek that ran through his land he built and operated a powder mill, and was among those that our Government purchased powder from to carry on the War of 1912.

In the year of 1803 death claimed his wife. The next year he married Nancy Scroggs, to this second union were born three sons and six daughters. Namely, Henry, John, Robert, Polly, Orpha, Ruth, Margaret and Mary. These last three died when young. He met his death by accident in 1830 when a team of oxen he was working became unmanageable and ran away. In some manner the chain hook caught on his ankle dragging him through the woods. Running like wild, they dragged his dead body to the barn. His wife lived for many years thereafter.

Henry Jr. went west, married and settled in Lee County. Ill. and raised a family. John married Andre Caroline Crouch, moved to Ohio, and had a large family. Polly married Andrew ?eed. They had no children and were buried in Cochranton cemetery. Orphy, married John Coley, had two daughters (deceased when young) and she was buried in Cochranton cemetery. Rebecca, married Benjamin Tingley, had two sons and five daughters; Samuel, Henry, Mary, Fanny, Margaret, Lucinda, and Rebecca.  Mary married (Earle?) McCormick; had four sons: George, Charles, John and Benjamin. Also two daughters: Minerva (Minervia) and Jane.

Fanny married Josiah Hoffman. They had three sons: Mead, Grand and Guy and one daughter, Dora. Margaret, married John Shoemaker, had 3 sons, William, Charles and Homer. Robert, the youngest of nine children was born in 1828. He married Marie Kaster, became owner and lived on the old homestead until his death, June 12, 1898. His wife living for several years after, was laid to rest by his side in Cochranton Cemetery. They had two sons and two daughters.

Henry S. (Scroggs) (10/4/1850) who is living and active at the age of eight- three years. To him goes the credit of furnishing a great deal of important data. I would not have found otherwise. He owns a large tract of land which was originally part of the old Heath homestead. He married Lida Smith a daughter of William and Jane Cooper Smith, who settle in the northeast of corner of Venango County, PA, about 1840. To this Union was born one son, Smith and one daughter, Clara (Clara Heath Feldmiller) 

Andrew married Eva McIlroy, a daughter of Augustus and Louise Brown McIlroy, who settled on land in the central part of Wayne township, Crawford Count, PA about 1849. To this union was born four sons and one daughter. Ceil (Seal) John, Robert, Gilbert (lived near Mt. Hope) and Elizabeth. Emma heath married Adam Smith, a brother of Henryıs wife (Lida) Emma and Adam had three sons and one daughter, Fred C, Harry D, Robert R. and Jennie.

Elizabeth married William Wood, had no family. (She died falling off a horse. Lawrence Deeter has her saddle).

Samuel and Harvy (brothers) being sons of the first wife got from their father (Henry I) about 216 (?) acres, a part of the tract of land laying one and half miles north of Cochranton. This they divided, Harvy chose the northern half, or that part on which the original log house stood. The sheepskin deeds being recorded, that of Samuel in 1821. ... Harvyıs in 1829. They commenced to clear the land and make for themselves a permanent home. Here they lived their entire lives. They were honorable citizens and became well-to-do farmers.

Harvy was twice married. His first wife Nancy Scroggs, was a sister of his step mother. They had one son Allen. After her death, he married Rachel Powell. To this union was born three sons and two daughters: Samuel, Thomas, Henry, Bell and Nancy. He died in the year of 1880 and his wife in 1883. They were laid to rest in Cochranton Cemetery. Allen married ? and had ? sons and ? daughters.

Thomas married Brewster and had one son and two daughters who married Brewsters.

Samuel married Mary Kiser, they had one son and one daughter.

Belle, married Adam Baker, had three sons: Madison, Frank and Allison.

Nancy married Perry Unger, had three sons: Sankey, Varner and Perry, also one daughter, Belle.

Henry, the youngest son, became owner of the old homestead on which he was born on March 13, 1836. He married Miss Sarah Hill, who was born in 1838. A daughter of Timothy and Nancy Odel Hill. To this union was born one daughter, (deceased) and two sons, Orrin Odall born Feb. 7, 1871 and Harry M?. Death claimed him on June 10, 1878. He was laid to rest in the family plot, that of his father. His wife religiously and faithfully operated the farm and raised her two sons.  She shared the home with her sister, Jane and remained his widow until death claimed her December 16, 1900. She was laid to rest by the side of her husband, in Cochranton Cemetery.

Orrin O., married Vinnie McCauley, daughter of Robert and Bell Hanks McCauley. To this union was born two sons, Roy and Henry.

Harry K., married Flora Dean, daughter of Worthington and Sarah Johnson Dean. To this union was born one daughter and two sons: Bessie, Glen and Richard.

Samuel, our Grandfather, now having taken possession of his southern half of the a foresaid tract of land, built a log house on the hill, about 200 feet south east of where the present house is now located it was about eighteen by twenty-four feet square and one and a half stories high. I remember of we children amusing ourselves by looking through some old things in a chest that was stored in the loft. At that time father was using the lower part to store his farm tools in. The old log house had now served its purpose and was dismantled in 1884.

Samuel married Miss Mary Dean in the year of 1821. The only daughter of William and ? Jane Dean who came from Westmoreland County, PA in 1795 and settled on a 200 acre tract of land on the east side of French Creek, three miles north of Cochranton. She was born July 15, 1796. She had two brothers, ? William and Harrison. To this union was born six sons and three daughters.

Eliza Jane Born Dec. 1, 1822
Henry Born September 24, 1824
William Dean Born September 3, 1826
Free Born Feb. 22, 1828
Rebecca Born Jan. 31, 1830
Constantine Born April 20, 1832
Samuel Jr. Born April 10, 1834
John Born Sept. 20, 1838
Ruth Born Sept. 4, 1839

Henry married Margaret Walker of Wayne Township, three miles north of Cochranton, PA. There were no children. He and his wife went to Wisconsin and lived several years at Redwing. Leaving there they moved to Elkgrove in Lafayette County, where they settled on and homesteaded in May, 1890. His wife living for several years, was laid to rest by his side in a cemetery one mile north of Ledmine, and three miles south of his home. He graduated from the Wisconsin State Normal College at Plattville, in 1850. He practiced medicine for many years.

Free went west, settled in Wisconsin; married and raised ?? Mrs. Brockway and had no children. He operated a blacksmith shop at Emma a small place six miles south of his brother Henryıs home. He died in Marcy 1885, and was laid to rest in the Carr Cemetery, three miles  north east of Cuba City, Wisconsin.

John, settled in Redwing, Minnesota, married and raised a family of eleven children. We only know the names of two of the children, Charlie and Wilber.

Samuel, settled in South Dakota, married and had one son Russell. His mother dying when he was only two years old. No further record could be traced.

Constantine, married and had one son Delbert, and two daughters Sara and Ella. He was of a roving disposition, moving from place to place always looking for something better. The last account we had of him he lived in Bradford, PA.

Rebecca married Thomas Richardson. They had three sons, Edward, ?, and Alex, and one daughter, Effie.

Ruth died when a young lady.

Eliza Jane, never married and made her home with her brother on ??? Homestead.

William, our father was born in the first log house built on the farm. Staying at home, he assisted his father in clearing and getting the land under cultivation. His father died in 18?7, his death resulting from an injury inflicted by the large barn door catching him as it blew shut. He was laid to rest by the side of his wife in Cochranton Cemetery. At the time of his father's death, father became owner of the old homestead. He married Lydia Burger, who was born on a farm near Harrison City in Westmoreland County, PA, January 18, 1837. She had three brothers and nine sisters. To this union was born one son and five daughters:

Charles A. born October 5, 1866,
Mary Elizabeth, May 21, 1869,
Catharine Jane, December 2, 1871,
Margaret May, January 19, 1873,
Emma Ruth, March 4, 1875,
Lydia Lucetta, September 1, 1878.

Charles A., married Louise Slingluff of Wayne Township, on August 29, 1888. They had two daughters, Blanche (deceased) and Grace.

Mary E. married Ira Cutshall, of East Fairfield Township, September 23, 1890. To this union was born six sons and five daughters. Ruby May, Hazel E., Luella, William H., Ellsworth, Jessie, Arden, Glenn (deceased) Gordon, Virginia and Floyd.

Catharine Jane, married John Klipple in 1906, had no children. Dead laid claim to him in 1909. She married Ezra McCracken of Wayne Township, November 19, 1911, a widower with three small children, Robert and Arden (twins) and one daughter Viola later Mrs. Herman Ehrigott that she mothered and raised as if they were her own.

Margaret May, married Charley A. Titus of Wayne Township, January 1, 1896. To this union was born three daughters and one son, Viola May, Ella Ruth, John Heath and Mable Lucetta.

Emma Ruth, married James E. Donley of Sandy Lake, PA August 9, 1905. They had three sons, Clarence, Paul and Charles and Dorothy (deceased).

Lydia Lucetta, married Robert L. McDaniel of Wayne Township, December 23, 1903. To this union was born, Leroy, Ira J. and Irene, (Twins) Bernice, Velma, Charles, and Dorthy (Deceased)

Father built a large house and barn to replace the log buildings, those of his father, making this one of the nicer homes along French Creek Valley. Here he lived his entire life of 82 years. Reared his family and continued to keep the old homestead under the highest state of cultivation until his death June 3, 1908. Mother followed him in death April 20, 1910. They were laid to rest in the family plat at Cochranton Cemetery. Father was a man of about five feet eleven inches, very robust and weighting about 180 pounds. He was a man of very good habits and strictly honest in his dealings. He was also a lover of good horses, always keeping his fat and slick. Mother was about five feet eight inches tall, very slender in her younger days but growing heavier in her later years. She did her own sewing, was a neat housekeeper and renowned as a very fine cook.

SUMMARY made up by C. H. Feldmiller from Helen Heath Deeter information 1980-81. The Heath Family was Charles H. Feldmillerıs motherıs family.

Aberdeen Scotland Samuel Heath and his wife Rebecca lived all of their lives.

Their three sons sailed to America about 1790 to friends in Westmoreland County, PA.

John who went to Ohio and settled in Marietta.

Samuel moved to Elizabeth, PA on the Monogahela River. He had several children, but only two names are known Benjamin & Rebecca.

Henry traveled by foot from Westmoreland County following an Indian trail via the Allegheny River and French Creek. He came to Meadville, PA about 1795. The early part of 1796, he contracted for a 400 acre tract on the east side of French Creek, 1 1/2 miles north of Cochranton. (Now East Fairfield Twp). Here he built a log cabin. In 1797, he moved into the log cabin and he married Nancy Hunter the daughter of James & Nancy Hunter who settled near Meadville in 1787. They had two sons: Samuel born Dec. 25, 1798 and Harvy born in 1801. Soon they moved to second tract Henry bought 3 miles east of Cochranton on Franklin Pike. CHF notes that his Grandpa Heathıs farm was part of this tract. In 1803, Nancy Hunter Heath died. About 1804, Henry married Nancy Scroggs. They had nine children.

1. Henry: went west settled in Lee County, IL and had a family.
2. John: married Andre Caroline Crouch and moved to Ohio. He had a large family.
3. Polly was married to Andrew ?eed and had no children. She is buried in Cochranton Cemetery.
4. Orpha married John Coley. They had two daughters who were deceased in their youth and buried in the Cochranton Cemetery.
5. 6. 7. Ruth, Margaret and Mary died in childhood.
8. Rebecca married Benjamin Tingley and had 2 sons and 5 daughters: Samuel, Henry, Mary, Fanny, Margaret, Lucinda and Rebecca.
9. Robert (our grandfather) was the youngest of nine born in 1828. He married Marie Kaster and became the owner of the Homestead. He lived there until his death June 12, 1898. His wife died in 1914. They had four children:

1. Andrew who married Eva McElroy. They had Seal, John, Robert, Gilbert and Elizabeth.
2. Henry who married Lida Smith daughter of William and Jane Cooper Smith. They had two Children: Smith and Clara. Smith married Nell Wood and they had three daughters: Helen, Harold and Winifred. Clara married George Feldmiller and she had Charles Henry Feldmiller (our father) and Gertrude Anna Ferguson.
3. Emma married Adam Smith the brother of Lida. They had Fred C., Harry D., Robert R. and Jennie.
4. Elizabeth married William Wood. They had no children. She was killed when she fell off a horse.

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