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The MacGregors of Roro
From the Transactions of the Gaelic Society

Of the MacGregors of Glenurchay, generally allowed to have been Chiefs of Clan Gregor, and who are known to have had the style of Glenurchay for upwards of four centuries, viz., from about 1004 to about 1440, one of the earliest Cadets was MacGregor of Glenlyon, of which house there appear to have been, if not Nine generations, at least Nine representatives, the last of whom, John Dhu nan Lann, died soon after 1500. After having, on the death of a numerous family of sons, by his Lady, Margaret daughter of Luke Stirling of Keir, and Widow of Sir Colin Campbell of Glenurchay, from 1475 (the time of Sir Colin’s death), and his having, as repeated by a respectable genealogist (Buchanan of Auchmar), “no near relatives,” disponed his estate, or right of occupancy, to his Lady's Stepson, Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurchay, who took a Royal Charter of Glenlyon anno 1502, and was King s Tenant, or occupant merely, till that date.

It would appear that the MacGregors of Roro had been a distinct family for several generations prior to John Dhu nan Lann’s death, but after his death, Mad3regor of Boro became the representative of that branch of the MacGregors. The first of this family of whom we have any authentic notice of is

I. Gregor, who settled in Roro about the time of his Father's death, 1415. He was married, and said to have had eleven sons. His eldest son was

II. Duncan Beg MacGregor, known as Donnacha Lienooh, who, according to an Obituary in the Latin Language written after 1531, which had formerly belonged to Sir James MacGregor, Dean of Lismore, and now in the Archives of the Highland Society of Scotland, “ died at Rorow 17th February 1477 (or 1475).” He married Elizabeth, daughter of Mac-Naughton of Dundarawe, or of that Ilk. It may be proper to observe here that this, and marriages of the MacGregors of Roro, are given on the authority of tradition. By his said wife Duncan had several children, among whom were

1st. Gregor, his heir.

2nd. Allaster More, Ancester of the MacGregors of Dunan in Rannoch.

3d. Duncan dhu, Ancester of the MacGregors of Leragan in Rannocih.

4th. “John Duncanson,” so called in the Obituary above mentioned; he died at Bellycht and was buried in Inchadin (Kenmore) on the North side of the Altar, 10th March 1491, and his Widow Katrine Cardy, daughter of the Laird of Foss, waa buried in the Church of Dull, before the step of the highest Altar, on 14th August 1493.

5th. Para Rhua na Seichdanan, in Culdarbeg. His son Allaster, and his grandson called Donacha Allaster, were killed by Duncan Breac in Wester Culdar 25th May 1529. Danacha’s two sons Allaster and John dhu are mentioned in record P. Seal 13th May 1586. The last Allaster had a son Donald, who was father to Allaster called the Duke, who was very zealous in the interest of the Stewart family in 1715. The Duke had a son Donald, who resided in Glenlyon, and was father to John, , who had a numerous family, his eldest son Donald was a Major in the 58th Regiment.

III. Gregor Duncan9on is mentioned in the Obituary above referred to as having died at Roro in April 1515 and buried at Killin. By the death of John dhu nan Lann (or of the Spears),

the last of the MacGregors of Glenlyon, Gregor became representative of that family. This circumstance appears to be alluded to in the celebrated Song

“ MacGregors of Roro whose right was Glenlyon.”

Gregor married a daughter of — Menzies of Weyme, and had by her a numerous issue, among others

1st. Duncan, his heir.

2nd. James, Ancestor of the Gregories of Netherdaill or Kinairdie, as appears from the Genealogy of that family in the possession of John Gregory, Esq., Advocate, Edinburgh.

3d. John, surnamed Mhallich or VaUich on account of lii& large Shaggy Eye brows. Ean Mhallich or Vallich died at Tulicheamin 9th February 1523, and was buried in Killin,. leaving seven sons—

1. Niel, his heir, in Ardennaig.

2. Ewin, mentioned in the Commission see 4th Feby-1589.

3. John Roy do. do. do.

4. “Duncan MacGregor alias Mac Invallich and now Drummond” appear in the record of the Privy Seal 30th August 1603. He was Father of Patrick Drummond, who purchased the Estate of Balhaldie 9th August 1642, who appears in record particular register of Sasines Perthshire 17th August 1617.

5. Donald, mentioned in the Commission see 4 Feby. 1589.

6. Thomas dhu in CuUemat.

7. Robert in Dalcapin, who on the 12th May 1606 got a gift of the escheat of his deceased brother Thomas, Rec. Pri. Sig:

Niel M‘Ean Vallich had two sons, Gregor and William. These appear (together along with their Uncle Duncan in a Bond given by some of the Principals of the Clan Gregor to the Earl of Argyle, King’s Lieutenant, 22d April 1601, as descendants of Duncan Lienoch.

Mallet the Poet was a descendant of Ean Vallich, and his original name was Malloch, which had been assumed by some of his tribe on the Proscription of the Name of MacGregor.

IV. Duncan, Succeeded his father, is mentioned in a Proclamation against some of the Clan Gregor 10th January 1563.* He is there styled Duncan MacGregor in Roro.

He married Miss Macdonald of the family of Keppoch, by whom he had issue

*This was the first Act issued against the Clan Gregor.

1st. Gregor, his heir.

2<L John dhu More, who was a brave man, and made a conspicuous figure in his time. He died at Edinburgh 28th Julj 1612.

3d. Allaster Breac, or freckled, had three sons—

1. Duncan in Femay, he was exectuted at Edinburgh 17th February 1604 for having been at the Battle of Glenfroon.

2. John dhu MAllaster breac of Stronfeman, occurs in thu records along with his brother Duncan, in 1589 and 1602, a2k*. likewise by himself in the Bond given to the Earl of Argyle in 1601, as a descendant of Duncan Lienoch. He was killed by John Campbell brother of Lawers, and his Head presented to the Privy Council in 1611. At the time he was killed he had a Feu of the Lands of Stronfeman from Strowan Robertson. Campbell pursued Strowan before the Council for a 19 years’ Lease of MacGregor’s Feu, in terms of an Act of Council, which promised such a Tack in favour of the Slayer of every MacGregor who happened to possess any Lands. Strowan was adjudged to pay a Compensation at sight of the Council, and ordered by the Council to eject from Stronfeman the Widow and Bairns of MacGregor with servants and Tenants.

John dhu had several Children, among whom were Donald, Allaster, Gillespick or Archibald. All these are mentioned in the Rec. Pri. Cou. 3d August 1602. Gregor Mao Ean dhu Vc Allaster of Easter Drumnacharrichad, as “ Gregor M‘Gregor in Gowlarich in Strathdowine,” along with “ John MacGregor his only lawful son[got] a Charter from John Earl of Atholl of the Lands of Easter Drumnacharric in the Earldom of Atholl, Borony of Garth, and Shire of Perth, under the reversion of 3,000 Merks, 28th December 1655; and from the same Nobleman, a Charter of the Sunny Half of Nether Urquhidavis (otherwise South Half of Nether Blorish) in the Barony of Oarth, and Shire of Perth, to him, and to Christian M‘William his spouse, in liferent, and to John MacGregor their son in fee, under reversion of 937 Merks, 1st July 1657 (Particular Register of Sasines, Perthshire, 6th May 1656, and 30th Deer. 1657). By the said lady, he had an only son, styled of Easter Dramnar charric, but better known as John MacGregor of Delavorer, who, as “John MacGregor Vo Eanduy Vo Allaster” and “John MacGregor of Delavorer,” sold both these impignorated estates to Colonel James Menzies of Culdares 20th May 1694. John MacGregor, fiar of Easter Drumnacharric, married a daughter of Farquharson of Auchinheyle, and, by her, had several children, among others, 1. Gregor, his eldest son, who had been enfeoffed in Easter Drumnacharric 1st November 1681 (Particular Register of Sasines, Perthshire, 21st November 1681), and with whose consent his father sold this estatq as above mentioned.

He married Marjory, daughter of Robert Grant of Easter Elchies (marriage Contract 18th January 1681), who, having been enfeoffe'd in the lands of Drumnacharho same time as her husband, gave his consent to the sale.

3d. Allaster MacAllaster Vreac is mentioned as one of the principals of the Clan Gregor in 1614, and occurs repeatedly in the records prior to that data

Duncan MacGregor of Roro was succeeded by his eldest son.

V. Gregor Mac Conachy in Roro, who occurs along with his brother, John dhu, in a Commission of Fire and Sword dated 4th February 1589 against a number of the Clan Gregor nominatim for the alleged murder of Drummond of Drum-mondergnocih, one of the under Forresters of Glenartney, who is said to have been very hostile to the MacGregors.

Greaor again appears in the record of the Privy Council in February 1592 a Tenant of the Laird of Weyme—Menzies appears to have had Roro along with Morinch, Duncrosk, &c., &c., in the Barony of Menzies, before 1520, as his son William is styled Menzies of Roro this year.

Gregor married a daughter of Robertson of Faschoille [Faekally] in Atholl—this Lady had been previously married 1st to Stewart of Appin, to whom she had one son, his heir— 2ndly to Campbell of Glenlyon, to whom she had one son, his heir—3rdly to MacGregor of Roro, to whom she had several Children, among whom were

1. Duncan, his heir.

2. George, who settled in Inverness shire, progenitor of the MacGregors of Raigmore, which family is now represented by Peter MacGregor, Esq., Surgeon to His Majesty King George the Fourth.

The Genealogy of the MacGregors of Raigmore is recorded in the Lyon Office, Edinburgh, and dated 11th December, 1782.

3. John dhu MacGregor, alias Sinclair, to be mentioned hereafter.

Gregor was succeeded by his eldest son,

VI. Duncan Macgregor alias Gordon of Roro, who, 24th February 1631, granted a Renunciation of the lands of Roro in favour of Duncan Menzies of Comrie; but Menzies having died without performing his part of the Agreement, MacGregor, 24th

April 1633,1 granted a second renunciation in favour of Alexander Menzies of Conxrie, son of Duncan, and, at the same time, took a Wadset of the Mains of Roro in security for £1000 Scots, being the balance due to him of the price of his property at that date which the deeds themselves (which are recorded) bear.

Duncan MacGregor alias Gordon and John dhu MacGregor alias Sinclair, his brother, signed a bond and letter of Slaine, 22d May 1630, whereby they Decame bound for all the Mao Gregors of their own House of Roro, to keep the peace with Robert Buchanan of Leny, and his friends, on condition of the latter paying 1300 Merks as an assythment (compensation) for the Slaughter of Patrick and Malcolm sons of Patrick Auloch MacGregor, and Donald son of Duncan Abrach MacGregor, which sum had been agreed upon by Arbiters mutually chosen by the parties.

John dhu Sinclair had eight sons—

1. Gregor, who married Margaret, eldest daughter of John M'Nab of MacNab, as appears from their Marriage Contract dated at KinaJd 14th September 1655. The Bride's Tocher was 800 merks Soots.

2. Hugh.

3. Alexander.

4. Duncan.

5. Malcolm.

6. John.

7. Donald.

8. Patrick Roy.

Duncan MacGregor aliaa Gordon of Roro married Catherine, daughter of Duncan Campbell of Glenlyon, by whom he had several Children, amongst others—

1. Alexander, his heir.

2. Gregor.

He was succeeded by his eldest son.

VII. Alexander, who was killed at the Battle of Inverlochy, 2d February 1645, and was succeeded by his Brother.

VIII. Gregor MacGregor of Roro, who along with Patrick MacGregor of that Ilk signed a letter of Slaines 5th August 1645 approving of the agreement between the Laird of Leny and Duncan and Gregor sons to Patrick Auloch MacGregor already alluded to. This letter of Slaines and the bond already mentioned with several other original papers referring to a feud between the MacGregors and Buchanans are in the possession of

Francis Hamilton, M.D., lenial Chief of the very Ancient Clan of Buchanan which is his paternal surname.

On 25th April 1673 Gregor obtained of Commissary John Campbell of Glendaruel a renewal of the Mortgage Right of the Mains of Roro, the purchase money being the same as in the transaction 1633, viz., £1,000 Scots.

Gregor married a sister of Colonel James Menzies of Culdare. By this lady he had (besides two Daughters, Anne married to John MacGregor lenial Ancestor of Sir Jivan John Murray Mac-•Gregor of MacGregor, Bart., and Mary married to MacDonald of Auchnacoichen) three sons—

1. Gregor, his heir.

2. Duncan Roy, to be mentioned in the Sequel.

3. Neil, who is mentioned in a Bond of Cautionary 18th August 1679 and recorded.

IX. Gregor MacGregor alias John Gordon of Roro succeeded his father. He burdened his Estate considerably during the rebellion 1715, by eagerly espousing the cause of the House of

Stewart. He married Beatrix, daughter of-predecessor of

Tullybelton. By her he had a son Duncan, in whose favour he conveyed all his property as contained in the Wadset Right of the same by Disposition dated 14th March 1721 and recorded.

He was succeeded by his son.

X. Duncan MacGregor alias Campbell of Roro, who joined Prince Charles Stewart in 1745, and was in consequence so much e impoverished as to be under the necessity of acting in the capacity of Glerk to his relation Tullybelton at Perth. Before leaving the Highlands he borrowed a sum of money from his relation John MacGregor at Lagfeam, and in security deposited the Wadset Right of Roro, which Wadset was paid off by the Earl of Breadalbane, who obtained a renunciation of the Mains of Roro 1st April 1760, signed by Duncan Campbell alias MacGregor and others at Perth, where it is recorded.

Duncan married Miss Isabella Foster, and dying 11th Septr. 1763, left by her two sons and two daughters—

1st. Gregor, who, going abroad., has not been heard of since 12th June, 1744, when he was on board His Majesty’s Ship Captain at Spithead bound for India.

2nd. Alexander, who was in the East India Company's Service. He has not been heard of since 26th October 1754.

1st. Daughter Christiana died unmarried.

2nd. Catharine was married to Donald MacAndrew at Tynaline, to whom she had several children. She died at Perth 4th June 1809.

We now return to Duncan Roy, second son of Gregor No.

XI. Duncan Roy Macgregor married Ann, daughter of Baron Macdearmed, Craignevie, m Glenlyon, and had by her several sons—

1st. John, who died in England without issue.

2nd. Hugh.

3d. Alexander married — MacNab Breadalbane Lady.

4th. Duncan.

5r Donald.

XII. Hugh, second son of Duncan Roy, married 1st Christian MacGregor (Roro), by whom he had three sons and one daughter, all of whom died unmarried. He married 2dly Christian Lothian, and had by her three sons—

1. Donald.

2. John.

3. James, who married in 1795 Janet Mackay, daughter of John Mackay in Clyth, County of Caithness, and purchased the Estate of Fonab in Atholl, 1819.

XIII. Donald MacGregor, married 1st Miss Margaret M‘Intyre, sister of the Rev. Dr M'Intyre, minister of Glenurchay, by whom he had one daughter. He married 2dly Janet M‘Donald (Glenlyon), and died in 1821, leaving by her two sons—

1. James.

2. Hugh—and several daughters, the eldest of them, Margaret, is married to Mr M'Intyre, Surgeon, FortingaJl.

XIV. James MacGregor, Assistant Surgeon, 42d Regiment, * [and of Fonab, near Pitlochry.

James, the doctor, died in 1875.

XV. Hugh, his brother, would succeed; he was known as Eoghann Mor, and died 1880. He had a son Charles.

XVT. Charles, who lately had the Banavie Hotel.

The present Laird of Fonab is a son of Margaret, dr. of Donald XIII. and Dr M‘Intyre of Fortingall, and he resides in New Zealand or Australia].

[Appendix.—Renunciation of Roro.]

At Edinburgh the Ellevint day of Junij the yeir of God Ini vjc threttie three yeirs the renunciation vnder written wes producit be Andw. Darling wreitter in Edinburgh and registrat in the buck's of generaH regisitre or Session appoyntit for Registratioun of saisings reversiounes and vther predttis in the 36 bulk thereof and in the lieffs following oonforme to the Act of Parliament maid thairanent in Anno 1617 Quhairof the tennor follows. Be it kend till all men be ther presentia lettres Mr Xhincan Gordon alias MacGregor in Caanb^erich fforsamikle as Alexr. Menzies of Coanries be his band and obligatioun sub-scryvefc with his hand the day and dait of ther presents is bunden and obleist To content and pay to me and vtheris specified in the said band vpoun the provisaounes and condi-tiounes at lenth specified and conteinet thair in, all and haill the Sowme of ane thousand Pundis money gude vsuall of this realm, as principal, togidder with the sowme of ane hundreth Pundis as for the annuall of the samen yeirlie sua lang as the said principall sowme remains unpayit togidder with the sowme of Twa hundreth merks money of liquider expenses as the said band and obligatioun mair fullie proportis, and als for vther pleasuris gratitudis and gu’d deeds done by the said Alexr. Menzies to me befoir and at the tyme of the making heiraf. Thairfoir Witt ye, me to have desponit transferrit freelie re-nun ceit quytelamit and evergiven, lik as I be thair presents dispones tranferres frielie renouncies quyte clames and over gives fra me my hairs and assegnees and successouries kin and Fredndis 'dame and kyndnes and right fra me or ony preceidand or suc-oeedand me to the possessioun of the Lands of Roro all right tittle entres claim© of right kyndnes propertie possessioun occu-patioun setting and using of the saidis landis of Roro with the •pertinents by and in the Centre of Glenlyon and Sherrefdome of Perth In and to the person of the said Alexr. Menzies his aires •executouris and successouris my onlie cessioneris and assigneyis “thereto. And grantis and confess myself lawfullie removit frae the samen and that the said Alexr. his possessioun thairof is lawfull and never sal be cailit nor persuvit by me nor my Aires nor be any otheris quhom I may stop or lett directlie by way of ejectioun spuilzie wrongous intrusioun or any vther maner of way in any tyme heirefter sumand and transferrand the samen fra me and my saidis aires and all vtheris quhom I may stop or lett as saidis in the persone of the said Alexr. Menzies and his foirsalidis togidder with all richt title entres claime kyndres proppertie or possessioun petitor heritable or possessor quhilk I may predecessouris or successouris haid to the samen landis with the pertenantis in ony tyme heirefter Surrogattand and sub--Btitand thame in me and my said aires our full richt and place of the samen forever. With power to the said Alexr. Menzies and his foirsaidis to use lett or ocupy sell and dispone the samen landis as his owne proper Landis and heret age in tyme coming at his pleasuare. And for the saides Alexr. Menzies his, better securitie I be their presentis faithfullie bindis and obleist me and my Aires to renew this present dispositioun renunciatioun and translatioun or quhatsamever rioht I can mak of the foir-saidis landis of Roro sua oft as neidis beis ay and quhill the said Alexander find himself sure in the premisses keep and always the substance above written and now as then and then as now bindea and obleist me and my aires to warrant ther presentis fra the facts and deids of me my saidis haires or any vtheris quhome I may stop or lett directlie in tyme coming vnder the pane of perjurie and infamie lyke as I obleis me and my Aires to ratifie and approve this renunciatioun in the haill heids clauses Articles and Conditioun above written als oft as we sal be requyrit thairto be the said Alexr. Menzies and his foirsaidis and for the mair securitie I am content and consentis that this presentis be insert and registrat in the buiks of Counsell and Sessioun, to have the strenth of ane decreit of the Lordis thairof interponit thairto with all letteris and execu-tonaJlis necessar to pass thairon, and the horning to be on an* simple chairge of six dayes onlie and for that effect Constitutis

My lawfull pror. &c.

In witness quhairof written by Walter Dalgleish Notar publick. I have subscryvet ther presentis with my hand at Ballich the 25th day of Apryle Im vjc threttie thrie yeirs before ther witness Mongo Campbell fear of Laweris, Archibald Campbell brother german to Sir James Campbell of Laweris knicht, Thomas Mackie and Donald Stalker servitouris to Sir Colin Campbell of Glenurquhy knight and fewder, I the said Duncan Gordoun dedaires heirby that ther presentis sail naywayes be hurtfull nor derogative to an fomer renunciation grantit be me to vnqle Duncan Menzies of Comries and his aires of the dait the twentie fourt day of February the yeir of God Im vjc thret-ieine yeirs, Bot rather in Corroboratioun of the samen quhilk I have subscryvet befoir the foimamet Witnesses Sic Subr. Duncane Gordoun alias MacGregor above namet with my hand at the pen led be the notaris vnder subscryvand at my command becaus I cannot wredt myself. Ita est Walterius Dalgleishe Notarius pubhcus de mandate dicte Duncane Gordoune alias MacGregor scribere nescien et asseruet testemanie mea Ita est Joannes Balvaird connoturicis premisso etiam Scribere* demandate dicti Duncane Gordoune alias MacGregor scribere ut assericit nescien Test manumea M. Campbell witness, Alexander Campbell Witness, Donald Stalker Witness, Thomas Maokie Witness.


John Sumamed Vallich, a younger son of Gregor MacGregor of Roro, had seven sons, of whom Duncan M‘Inva!lich ” who as one of the principals of Clan Gregor and descendant of Duncan Lienoch was 22d April 1601 proposed Party in Bail Bond by Allaster M‘Gregor of Glenstiae to the Earl of Argyle, King’s Lieutenant, in the Bond of Clan Gregor ; and had before 30th August 1603 taken the Surname of Drummond. The latter circumstance appears from record of Privy Seal of the last mentioned date in which he is called Duncan M‘Gregor alias M‘In-valliah and now Drummond. His son Patrick Drummond alias M‘Invallich appears in record (particular register of Sasines, Perthshire, 17th August 1617). Patrick purchased the Lands of Balhaldie 9th August 1642 and is styled Patrick Drummond of Culcrieff. He died before 2nd July 1646, for at this date, was “ John Drummond of Culcrieff,’’ his eldest son, retoured in the “ Glebe and land of the Parish Church of Monzievaird called Hert with the tythes.” To his Younger Son

III. To Duncan he had given his more lately acquired estate of Balhaldie. On the 17th of March 1658 Duncan Drummond of Balhaldie heir 'Maill of John Drummond of Culcrieff his brother german was retoured in the lands of Culcrieff within the Parochin of Crieff, and Stewartrie of Stratheame, in the Glebe and Kirkland of the Vicar of Monzievaird beside the Water of Turret, with teynd sheaves of the said Glebe called Hert within the Stewartrie foresaid and in 16 acres and 3 roods of land comprehending two tenements within the Burgh of Abemethie and regalitie thereof.” On the 26th of July 1666 Duncan Drummond of Balhaldie heir of Patrick Drummond his Father was retoured in the three fourths of the lands of Bai-haldies otherwise Bohaddiee, two fifths cf the said lands within the Parochin of Dunblane and Seneschal ship of Strathairti. Duncan Drummond was succeeded by his son.

Duncan Drummond of Balhaldie is celebrated as a just and benevolent character, an improver of his Paternal soil and oqiuoh esteemed and beloved. He had a ?~n and a daughter. . The latter as stated in a late Memoir of the House of Drummond married Ninian Drummond of Wester Glafisingall.

IV. Alexander Drummond of Balhaldie who was re toured 6th March 1685 in the fourth part of the lands and village of Sherdail called Craigheid with the half of the grain M01 of Dolorshire commonly called Rack Mill in the Parish of Dolor and regalitie of Dunfermline. He is designed Alexander Drummond of Balhaldie in a safe conduct on the third of March the foregoing year by James Earl of Perth Lord Drummond and Stobhall, Lord High Chancellor of Scotland, “ to travel into the Kingdom of England and particularly to the City of London aborut his lawful affairs.” This Voucher affords a presumption that Duncan had by this time died.

On the 26th of April 1686 Alexander Drummond of Bal-haldies married Margaret eldest daughter of the renouned Sir Ewan Cameron of Lochyell knight oy Isabell Daughter of Sir Lachlan M‘Lean of Dowart and Morven Baronet, Chief of the M'Leans and Companion in Arms of the Great Marquies of Montrose. Lochyell was the last of the Highland Chiefs who continued Active in James VII. s cause.

Balhaldies attached to the Royal House of Stewart both from inclination and marriage had received the following Mandate—

(Seal) “ James R.”

James the Eighth By grace of God King of Scotland, England France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c. We taking into our Royal consideration the constant and unshaken Loyalty of our trusty and well beloved Alexander M‘Gregor of Balhaldie as well as the eminent services done and performed by him to us on all occasions from his early youth to an advanced old age of which we being truly sensible are resolved to confer on him as a mark of our Special and Royal favor the Title and precedency hereafter mentioned which after him will we hope descend to our trusty and well beloved William MacGregor his eldest son of whose loyalty and attachment to our Royal Person and cause we have essential proofs by his signal services and indefatigable endeavours to promote our Interest and service. Our Will and pleasure therefore is. That Letters Patent pass under our great Seal of our Ancient Kingdom of Scotland in due tod competent form Making and creating as we hereby make and create the said Alexander M'Gregor a Knight and Baronet of out said Anaient Kingdom of Scotland to have and to hold to him and the lawful Heirs male of his own body with the pnvi-leges precedencies and other advantages thereunto appertaining, in as full and ample manner as any other Knight and Baronet of our said Ancient Kingdom holds and enjoys the same. And we hereby dispenoe with all informalities (if any be) herein contained and ordain in the said Letters Patent to pass thr great Seal of our said Ancient Kingdom of Scotland pr. Saltum, without passing any other register or seal, and for so doing this shall be a sufficient warrant. Given at our Court at Rome this 14th day of March 1740 in the thirty ninth year of our Reign.

(Signed) J. R.

Alexander M‘Gregor of Balhaldie had by his Lady Margaret Cameron issue six sons and five daughters—

1st. William, his heir.

2d. Margaret, who died unmarried.

3d. Elizabeth, bom 9th Septr. 1689, and married to Drummond of Colquhalzie issue two sons that died unmarried and two •daughters Margaret married to — Young Esqr. and by him mother of two sons, who died in France, and Mary Wife of Philip Robertson to whom she brought three sans, John, Philip, Richard, and 3 daughters, Janet married to John Robertson Esqr. Merchant London, Margaret to Robert Keith Esqr. of Granada, and Ann to Andrew Farquharson Esqr. of Breda Aberdeen Shire.

4th. Ewan, named after his Maternal Grandfather and died without issue as did his Brothers.

5th. John.

6th. Alexander.

7th. Duncan—and Sisters

8th. Helen.

9th. Isabella.

10th. Jacobina, bom 3d March 1710 and married James Wright Esqr. of Loss, but died childless.

11th. Donald, bom 12th Septr. 1713 was bred a Sailor and resided at Piteeapsy New York when megrating with other Loyalists to Nova Scotia in 1782 he lost what property he had acquired. He had married Miss Ann Grosbeak of New York and by her had children, a Son, Alexander who died in the West Indies unmarried and five daughters

1. Ann, married to Lieut. M'Gibbon and mother of two sons Alexander and John and two daughters.

2. Margaret, unmarried.

3. Mary, married on Christmas 1781, the year before her family had left New York, to her Paternal Cousin. German Alexander M'Gregor of Balhaldie.

4. Jacobinas married to Lieut. Dougald Campbell late of the 42d Regt. of Foot and mother of three Sons Alexander, Patrick, Ludlow, and two daughters Jacobina and Ann.

5. Susanna., married to Captain ML ean and mother of two sons and three Daughters.

Mrs Ann Grosbeck relict of Donald Drummond Esqr. younger son of Alexander Drummond (properly M‘Gregor) of Balhaldie died in 1818 aged 84. Alexander was succeeded by his eldest son.

V. William M‘Gregor of Balhaldie was born 8th May 1688. He had early in 1740 the year in which his Father was created a Baronet carried to Rome an instrument Signed by his Cousin german Donald Cameron of Lochyell and six others of distinction who had thus solemnly bound themselves to endeavour in Arms the restoration of the exiled House of Stewart. In this Service had William M‘Gregor of Balhaldie Esqr. on the 23d of Deer. 1743 received the following Commission—

“ James R.”

James by tne Grace of God King of Great Brittan France and Ireland Defender of the Faith &c.

To our Trusty and well beloved William M‘Gregor of Balhaldie Esqr. Greeting. We reposing a Special Trust and confidence in your loyalty and good conduct—Do hereby Constitute and appoint you to be a Colonel in our Service, and to take your Rank in our Army as such from the date hereof. You are therefore carefully and diligently to discharge the duty and trust of a Colonel aforesaid by doing and performing every thing belonging thereunto. And we hereby require all and Sundry, our Forces to respect and obey you as such, and yourself to observe and follow all such orders, Directions, and commands as you shall from time to time receive from us, The Commander in Chief of our Forces for the time being, or any other your Superior Officer according to the rule and discription of war. In pusuanoe of the Power and Trust hereby reposed in you.

Given at our Court at Rome the 23d day of December 1743 In the 43 year of our Reign. (Signed) J. R.”

When in 1745 Prince Charles had come to win his fathers Crown or perish . Lochyell with his warriors joined his banner and when they had reached Dunblane his Royal Highness lodged in the family Mansion of Balhaldie Lochyells Son in Law. The appartment iised as the Royal Levee Room on the evening of the 11th and morning of the 12th of Septr. had till lately remained as it was. It is now modernized. The bed the Prince had slept in is preserved in the family of Balhaldie. William M‘Gregor of Balhaldies had teen abroad since 1740 but the habits in which Balhaldies had beien with the Chevalier de St George may be estimated by the following Letter—

Rome, 3d December 1748.

I received last week yours of the 4th Novr. 1 had already heard of Lochyells death it is a loss to the cause, and I am truly concerned for it. If my recommendation to the Court of France comes in time, and has its effect, Young Lochyell will have his Fathers Regiment and on this and all other occasions I shall be always glad to shew him the great sense I reatin of the merits of that family. Poor Lochyell did not long out live his friend Lord Sempil in whom I have also lest a very zealous subject and who had given many Proofs of his being so, I wish I could have been able to be more kind to his family. But the truth is my straits were never so great as they are now, and therefore I cannot authorize you keeping up a correspondence the expences of which I am not able to defray. The Prince in his present situation, can best judge of what use it may be and I have always approved of what you do in that respect by his directions. I desire Lochyells Lady his Brother and his Son may find here my Compliments on their late loss which I sincerely share with them and have nothing else to add at present but to assure you of my constant kindness and regard tor yourself.

For Mr M‘Gregor. (Signed) James R.

William M'Gregor of Balhaldie had in 1757 married Janeb daughter of Lawrence Oliphant Esqr. of Gask by whom he had one son his heir.

VI. Alexander M'Gregor of Balhaldie was born 7th October 1758 and early entering the British Army he had attained the Rank of Captain in the 65 Regiment of Foot, when he died of Military fatigue in the West Indies in 1794 His Gallant conduct at the capture of Martinique and Guadaloupe werei

repeatedly mentioned in terms of high approbation in the general orders of the late Sir Charles afterwards Earl Grey Commander iu those well knoiwn expeditions. Balhaldies had on the 25th of December 1781 married his Cousin german Miss Mary Drummond 3d daughter of Donald Drummond Esqr. of New York by whom he had five sons and four daughters. He was succeeded -by his eldest son.

VII. William Oliphant M‘Gregar of Balhaldie, he had in 1796 when Fifteen received an Ensigncy in the Regiment in which his Father had bravely fought and honourably died. Having served fourteen years in India and obtained a Majority in the 77th Regiment of foot. He died in 1810 leaving a Widow but no children. He was succeeded by his Brother.

VIII. Donald M‘Gregor of Balhaldie.. The 3d Brother Alexander, Assistant Commissary General in the West Indies, had in February 1815 married Miss Charlotte Houstoun of the Island of Tobago where he died 19th October 1821 without leaving issue. 4th James, and 5 Robert Keith, both of them died young. Miss Ann M'Gregor only surviving daughter of the late Alexander M‘Gregor of Balhaldies married on the 5th April 1826 John Murray Esqr. of Liviland Stirling.

The Family Mansion in Dunblane has been sold several years, but the Estate of Balhaldies distant four miles North East of Dunblane remains in the family.


Argent a sword azure in bend dexter, a Fir Tree eradicated * proper in bend Sinister an antique Crown with points . gules in chief and supported by the point of the Sword . alluding to the constant loyalty of the McGregors.

Mottoes above the crest “Srioghal mo Dhream,” i.e., “Royal is my Race,” on the Scroll below the Shield “Ard Choille,” the war cry alluding to a place of that name, the rendezvous of the M'Gregors in Glen Dochart.



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