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MacGregor / Gregor

Septs of the Clan: Black, Caird, Comrie, Fletcher, Greer, Gregor, Gregorson, Gregory, Greig, Grewar, Grier, Grierson, Grigor, Gruer, King, Leckie, Lecky, MacAdam, Macara, Macaree, MacChoiter, Maccrouther, Macgrewar, Macgrowther, Macgruder, Macgruther, Macilduy, MacLeister, MacLiver, MacNee, MacNeish, MacNie, MacNish, MacPeter, Malloch, Neish, Nish, Peter, Petrie, White, Whyte.
Names associated with the clan:
Adamson Adamsone Ademson Ademsoun Ademsoune Argyl Balquhidder Blac Black Blacke Blackie Blaick Blaik Blaike Blaikey Blaikie Blak Blake Blayk Bowmaker Brewer Brewester Brewster Brostar Broster Broustar Broustare Brouster Broustir Browistar Browstare Browster Caird Card Ceard Combry Comerie Comri Comrie Connochie Connoquhie Conochie Cormie Crowder Cumre Cumry Dochard Dochart Douie Dowie Dowy Evanson Evinson Flechyr Fledger Fleger Fleschar Flescher Fleschor Fleschour Flesher Flesser Flessher Flesshour Flessor Fletcheour Fletcher Fuccatour Fuckater Fugater Fugatour Fuggatour Fuktor Fuktour Futtor Gildawie Gildowie Gilduff Gilfeather Gilfedder Gilledow Gilleduff Gillegowie Giric Girig Gragson Greer Greg Gregg Gregor Gregorie Gregorson Gregory Gregson Greig Greigory Grewar Grewer Grewyr Grier Grierson Grige Grigg Grigor Growar Gruar Gruer Kaird Keeard Keerd Kerd Kerde King Kyng Kynge Laikie Laiky Leckie Lecky Lecque Lekky MacAdaim MacAdam MacAdame MacAddam MacAddame MacAinish MacAinsh MacAldowie MacAldowrie MacAldowy MacAlduie MacAnce MacAngus MacAnish MacAnsh MacAonghus MacAra MacAree MacArra MacArray MacCadam MacCadame MacCaddam MacCaddame MacCaddim MacCainsh MacCance MacCanch MacCanish MacCaniss MacCans MacCanse MacCansh MacCants MacCara MacCarra MacCarres MacCary MacChoiter MacChonachy MacClester MacConachie MacConachy MacConaghy MacConche MacConchie MacConchy MacCondach MacCondachie MacCondachy MacCondie MacCondochie MacCondoquhy MacConechie MacConechy MacConiquhy MacConkey MacConnachie MacConnaghy MacConnchye MacConnechie MacConnechy MacConnichie MacConnochie MacConnoquhy MacConnquhy MacConochey MacConochie MacConoughey MacConquhie MacConquhy MacConquy MacCrewer MacCrewir MacCrouder MacCrouther MacCrowther MacCruar MacCuail MacCuaill MacDhonnachie MacElduff MacFaktur MacFleger MacFuktor MacFuktur MacGildhui MacGilduff MacGildui MacGilevie MacGilewe MacGiliver MacGilladubh MacGilldowie MacGilledow MacGilleduf MacGilleduibh MacGillefedder MacGillegowie MacGillewe MacGillewey MacGillewie MacGillewy MacGillewye MacGilliduffi MacGilliewie MacGilligowie MacGilligowy MacGilliue MacGilliver MacGilliwie MacGillogowy MacGilvie MacGrader MacGregare MacGregor MacGregur MacGreigor MacGrevar MacGrewar MacGrewer MacGriger MacGrigor MacGrigour MacGrouther MacGrowder MacGrowther MacGruar MacGrudaire MacGrudder MacGruder MacGruer MacGruthar MacGruther MacHilliegowie MacHoiter MacHonichy MacHrudder MacHruder MacIlday MacIldeu MacIldeus MacIldew MacIldoui MacIldowie MacIldowy MacIldue MacIlduf MacIlduff MacIlduy MacIleur MacIlewe MacIlghuie MacIlguie MacIlguy MacIllephedder MacIllepheder MacIllewe MacIllewie MacIllhuy MacIlliduy MacIlnaey MacIlpedder MacIncaird MacInechy MacInkaird MacInkeard MacInleaster MacInleister MacInlester MacInlister MacInnocater MacInnowcater MacInnowcatter MacInnugatour MacInocader MacInstalker MacInstokir MacInstucker MacInuctar MacInucter MacInvalloch MacIstalkir MacKadam MacKadem MacKchonchie MacKeardie MacKeldey MacKeldowie MacKhonachy MacKildaiye MacKilday MacKinish MacKinshe MacKnae MacKne MacKneach MacKnee MacKneis MacKneische MacKneishe MacKness MacKnie MacKnish MacKnockater MacKnocker MacKnockiter MacKnokaird MacKondachy MacKonochie MacKunuchie MacLavor MacLeaver MacLeever MacLeister MacLiver MacMalduff MacMigatour MacMuckater MacMuncater MacMuncatter MacMungatour MacNae MacNakaird MacNaois MacNaoise MacNaucater MacNay MacNea MacNecaird MacNee MacNees MacNeice MacNeigh MacNeis MacNeische MacNeish MacNeiss MacNekard MacNesche MacNess MacNey MacNie MacNikord MacNische MacNish MacNoaise MacNocaird MacNokaird MacNokard MacNokerd MacNokord MacNorcard MacNougard MacNowcater MacNowcatter MacNucadair MacNucater MacNucator MacNucatter MacNuctar MacNuicator MacNysche MacOnachie MacOnachy MacOnchie MacOndochie MacOndoquhy MacOnechy MacOnee MacOnochie MacOnohie MacPatre MacPeeters MacPeter MacPetir MacPetre MacPetri MacPetrie MacPhater MacPheadair MacPhedar MacPheddair MacRither MacRuar MacRudder MacRudrie MacRuer Magruder Makadam Makadame Makadem Makangus Makcaddam Makchonachy Makconchie Makconoch Makfleger Makgillevye Makgillewe Makgillewie Makgruder Makinlestar Makinnocater Maknae Maknee Makneis Makneisch Makneische Makneiss Makneissche Maknes Maknish Makonoquhy Makrudder Mallet Malloch Malloche Mallock Maloch Maloche Malyoch Maylloch Mickellduff Migrigar Mkkadam Mulloche Naische Naish Naos Neasch Neis Neische Neish Nes Nesche Ness Nies Niesh Nish Nucator Paitrie Patre Patrie Patry Peaddie Peat Peatrie Peattie Peddie Peddy Pedy Peit Peiter Peitt Pete Peter Petre Petree Petrie Petrye Petyr Rob Roy Valker Vconchie Waker Walcair Walcar Walcare Walcer Walkar Walker Walkster Waulcar White Whyte Whytt Whytte Glenstrae

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List of Septs and Names connected with the clan


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