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Motto: "Touch not the cat without the glove"
Badge: There are two plant badges, boxwood and white heather.
Septs of the Clan: Archibald, Gillespie, MacClunie, MacMurdo, Cattanach, Gillies, MacCluny, MacMurdoch, Carson, MacCluney, MacCurrach, MacMurdock, Clark, Gillis, MacCurrie, MacMurdich, Clarke, Gow, MacCurry, MacMuirich, Clarkson, Gowan, MacGillies, MacMurich, Clerich, Lees, MacGoune, MacVurich, Clerk, MacBurrich, MacGoun, MacVurrich, Clooney, MacCarson, MacGow, Murdaugh, Clunie, MacChlery, MacGowne, Murdo, Cluny, MacClair, MacLear, Murdoch, Currie, MacCleary, MacLeary, Murdock, Curry, MacCleish, MacLees, Murdoson, Ellis, MacClerich, MacLerie, Pearson, Ellison, MacClooney, MacLeish, Person, Fersen, MacCloonie, MacLise, Smith
Names associated with the clan:
Alees Aleese Caidh Cananaich Carson Catan Catanach Catanache Catanoch Cate Cathan Catnach Cattan Cattanach Cattanoch Cattenach Cattenoch Ceiteach Claerk Clark Clarke Clarkson Clarksone Clearkson Cleary Clerach Clerc Clerck Clercsone Cleric Clerie Clerk Clerke Clerkson Clerksone Clerksoun Clerksson Clunie Clunnie Cluny Clwny Clwnye Couric Curie Curray Curre Curri Currie Curry Currye Feresoun Fersen Ferson Galeaspe Gellas Ghillaspic Gilasp Gilaspy Gilhaspy Gilhespy Gilies Gilise Gilispie Gillas Gillaspik Gillaspy Gilleis Gilles Gillespey Gillespie Gillice Gillie Gillies Gilliosa Gillis Gillise Gilliss Gove Gow Gowan Gowans Gowen Gowie Gowin Gylis Gyllis Kayt Keathe Keht Keith Ket Keth Kethe Keyth Keythe Keytht Kite Leary Lees Lios MacA'Phearsain MacA'Phearsoin MacAleerie MacAlees MacAliece MacAppersone MacBurie MacChananaich MacChlerich MacChlery MacClearey MacCleary MacCleche MacClees MacCleiche MacCleisch MacCleish MacCleishe MacCleisich MacClerich MacCleriche MacClerie MacClery MacClese MacCleys MacCliesh MacClirie MacClurich MacColeis MacColleis MacCourich MacCurich MacCurie MacCurrach MacCurragh MacCurrich MacCurrie MacCurry MacEleary MacElpersoun MacFarsane MacFarsne MacFarson MacFerson MacFersoune MacForsoun MacFuirigh MacGabhawn MacGhobhainn MacGhowin MacGillas MacGilleis MacGillese MacGillies MacGillis MacGillish MacGleish MacGouan MacGoun MacGoune MacGovin MacGow MacGowan MacGowen MacGown MacGowne MacGowy MacHillies MacIlees MacIleish MacIlishe MacIllees MacIlleese MacIlleish MacInclerich MacInclerie MacInclerycht MacInferson MacKeith MacKethe MacKilferson MacKinfarsoun MacKleiry MacKperson MacKpharsone MacKurrich MacKury MacLear MacLeary MacLeash MacLeerie MacLees MacLeesh MacLeich MacLeish MacLerich MacLerie MacLese MacLess MacLise MacLish MacLiss MacMhourich MacMhuireadhaigh MacMhuirich MacMhuirrich MacMordoch MacMuiredhaigh MacMuiredhuigh MacMuirigh MacMurich MacMurrich MacMurriche MacMurrycht MacOurich MacPearson MacPerson MacPersone MacPersonn MacPharson MacPhearson MacPhersen MacPherson MacPhersone MacUirigh MacUrich MacVarraich MacVarrich MacVeirrich MacVirrich MacVirriche MacVoerich MacVorich MacVoriche MacVorrich MacVourich MacVurich MacVurie MacVurirch MacVuririch MacVurrich MacVurriche MacWirrich MacWirriche MacWurie Makcurrie Makfarson Makfassane Makfersan Makfersone Makfersoun Makferssoun Makghobhainn Makgowane Makgowin Makimpersone Maklearie Makleis Makmurdie Makmurriche Makmurthe Makphersone Makvirriche Makynparsone Mordac Mordake Mordik Mordoc Mordok Mordyk Moreduc Morthaich Mourdac Muireach Muireadhach Muiredach Murdac Murdak Murdoc Murdoch Murdock Murdoson Murdy Murreich Murthac Murthak Pairsone Pearsain Pearson Pearsone Peirson Peirsond Peirsonde Peirsone Peirsoun Peirsound Peirsounde Peresone Perison Perisone Person Persone Persoun Peryson Perysoun Peyrson Peyrsoune Pieresone Pierson Pirieson Piriesoun Smeayth Smith Smyith Smyithe Smyth Smythe Versen MacPherson Of Pitm: Pitmain

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The Hon. Sir William Alan MACPHERSON of Cluny & Blairgowrie TD.
The Hon. Sir William Alan MACPHERSON of Cluny & Blairgowrie TD.

James Brodie Macpherson of Cluny - 28th hereditary chief

MacPherson Clan Trail