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Ambassadors for National Trust of Scotland Foundation USA


               National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA Appoints CMA/US Branch as official Ambassadors to represent Foundation

               By Jack W. Raines, Chairman, US Branch

Why are we all so drawn to Scotland? Is it because it is our home of heart? Is it because of our beautiful and majestic Clan Lands and our wonderful Cluny? Yes. And it is something more as well. Scotland to all of us is a land of magic, music, heritage and culture. Our souls soar at the sound of the pipes, our feet tap to a gig and our eyes open wide at the glorious tapestry that is Scotland.

Scotland is sparkling lochs, deep green glens, stately castles, mysterious ruins and remarkable plants and animals. We take special pride in our ancestral homeland. But what if you came to Scotland and instead of Sterling Castle you saw a high-rise. What if you climbed the Munros and saw nothing but wind farms. What if our Clan symbol, the Scottish Wildcat, disappeared from the face of the earth and Culloden was nothing more than a garbage dump? This would be tragic. Thanks to the on-going efforts of the National Trust for Scotland and its Foundation USA branch our treasures are safe.

Clan Macpherson Association US Branch has now taken up the torch to guard our beautiful Scotland. We have been highly honored to become the first official Clan Ambassadors for of the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA.

Without the National Trust for Scotland and its very important Foundation USA, there would be no guardian for Scotland’s many special treasures. It is the job of the National Trust for Scotland and the Foundation USA to maintain and continue to protect the wonderful elements of our heritage.

In early winter CMA was contacted by James Hare, Executive Director for the Trust’s United States branch to become the first Clan to represent all the good works of the Trust by appointing Clan Macpherson Association, US as the first Clan to help create greater awareness of the activities of the National Trust for Scotland.

“It is with great pleasure that we invite Clan Macpherson Association, U.S. Branch to become the first official Clan Ambassador for the National Trust for Scotland Foundation, USA for a term of one year to begin on May 31st of 2013,” stated James Hare. “In recognition of the Clan Macpherson’s long history of support for the protection of the history, heritage and natural beauty of Scotland I am delighted that the CMA US Branch has accepted this honor. In doing so, CMA is the inaugural partner of a new coalition created by the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA, called the Clan Heritage Circle, which will be invaluable in helping the National Trust for Scotland to have a more visible presence at games and gatherings beyond the few our very small Boston-based staff can attend in person, ” Continues Hare.

I wrote to Cluny to see what he thought of the plan. He was delighted and said, “Dear Jack,  WHAT a splendid connection! As a keen NT Member I am delighted to endorse it all. We will get good publicity as well….VERY cold here but all well. Excellent news from you has cheered me up in the snow!”

Next came the approval of all the Commissioners and the scheme was met with a resounding yes. The National Trust for Scotland and its USA branch have worked tirelessly to protect everything from our beloved Scottish Wildcat to important buildings, art treasures, gardens and much more. The pictures accompanying this article show four of the NTS sites, preserved for us and our families. The photograph are all by David Ross and used courtesy of NTSUSA,

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA has granted more than $6.7 million to support the work of the National Trust for Scotland since its inception in 2000. Through their generosity, Americans have played a significant role in the stewarding of 129 heritage properties, ranging from castles and great houses to battlefields and mountains. In fact everywhere one goes in Scotland there is bound to be a National Trust site or project nearby. The Trust has saved 1,000,000 seabirds on the islands and sea stacks of St. Kilda. It has discovered over 100,000 artifacts, from everyday tools to the finest examples of artistic craftsmanship. It has identified and saved over 13,500 plant varieties including national collections. In the area of science there have been 45 sites of special scientific interest and seven National Nature Reserves that are now protected forever.

If it were not for the National Trust for Scotland and its USA Foundation, much of our heritage and culture could now be lost.

Our involvement as the first Clan Ambassadors for the Trust allows us to take a proactive stance to protect more of what we love about Scotland and share the Trust’s importance with people who visit us at games. It also allows us to open up a dialogue about the special qualities that make Scotland so important to the rest of the world and to clans specifically.

The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA is supplying all of our conveners with brochures, copies of the awarding winning glossy magazine published by the Trust, a map of Trust properties and projects and a plaque honoring CMA in its official role as first Ambassadors. In addition each Commissioner will receive copies of the 2013 Trust Guide to Scotland and a perfect lure to entice new members with a chance to win a year’s membership in the Trust. The membership offers free entrance to all of the Trust properties and projects, discount lodging and dining and much more. Each Region will have the opportunity to pick a winner from new members enrolled from May 31st, 2013 to May 1st, 2014.

Best of all there are no costs to the CMA. The National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA does not expect us to collect membership dues nor recruit new members for them.

I am delighted that we are the leaders in this unique program which not only helps promote Clan Macpherson through shared links on the National Trust for Scotland Foundation web sites, but also in their blog and magazine. Not only is this a singular honor for the CMA USA but also puts us in the front lines of helping to preserve what we hold most dear, the land and the stories that it tells.

Check out the website for the National Trust for Scotland Foundation USA for more information. The closer relationship between our two organizations will soon be part of both websites. And, because of his keen interest in this organization, I have asked former Branch Chairman, John Charles Macpherson to coordinate the program for us. For more information please contact him at 518.851.9670 or email at:

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