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Jack Bode

I take great pleasure in introducing this author to you as I have personally read each of his books at least twice to date.

From my point of view it is unusual to find an author like this through a small book publisher in Canada as I feel his books should be on the book shelves of all the major book stores and in the specialist Sc-Fi and Fantasy magazines and book clubs.

The last book he produced was sent to me in a .pdf file to read as it had yet to be printed.  I read it with great enjoyment. Any one that knows me will be amazed as I am not one for reading books online much preferring to read them while sitting in a chair.  That is however a testimony to how much I have enjoyed these books.

Books 1, 2, 3 are a Trilogy but can be read separately, they just have the same characters, the plot changes.


While leaving his apartment building for an errand Carl Kester is whisked back in time to the beginning of a war. Here he meets Petra Baird, an attractive nurse. As an officer in the ground forces he must fight the enemy. When Baird is sent back to England, Kester returns to his own time. Months later Kester is once more whisked to another time frame. Again he meets Petra Baird and they become friends. When his ship is destroyed in an engagement with the enemy, Kester finds himself back home again. A third time he is in a strange place as a member of the ranger force. This time Baird is his team mate. After months at the front Baird is injured behind enemy lines where she and Kester await rescue.

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Carl Kester volunteers for a special mission. While being interviewed he finds out that it consists of relocating illegal settlers. On the way to Morgan's World his ship rescues the crew of another vessel which has been damaged in space. Upon arriving at Morgan's world Kester finds it difficult to convince the settlers that they must leave. He tries to enlist the help of a local physician without much success. Then the life of the mayor's son is threatened by a serious illness. Kester hopes that the advanced medical care available aboard his ship will help him attain his goal.

Pages from The Saurian Affair


The High Command on Hornepayne receives a request for aid from Colonel Baird who is in charge of the New Territories. Carl Kester is selected to lead a relief force of two old ships without being told the nature of the difficulties. While en route Kester's small fleet intends to pay a courtesy visit to a scientific outpost. Instead they are forced to save the scientific contingent as their camp has been destroyed. Kester now learns that a large part of the New Territories is under the jurisdiction of pirates and it is his job to regain control over it.

Pages from Aries Sector

Books 4, 5 have the same characters but can be read separately.


Conditions on Earth have deteriorated to the point where the civilian population is barely able to eke out a living. Jobs are hard to find and graft is widespread. Alfonse Dubarry wants to study geology at a university but financing proves to be an almost insurmountable obstacle. In desperation he contacts the navy who will fund his studies under certain conditions. Meanwhile the navy is secretly planning to send ships to nearby stars. Eventually Dubarry finds himself on a ship bound for Procyon. The exploration attempt has to overcome many problems. Upon their return the crew finds an Earth even more regimented than when they left. Dubarry and his friend decide that the only option for the future is to remain in the navy.

Pages from The Procyon Debacle


Alfonse Dubarry joins the crew of a vessel which leaves for Adar while the navy is trying to arrest him. Upon their arrival at their destination Dubarry and his fellow scientists find a very marginal world. They face many challenges from the growing of food to the battling of diseases. In an effort to counter the dictatorship at home Captain Marks orders uncoded reports to be beamed back to Earth which are picked up by the news media. Leaving a contingent behind, Captain Marks begins his return voyage after a stay of eleven months on Adar. Expecting arrest when he reaches Earth, Marks is surprised to be greeted as a hero.

Pages from The Challenge of Adar


Captain Grainger is in charge of a ship taking a team of scientists on an expedition to explore a small portion of the Pleiades Cluster. The expedition is headed by the eminent Dr. Arne Viborg who hopes to become the recipient of the coveted recognition aware. However, before long the scientists and their support personnel run into difficulties. The problems keep escalating. Captain Grainger wants to break off the exploration but Dr. Viborg is strongly opposed to it.

Pages from Lost on a Distant Shore

There are a number of other books scheduled to follow.

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