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The Complaynt of Scotland
Chapter X

The actor declaris quhou the inglismen gifis vane credens to the prophesies of merlyne

Chap. X.

THE oratours of ingland at there protectors instance hes set furtht ane buik quhair be thai intende to preue that scotland vas ane colone of ingland quhen it vas fyrst inhabit there rasons that thai allege aperis to them to be inuicibil quhou beit thai be bot freuol. there speciale intentione is to gar there cruel inuasions perpetrat contrar oure realme apeir in the presens of forrain princis that thai haue ane uist titil to mak veyr contrar vs and quhou beit that the said poietical beuk be dytit oratourly to persuaid the vulgar ingnorans til adhere til inuentit fablis contrar the iust verite. zit notheles realmis ar nocht conquest be buikis bot rather be bluid. there is ane passage in the said beuk the quilk the inglismen hes ane ardant desyr to se it cum til effect. The tenor of the passage sais that it var verray necessare <f 65v> for the veilfayre of ingland and scotland that baytht the realmis var coniunit to giddir, and to be vndir the gouuernyng of ane prince and the tua realmis to be callit the ile of bertan as it vas in the begynnyng quhen the troian brutus conquest it fra the giantis and also the inglismen gifis ferme credit to diuerse prophane propheseis of merlyne and til vthir ald corruppit vaticinaris to quhais ymaginet verkis thai gyue mair faitht nor to the prophesie of ysaye, Ezechiel, Ieremie or to the euangel: the quhilkis prophane prophetis and vaticinaris hes affermit in there rusty ryme that scotland and ingland sal be vndir ane prince. The ardant desire and the disordinat auerisius affectione that inglismen hes to be violent dominatours of oure cuntray hes prouokit them to mak cruel veyris contrar vs thir mony zeiris bypast, to that effect that there diabolic prophane propheseis may be fulfillit, nocht regardand gyue the vil of god hes permittit be his diuyne gudnes that sic propheseis cum til affect, Nor zit thai considyr nocht that al propheseis hes doutsum and duobil expositionis. zit nochtheles i hope in god that the rycht sens of there prophane prophesye sal be fulfillit <f 66r> in this generatione, and that inglismen, sal get there desire to there perpetual confusione. the inglismen exponis the prophesye of merlyne to there auen affectione as the iueis exponit the prophesie of cayphas. Cayphas of ane euyl intent spak treu prophesye, bot zit he and the iueis interpret it to the vrang sens, quhilk vas cause of there auen condamnation. Of this sort cresus kyng of lidie exponit and interpret the ansuer of apollo to the vrang sens, quhen the cruel veyris vas betuix hym and cirus kyng of pers and meid. At that time the tua gryt battellis of onnumerabil men of veyr var campit neir to giddir, except that the reueir of almy ran betuix them. On the morne kyng cresus past to the oracle of appollo in the tempil of delphos desyrand to knau the fyne of the veyris that vas sa cruel betuix hym and kyng cirus. Appollo gaue to kyng cresus ane doutsum ansuere of ambiguite this vas his ansuer, cresus perdet almi transgressa maxima regna. This vord perdet is ane verb equiuocum it signifeis to distroye and it signifies to tyne it is vritin in the the fyft psalme of Dauid, perdes omnes qui loquuntur mendacium. the expositione of <f 66v> this passage, signifies nocht that god tynis them that ar learis, for god can tyne na thing, there can no thing be tynt bot quhen he that tynis ane thing, and syne knauis nocht quhair it is: bot god knauis al thing. of this sort kyng cresus exponit the ansuer of appollo of ane sens, and appollo said his ansuer of ane vthir sens Cresus interpret that verb perdet for to distroye, and for that cause he and his gryt armye past ouer the reueir of almi in hope to distroye kyng cirus, bot cirus venquest cresus and al his gryt armye the quhilk mischeif cam on kyng cresus for the vrang interpretatione of the ansuer of appollo for he considerit nocht that perdet vas ane verb equiuocum quhilk hed ane expositione of ambiguite.

There is ane syklik exempil of pirrus kyng of eporite that past to the oracle of appollo til inquyre of the fyne of the veyris that vas betuix hym and the romanis, appollo gaue ane doutsum ansuere of this sort, dico te pirre romanos vincere posse pirrus exponit that verse of this sort pirre dice te vincere romanos, bot appollo said it of ane vthyr sort, pirre dico romanos te vincere, as cam til effect eftyruart. for the romanis venquest kyng pirrus <f 67r> and chaissit hym furtht of Italie. There is ane vthir exempil of ferrand erl of Flanderis quha maid mortal veyr contrar the kyng of France. he, his mother, and his vyfe, past til ane augure in holland til inquyre of the fyne of the veyris betuix hym and the kyng of France. the augure ansuert, quod he thou sal entir in Paris quhair that gryte tryumphe and ioye sal be maid at thy entres. ferrand beand rycht glaid of the ansuere of his augure he enterit in France vitht ane gryte armye bot or he cam to Paris, he and his armye var venqueist and he vas tane presoner and led to paris: than al the parisiens maid gryt triumphe and ioye for blythtnes be cause that ferrand there mortel enemye vas disconfeist. Of this sort, ferrand exponit the ansuere of his augure til ane vrang sens. Thir exemplis may be conferrit and applyit vitht the prophesies of merlyne to the quhilk the inglismen giffis mair confidens nor thai gif to the euangel, be cause that there ald prophane propheseis sais that ingland and scotland sal be baitht vndir ane prince. on this misteous propheseis, thai haue intendit veyris contrar scotland in hope to conques it: bot as i haue befor rehersit, i beleue that there prophesie <f 67v> sal cum til effect bot nocht to their intent and that ingland and scotland sal be ane monarche vnder ane prince in this generatione, conformand til ane prophesie that i haue red in the inglis chronyklis in ane beuk callit polichornicon, the quhilk prophesie sais that ingland sal be first conqueist be the deynis, and syne be the saxons, and thirdly be the Normandis, and there last conquessing sal be conquest be the scottis, quhome inglismen haldis maist vile. and fra that tyme furtht ingland and scotland sal be bot ane monarche, and sal lyue vndir ane prince, and sa inglis men sal get there prophesie fulfillit to there auen mischeif.

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