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The Complaynt of Scotland

This edition is Copyright 2003 by David Wilson: (All Rights Reserved)

  • Introduction
  • Dedicatory
    Marie quene of Scotlande, the margareit ande perle of princessis.
  • Prolog to the redar
  • Chapter I
    Declaris the cause of the mutations of monarches.
  • Chapter II
    Thir cheptours that eftir follouis explanis the thretnyng ande menassing of gode contrar obstinat
    vicius pepil.
  • Chapter III
  • Chapter IIII
    Quhou the actor conferris the passagis of the thrid cheptour of ysaye vitht the afflictione of scotland
  • Chapter V
    Of diuers opinions that the pagan philosophours held of the conditions ande induring of the varld, ande quhou the actor declaris that the varld is neir ane ende.
  • Chapter VI
    Ane monolog of the actor
  • Chapter VII
    The visione that aperit before the actor in his sleipe.
  • Chapter VIII
    Quhou the affligit lady, dame scotia reprochit hyr thre sonnis, callit the thre estaitis of scotland.
  • Chapter IX
    Quhou the affligit lady exortis the thre estaitis, to tak exempil of diuerse cuntreis that gode hes releuit fra persecutione
  • Chapter X
    The actor declaris quhou the inglismen gifis vane credens to the prophesies of merlyne
  • Chapter XI
    Quhou the pretendit kyngis of ingland hes no iust titil to the realme of ingland nothir be electione nor be successione, and quhou thai pretendit kyngis of ingland, hes practikyt ane crafty dissait contrar valis and yrland.
  • Chapter XIII
    Quhou the affligit lady declaris til hyr thre sonnis that the familiarite that is betuix inglis men & scottis men in ane pace varld at mercattis and conuentions on the tua bordours is the cause of the traison that the scottis men committis contrar ther natyfe cuntre.
  • Chapter XIIII
    Quhou the actor declaris that conspiratours ar ay punest to the detht be the princis that gat profeit of there conspiratione.
  • Chapter XV
    Quhou the thrid sone of this fayr lady callit laubir ansuert vitht ane lamentabil complaynt.
  • Chapter XVI
    Quhou the affligit lady dame scotia ansuert til hyr zongest soune ande quhou sche reprochit hyr tua eldest sonnis for there neclegens in the defens of there comount veil
  • Chapter XVII
    Quhou the affligit lady accusis hir eldest sonne callit the nobilis and gentil men
  • Chapter XIX
    Quhou the affligit lady Dame scotia repreuis hir sycond soune callit sperutualite.
  • Chapter XX
    Quhou the affligit lady same scotia makis ane exortatione til hyr thre sonis, quhilk is the conclusione of this beuk.
  • Seneca

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