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The Complaynt of Scotland

Marie quene of Scotlande, the margareit ande perle of  princessis.

THE immortal gloir, that procedis be the rycht lyne of vertu, fra zour magnanime auansing of the public veil, of the affligit realme of scotlande, is abundantly dilatit athort al cuntreis, throucht the quhilk, the precius germe of zour nobilite bringis nocht furtht alanerly, branchis ande tendir leyuis of vertu; bot as veil it bringis furtht, salutiffere & hoilsum frute of honour quhilk is ane immortal ande supernatural medicyne, to cure & to gar conuallesse, al the langorius desolat & affligit pepil, quhilkis ar al mast disparit of mennis supple, ande reddy to be venquest & to be cum randrit, in the subiection ande captiuite, of our mortal ald enemeis, be rason that ther cruel inuasions aperis to be onremedabil. The special cause of our afflictione, <f2v> hes procedit, of thre vehement plagis, quhilk hes almaist succumbit oure cuntre in final euertione that is to saye, the cruele inuasions of oure ald enemeis, the vniuersal pestilens ande mortalite, that hes occurit mercyles amang the pepil: ande the contentione of diuerse of the thre estaitis of scotland, throucht the quhilk thre plagis, the vniuersal pepil ar be cum distitute of iustice policie ande of al verteus bysynes of body ande saul. Ande nou illustir princes engendrit of magnanime genoligie, & discendit of Royal progenituris, zour regement ande gouernyng, ande alse zour honorabil amplitude of verteouse dignite incressis daly, in the contenual auansing of the deffens of oure cuntre quhar for zour heroyque vertu, is of mair admiratione, nor vas of valeria the dochtir of the prudent consul publicola or of cloelia, lucresia, penolope, cornelia, semiramis, thomaris, penthasillie, or of ony vthir verteouse lady that plutarque or bocchas hes discriuit, to be in perpetual memore. for al thair nobil actis ar nocht to be comparit to the actis that zour prudens garris daly be exsecut, contrar the cruel volfis of ingland.  The quhilkz volffis ar nocht the rauand <f3r> sauuage volffis of strait montanis ande vyild fforestis that deuoris nolt ande scheip for ther pray: bot rather tha ar dissaitful volfis quhilkis hes euir been oure ald enemeis. Ande nou sen the deceis of oure nobil illustir prince kying iames the fyift, zour vmquhile faythtful lord and hisband, tha said rauisant volfis of ingland, hes intendit ane oniust veyr be ane sinister inuentit false titil contrar our realme in hope to deuoir, the vniuersal floc of oure scottis natione ,ande to extinct oure generatione furtht of rememorance. Bot nochtheles gode of his diuyne bounte, heffand compassione of his pure affligit pepil, ande alse beand mouit contrar the rauisant volfis of ingland he of his grace hes inspirit zou, to be ane instrament to delyuir vs, fra the captiuite of the cruel philaris the protector of ingland: as he inspirit queen esther to delyuir the captiue ieuis, quhen thai & mordocheus var sinisterly accusit, and alse persecutit, be amman, befor assuerus kyng of inde. and as the holy vedou iudich vas inspirit, to delyuir the ieuis fra the crualte of that infideil pagan oliphernes. Ther is na prudent man that vil iuge <f3v> that this pistil procedis of assentatione or adulatione, considerant that ve maye see perfytlye, quhou that zour grace, takkis pane to duelle in ane straynge cuntre distitute of iustice. Ande als zour grace beand absent, fra zour only zong dochter, our nobil princes and rychteous heretour of scotland: quha is presentlye veil tretit in the gouernance of hyr fadir of lau, the maist illustir potent prince of the maist fertil & pacebil realme, vndir the machine of the supreme olimp, quhar that zour grace mycht remane & duel amang the nobil princis & princessis of France, quhilkis ar zour natiue frendis of consanguinite ande affinite, ande ther ze mycht posses abundance of al pleiseirs most conuenient for zour nobilite bot zit the feruent loue that zour grace baris, touart that tendir pupil zour only dochtir ande for the delyuering of hyr heretage furtht of captiuite ze daly of zour gudnes induris as grit pane, as the queen ysicrata indurit vitht hyr lorde metredates zour grace deseruis nocht to be callit ane nobil alanerly, trocht zour verteous verkis bot as veil ze suld be callit ane nobil of genolligie, be rason that ze ar discendit of the maist vailzeant princis that ar vndir the cape <f4r> of hauyn. ther can nocht be ane mair ample probatione, nor is the famous atentic croniklis of diuers realmes, ande alse the verteouse verkis dune be zour antecessours in oure dais ar euident til vs in this present seicle. In the fyrst zour grace is discendit of them, quhilkis be ther vertu ande be ther victoreus actis hes kepit ande deffendit the liberte of ther subiectis in sure pace ande tranquilite, ande hes repulsit vailzeantly al externe violens. zour foir grandscheir godefroid of billon kyng of iherusalem, hes nocht alanerly kepit ande deffendit, his pepil ande subiectis of loran, fra his prochane enemeis that lyis contigue about his cuntre: bot as veil be his magnanyme proues ande martial exsecutione, he delyurit the holy land of iudia furtht of the handis & possessione of the infideil pagans: quhar for the vniuersal historiagrephours hes baptist hym to be ane of the principal of al the nyne noblis. for quha vald considir, the longinquite of his martial voyaige, ande the grite forse of the oriental pepil, ande the multitude of infidelis ande pagan princis, quhilkis impeschit hym in that barbir straynge cuntre be diuerse cruel battellis: this veil considrit, thai sal fynd that his magnanyme heroique <f4v> ande martial entreprise, vas conuoyit & succurrit be ane diuyne miracle, rather nor be the ingyne of men. it vil be ouer prolixt to rehers all the vailzeant actis of baudouyne his broder ande successour to the realme of ierusalem ande na les prolixt to rehers of his successours, quhilkis var zour predecessours, kyngis of secilie dukis of aniou calabre ande of loran. i suld nocht forzet the tryumphant victore, exsecut ande conqueist be the vailzeant ande nobil rene inuictissime kyng of secilie duc of calabre ande loran zour gudscheir, contrar, that potent prince Charles duc of Burgungze, quhilk vas repute to be ane of the maist nobil men of veyr in cristianite: zit nochtheles, he vas venqueist ande slane, be syde the toune of nancy, be the foir said rene zour gudscheir: quhar for it aperis veil (illustir princes) that ze ar discendit doune lynyalye of them that hes been propungnatours for the libertee of ther cuntre ande subiectis. Siklyke the nobilnes of zour vmquhile fadir broder antonius, duc of calabre loran ande of bar, quha maye be comparit, to the deuot kyng, Numa pompilius, the sycond kyng of rome, for his prudens ande dixtirite, be rason that he hes kepit <f5r> his subiectis in liberte but oppressione, quhou beit his cuntre lay betuix tua of the maist potent princis that ringis in this varld: that is to say, the catholic kyng of spanze elect empriour on ane syde, ande the maist potent cristyn kyng of France on the tothir syde, the quhilkis tua riche kyngis hes hed diuerse tymes birnand mortal veyr contrar vthirs, zit nochtheles zour nobil fadir broder duc of calabre ande loran hes kepit his landis in liberte, fra ther oppressione, the quhilk he did be vailzeantnes ande prudens. Siklyke that maist sapient prince ande prelat fadir in gode, ihone of loran, be the permissione diuyne, Cardinal of the apostolic seige, archebischop of narbon, abbot of cluny, fekkem, ande of sanct ouyne quha is zour fadir broder, quhilk be his prudens for the public veil off cristianite, hes been mediatour, betuix diuers forane princis, to treit pace ande concorde in diuerse cuntreis, as in ytalie germanie flandris ande spanze, quha hes nocht alanerly vsit hym lyik ane sperutual pastor, bot as veil he hes vsit hym lyik ane vailzeant captan, for ane verteous captain can nocht exsecut ane mair vailzeant act as quhen he purchessis pace ande concord, vytht out diminutione of his rycht, ande <f5v> vitht out domage slauchtir or hayrschip to be amang the pepil, as this nobil prelat hes dune diuerse tymes. vytht out dirrogatione of his speritual dignite. Nou (illustir princes) i vil reherse of zour nobil ande vailzeant fadir, the duc of guise, lieutenant general to the kyng of France, of all the cuntre of champayngze ande brie, his actis vald be prolixt to reherse, quhilkis hes been laitly exsecutit in oure dais. The memor of ane of his actis is recent quhen he pat ane garnison of tua thousand men, vitht in the toune of sanct quintyne, rycht vailzeantly contrar the vil of thretty thousand of his enemeis, quhar he gart mony of his enemeis resaue ther sepulture be for the said toune, vytht out domage or hurt til his men of veyr quhar for euerye man maye meruel, of his dexterite, vertu, ande martial sciens. his magnanyme proues did ane vthir vailzeant act, he beand bot sex thousand men, he held in subiectione fourty thousand at the seige of perone, ther durst none of that grit companye, pas bakuart nor forduart, be rason of the mony assaltis ande escarmuschis that he maid contrar them, quhar that he sleu mony of them, vytht out domage tyl his men of veyr, be that <f6r> industreus martial act, he renforsit the toune vitht victualis, hagbutaris, ande munitions, for the hagbutaris, past neir to the camp of ther enemeis, ande entrit in the toune but resistance, be cause that zour nobil fadir held the grit armye of enemeis valkand on ther tothir syde, throucht the grit assaltis ande escarmuschis that he maid contrar them. The toune of sauerne baris vytnes of his delegent vailzeantnes, that he maid contrar the iminent dangeir that vas cummand on the realme of France, at that tyme quhen ane multitude and infinit nummir of men of veyr, ande vthirs that lyuit vitht out lau, discendit fra the hicht of germanye, thai var of diuerse sectis, haldant straynge opinions contrar the scriptour thai purposit to compel al cristianite tyl adhere to ther peruerst opinione: zit nochtheles ther disordinat intentione vas haistyly repulsit ande extinct be the martial sciens of zour nobil & vailzeant fadir. Thir vailzeant actis of zour predecessours (illustir princes) ande zour grit prudens, makkis manifest, that zour grace is ane rycht nobil, baytht of vertu ande of genoligie. al thir thingis befor rehersit, i beand summond be institutione of ane gude zeil, hes tane ane temerare <f6v> consait, to present to zour nobil grace, ane tracteit of the fyrst laubir of my pen bot zit i vas lang stupefact ande timide, for falt of ane peremptoir conclusione, i nocht heffand ane perfyte determinatione, of quhat purpos or mater that var maist necessair ande honest to be dilatit: than dredour ande schame beand repulsit fra my melancolius cogitations, i began to reuolue the librarye of my vndirstanding, ande i socht all the secreit corneris of my gazophile, ymaginant vitht in the cabinet of my interior thochtis, that ther var na mater mair conuenient ande necessair, for this present dolorus tyme, nor to reherse the cause ande occasione of the onmersiful afflictione of the desolat realme of scotland. the quhilk desolatione hes occurrit be the mischance, of fureous mars, that hes violently ocupeit the domicillis of tranquil pace that sueit goddes of humaine felicite. the quhilk   racteit i hef dediet ande direckyt to zour nobil grace, in hope that zour grace vil resaue it as humainly, as it var ane riche present of grit consequens. it vas the custum of perse, that none of the subiectis durst cum in the presens of ther kyng, bot gyf tha brocht sum gyft or present, to be delyurit til hym, efferand <f7r> for ther qualite. the historigraphours, rehersis of ane pure man of perse, quha be chance reconntrit kyng darius. this pure man throucht grit pouerte, hed no thyng to present tyll his kyng, efftir the custum of perse, quhar for he ran til ane reueire that ran neir by, & brocht the palmis of his handis ful of that fresche vattir to the kyng for ane present. that nobil kyng, persauand the gude vil ande hartly obediens of this pure man, he resauit that litil quantite of cleen vattir as humainly, as it hed been ane  riche present of gold, ande he gart delyuir to the said pure man sex thousand peces of gold. and ane goldin vattir lauar. fra this exempil cummis ane vlgare adagia, quhilk sais that quhen ane pure man makkis ane sacrefeis, & throucht his pouerte he vantis ensens to mak the seremons of his sacrefeis that sacrefeis sal be acceptabil befor the goddis, be cause that he dois sa mekil, as his pissance maye distribute. it is vrytin in Sanct marc, quhou oure saluiour estemeit ande commendit, the oblatione of tua half penneis, that vas offrit in the tempil be ane pure vedou that hed na mair moneye, nor he estemeit the grite offrandis that vas offrit be riche opulent men. Nou for conclusione <f 7v> (illustir princes) my esperance is sa grite, that i beleif that zour grace vil resaue this tracteit as humainly, as kyng darius resauit the clene vattir fra the pure man of perse. this tracteit is na bettir nor as mekil vattir, bot zit my gude vil & hartly intentione ande my detful obediens, excedis the hartly intentione of the pure man that offrit the fayr vattir to kyng darius, prayand to god to preserue zour grace in perpetual felicite.

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