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Native Indian Lore
Blood Inheritance

We as heirs apparent do not need to "PROVE" our blood lines unless we are being called something other than children of our ancestors?  Do the Kennedy's have to "prove" their blood line?

Our ancestors were brave people who stood against greater numbers and power They were fearless in their fight through the courts to have the legal right to be called citizens, and this worked for all tribes.  As those citizens we have the entitlement to be acknowledged according to the law of the land and under the God of that law of that land. We are not and never have we been "wards of the government," no matter the wordiness of those devising terms such as "blood quantum," or any other term to find loop holes to deny us our inheritance.

We are a part of that government. Our leaders still come under that government, just as its leaders come under God.

We as our ancestors children are of two nations, just as Paul was of Roman and Jewish blood and was entitled to the using the laws of both nations.

Legally, we still come under the treaties our ancestors fought to establish. And, although the phrase "As long as water flows, and Grass Grows,"  to some is a tired phrase, it still is very much a part of the
legal treaties and it is binding. The minds who devised it and used it were loving and highly intelligent men. Their acumen should not be ignored.  Anyone would have to be less than brilliant to not know at the time they were speaking the out come of the thing. The men our leaders were up against were moving forward even at that time. It would be just reasonable to see how great an empire was being devised, one with wealth and ability to care for its people.

This nation readily rebuilds conquered nations, albeit Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, etc. etc.  Yet we, as a
conquered nation directly on their soil,  are not being given the same respect and consideration. Why is this?

Those who are our leaders should think strongly about their position under that Great God, and I speak not just to tribal leaders but to leaders of this country. This country is under God, and until that is changed they must realize the responsibility they have taken upon themselves to "care for my little sheep."

This phrase comes from Jesus' own statement, "Feed my little sheep."  I use the word "care,"  as I am not quoting Jesus directly.

The treaties given to our people were signed by both sides. In those treaties our ancestors asked for: Food, Housing, and Medical attention (was that ever fore sight and how did they know?).

No one can complain about the food, there is plenty. If one can stay out of the fast food place and learn to make fry bread along with good soup, no complaints. Some cultures call this soul food.

However, there is another food that needs to be brought to the attention of our leaders. "Give a man a fish and he eats for one day."  "Teach him to fish, and he eats forever."  This is to what I refer.

Education makes the difference in people. It is true education doesn't guarantee wages. However, it does promise hope. Unfortunately, education is expensive. This is the "food" to which I refer.

It too was what Jesus was concerned. He did feed the masses on occasion literal food, but his major concern was the teaching of the people his solutions to social problems, then and now.

He taught with illustrations and to that manner I use this illustration going to one of his teachings. "Love your neighbor." (Direct Quote).

Yesterday, a neighbor brought me a large garbage bag full of turnips from her garden, greens and all. By the time I finished getting them ready for storage there was probably a little more than twenty dollars worth of turnips which is no big deal. The fact that turnips are high in healing minerals is a big deal. Also the love which prompted the woman to give them to me is a bigger deal. This is where the protection against a welfare state comes. Christ taught, "All things are possible with love."

A welfare check may have been started somewhere in the higher echelon's with love. However, by the time it gets through all the bureaucracy and social workers little semblance of love is attached to it. And then, we are back to the place and importance of education and this  warning. "No matter how great our institutions are if they cannot bring their people under them as "chicks under a hen,"  what good are they."

And folks, now you see why I am not a politician. "Let me make this perfectly clear."

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