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Native Indian Lore
Joy Tibbett's Links

Ponca Internet Research, 19 December 2009, by Joy Tibbitts,

Ponca photos at the Smithsonian which are in the public domain at

Ponca Camp Photo at

Smokemaker & 2 Other Chiefs by Bodmer (painting) at

Ponca Camp in 1832 by Bodmer (painting) at

Catlin's Green Hill Picture at

Thomas Cry photo at

Standing Bear, Zaette & Grandchild photo

Standing Bear in 1877 (photo)

Ponca getting paid oil lease money

Donna Flood's website at

Dwight Howe at

Ponca Dancer, 1927 at

White Weasel, 1927 at

Whip, 1927 at

First Walker, 1927 at

Standing Buffalo, 1877 at

The Chief, 1877 at

White Eagle Park on Reservation at

1894 Ponca Sun Dance at,-Arkansas-City,-KS_W0QQitemZ260514125890QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20091128?IMSfp=TL091128202007r25677

Ponca Delegation, 1877 at

2009 OKlahoma Ponca Pow Wow at

Peter Mitchell, Dustmaker at

More Smithsonian Photos at

Ponca Photo 1908 at

Ponca Photos at

Susette LaFlesche, Bright Eyes at

Dr. Susan LaFlesche Picotte, sister of Susette & Frank LaFlesche

Ponca 1877 delegation pictures at

Zimmerman, Charles Leroy. White Eagle: Chief of the Poncas. Harrisburg, PA: The Telegraph Press 1941.Dust jacket of book


Ponca Indians search

Annual Reports:

Ponca Investigations:

1877 Annual Report, contains account of the Trail of Tears at

U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes on Ponca Removal at

Ponca Removal by Seth Humphrey at

Congress investigates Ponca Removal at

Information about the Ponca Tribe in Fletcher & LaFlesche Book The Omaha Tribe at

Charles Larpenteur, last fur trader for Poncas,

Hairy Bear on the Killing of Big Snake: at 

Carl Schurz on Big Snakeís Death at

Ponca Removal by Carl Schurz at

Alice Fletcher Diary about visiting Poncas in October 1881

LaFlesche Family at

Dorsey & LaFlesche Genealogy in most detail ever found

Archeology of Poncas, earth lodge information

Antoine LeCuyer, at least 2 Ponca wives's+journal+Ponca&source=bl&ots=Ho68M_MWNO&sig=lIGE82RY15nx9pJerKObReNmFnI&hl=en&ei=81-7SqngI5KEtgeNocScDQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=4#v=onepage&q=&f=false

Blackbird, famous Omaha chief, and Ponca wife at

John Bradbury visited Poncas at

Henry Brackenridge visited Poncas at

Catlin's letters 26 & 27 about Poncas at

Joseph Holbrook, Mormon pioneer journal at 

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Dawes Act for allotments

Indian Claims Commission Hearing William Overland, Metha Collins,

Dorsey & LaFlesche Orthography explanation


Journal of Jean Baptitste Truteau [Trudeau] in A.P.; Nassitirís Before Lewis and Clark, University of Oklahoma Press, 2002.,p. 288-294)

Moulton, Gary. The Lewis and Clark Journals: An American Epic of Discovery. p. 42

Maximilianís Travels in Travels in the Interior of North America by Maximilian, Prince of Wied. Translated from the German, by Hannibal Evans Lloyd, as found in Reuben Gold Thwaites, L.L.D., Early Western Travels, Cleveland, Ohio, Arthur H. Clark Company, 1905 pp. 282-286, 293, 327

Audobon, By Himself: A Profile of John James Audubon, From Writings Selected Arranged and Edited by Alice Ford, American Museum of Natural History, New York

South Dakota Historical Collections: Big Sioux to Fort Randall, South Dakota Historical Society, Vol. XXVIII 1956, Pierre, South Dakota.

James Owen Dorsey. The Cegiha Language - Myths, Stories and Letters: Contributions to North American Ethnology (U.S. Geographical and Geological Survey of the Rocky Mountain Region, VI) (Hardcover), Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 1890., xviii, 794 pages. A small selection of this book is available at However, the notes for these entries are not included which give additional genealogical information.

James Owen Dorsey: Omaha and Ponca Letters (Hardcover). A reprint is available at

James H. Howard, Peter Le Claire The Ponca Tribe : (Paperback, 1995) available many places on internet

Thomas Tibbles, Buckskin and blanket days: Memoirs of a friend of the Indians (Doubleday, 1957), 336 pages, available on Internet

David Bristow, A Dirty, Wicked Town: Tales of 19th Century Omaha, 2000, 300 page, talks about trial of Standing Bear

Joseph Cash and Gerald W. Wolff, The Ponca People, 1975, 104 pages

Joseph Jablow, Ethnohistory of the Ponca: Commission findings [on the Ponca Indians], Volume 20, Garland Publishing, University of Michigan Press, 1974

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