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The History of Glasgow
By Robert Renwick LL.D. and Sir John Lindsay L.D. in 3 volumes

Read the "Anecdotage of Glasgow"

Read "Rambles Round Glasgow"


Volume I

  • Chapter I
    Prehistoric Condition of Glasgow Area—Sites of Early Dwellings
  • Chapter II
    The Roman Period and After
  • Chapter III
    The Coming of St. Kentigern
  • Chapter IV
    St. Kentigern's Return from Wales
  • Chapter V
    Early Place Names
  • Chapter VI
    After the Days of St. Kentigern—Strathclyde and Cumbria
  • Chapter VII
    Diocese of Glasgow
  • Chapter VIII
    Landed Possessions of the Church
  • Chapter IX
    Building of Cathedral and Early Dedications
  • Chapter X
    Bishop Herbert—Cathedral Organization—Somerled's Invasion
  • Chapter XI
    Episcopate of Bishop Ingelram—Barony Courts—Erection of Burghs—Rutherglen
  • Chapter XII
    Bishop Joceline—Additional Lands—Condition of Serfdom
  • Chapter XIII
    Establishment of the Burgh of Glasgow
  • Chapter XIV
    Early Streets and Buildings—Possessions of Religious Houses
  • Chapter XV
    Church Building—Bishop Joceline
  • Chapter XVI
    King William's Burghal Legislation
  • Chapter XVII
    Glasgow and Dumbarton—Royal Mint
  • Chapter XVIII
    Collection of the King's Customs
  • Chapter XIX
    Building of Glasgow Cathedral Resumed
  • Chapter XX
    Lands in the Barony of Glasgow and Bishopforest
  • Chapter XXI
    Arrival of the Friars
  • Chapter XXII
    Kings and Bishops—Cathedral Canons and Vicars
  • Chapter XXIII
    Burgh Court—Sales of Heritage—Bridge over Clyde—Steeple and Treasury of Cathedral—Taxation of Benefices
  • Chapter XXIV
    Transfers of Properties—St. Mary's Chapel—St. Enoch's Chapel —Monks' House
  • Chapter XXV
    National Calamities—War of Independence—Wallace and the Battle of the Bell o' the Brae—Bishop Wischart—English Occupation
  • Chapter XXVI
    Baronial Revenues—Appointments of Bishops—Charters by King Robert—Polmadie Hospital—Barlanark or Provand —Chapel of St. Thomas—Lost Seal—Manor of Lochwood
  • Chapter XXVII
    King Robert—Reign of King David and Episcopate of Bishop Rae —Temporalities of Bishopric — Bishopforest — Papal Registers — Endowments of Friars Preachers — Glasgow Bridge
  • Chapter XXVIII
    Reigns of Kings Robert II. and III.—Bishops Wardlaw and Glendonwyn—Duke of Albany—French Army—Burgesses —`Weekly Market—St. Mary's Chapel—Prebend of Glasgow Secundo—Robes, Ornaments, and Lights of Cathedral—Timber Steeple—Alienation of Cadder
  • Chapter XXIX
    Foreign Trade—Customs on Exports— Glasgow's Earliest Trading, Manufactures, and Industries
  • Chapter XXX
    Glasgow's Connection with Convention of Burghs—Dukes of Albany and King James I.—Bishop Lauder—Cathedral
  • Chapter XXXI
    Return of King James I.—His Legislation—Bishop Cameron—Cathedral and Castle—Archdeaneries and Prebends—Town Mill—Rentallers
  • Chapter XXXII
    Reign of James II.—Bishops Bruce and Turnbull—Market Customs—Freedom of St. Mungo—Barony and Regality
  • Chapter XXXIII
    Founding of the University of Glasgow
  • Chapter XXXIV
    Bishop Andrew de Durisdere—Vicars of the Choir—St. Nicholas Hospital
  • Chapter XXXV
    Friars Preachers of Glasgow and their Endowments
  • Chapter XXXVI
    The River Clyde and Foreign Trade—The Elphinstones in Glasgow—Election of Bailies and other Officers in Burghs
  • Chapter XXXVII
    Bishops Andrew "Muirhead" and John Laing—University Privileges—Friars Minlasgow Glasgow—Chapels of St. Thomas and St. Tenew—Chaplainries—Forfeiture of Unproductive Tenements
  • Chapter XXXVIII
    Kings James III. and IV.—Bishops Carmichael and Blacader —Archbishopric of Glasgow—Grant of Free Tron—Burgh Privileges—Lollards of Kyle
  • Chapter XXXIX
    Leper Hospital and Chapel and their Endowments—Endowments of other Chaplainries—Grammar Schools
  • Chapter XL
    Fergus Aisle in Cathedral—Rood Screen—Church of Little St. Kentigern—St. Nicholas Hospital—Church of St. Roche—Liners of the Burgh—Foreign Merchandise
  • Chapter XLI
    Population—Old Green—Feuing of Common Lands—Waulk Mill on Water of Kelvin—Linningshaugh—Skinners Green —Society of Fishers—Assize of Herring—Subdean's Mill —Fortified House in High Street—Lands of Gorbals, Cadder and Monkland
  • Chapter XLII
    Commercial Progress—Shipping—Acts of Parliament—Burgesses—Archbishops Blacader and Beaton—Regality and Diocesan Jurisdictions—King and Archbishop of St. Andrews—Rental Book of Barony Lands
  • Chapter XLIII
    Earls of Lennox—Manses of Govan and Renfrew—Battle of Flodden—Provosts-Depute—Altar of St. Christopher—Seal of Cause to Skinners and Furriers—Duke of Albany, Governor of Kingdom---Insurrectionary Movements—Siege of Archbishop's Castle
  • Chapter XLIV
    Archbishops Beaton and Dunbar—Custody of the King—Merchants and Foreign Trade—Clyde Shipping—Spread of "Heresies "—John Major, Theologian and Historian—Prebend of Barlanark or Provan—King's Visits to Glasgow—Court of Session
  • Chapter XLV
    Blacader's Hospital for Casual Poor—Collegiate Church of St. Mary and St. Anne
  • Chapter XLVI
    Bailieship of Regality—Earls of Lennox and Arran—Succession of Provosts—Bonds of Manrent—Craftsmen—Seals of Cause to Tailors, Weavers, and Hammermen—Acts of Parliament
  • Chapter XLVII
    Legislation Relating to Burghs—Accounting for Common Good —Sailing of Ships—Foundations of Religious Services—Song School—Spread of Reformed Doctrines—Martyrs
  • Chapter XLVIII
    Protocol Book for City Properties—Traffic on River Clyde—Liberties of Glasgow, Rutherglen and Renfrew—Tax Roll of Burghs
  • Chapter XLIX
    Disaster of Solway Moss—Beginning of Queen Mary's Reign—Earl of Arran, Regent and Governor—Insurrection of Lennox and Others—Siege of Bishop's Castle—Battle of the Butts—Additions to Castle
  • Chapter L
    Archbishops of St. Andrews and Glasgow—Their Rivalry—Archbishop Dunbar—Vicars-General during Vacant See—Archbishops Gordon and Beaton—Privilege of Sanctuary Claimed for Place of Blackfriars—Seals of Cause to Masons and Other Craftsmen
  • Chapter LI
    Mode of Election of Glasgow Magistrates—Royal Commission on Archbishop's Rights—Dues Claimed by Archbishop—Convention of Burghs
  • Chapter LII
    Privileges of Burghs—Liberties and Privilegestsmen—aftsmen—Deacons Discharged and Visitors Substituted—These Conditions Dispensed with—Trading in West Seas—Exactions on Herring Fishing—Summer Plays
  • Chapter LIII
    Early Council Record—Navigation of the River Clyde—University's Exemption from Taxes and Subsidies—Vicarage of Colmonell—Seal of Cause to Cordiners
  • Chapter LIV
    Duke of Chatelherault, Bailie of Regality—Protection to Archbishop —Progress of Reformation—Attacks on Churches and Monasteries—Treaty with England—Return of French Army—Departure of Archbishop Beaton—Meeting of Parliament
Volume II Volume III

The Old Ludgings of Glasgow Illustrated
By Thomas Lugton (1901) (pdf)

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