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American History
The Titanic
contributed by Lu Hickey, by John Andrew Howell

The Ark by Noah, was built very large
more perfect and safer than ever a barge.
It sailed over mountains, valleys and hills.
on top of Mount Ararat, it settled down still.

Its plan was so perfect and workmanship good
and built of fine lumber called gopher wood.
One year and ten days, Noah lived in the Ark,
then opened the door and his crew disembarked.

A ship built in England much greater in size
and built by fine workmen and men that was wise.
The first time it ever went out from the lee
proved greatest disaster e'er known on the seas.

Eight hundred eight-two and on-half feet its length
and ninety-two feet six inches its width.
Its height from the bottom of Captains house top
one hundred-five and seven inches summed up.

Twas built of fine lumber bolts, rivets and nails
the outside was dressed in a steel coat of mail.
Of double three-fourths of an inch solid steel
thus making one inch and a half solid steel.

The largest and finest ship built on the earth
affording its inmates much pleasure and mirth.
So free from all danger, it would surely be
the pride of the ocean, the queen of the sea.

This wonderful ship by the wisdom of men
intended for safety on sea as on land.
In case of a rupture or puncture or leak
sixteen steel partitions would shut it off quick.

Great engines were harnessed to give it its flight
with costly machinery to steer it aright,
with pilot rods going ahead in the sea
to signalize dangers, if any should be.

It was built at Southhampton at a very great cost.
And taken to Queenstown, the ocean to cross.
Its name was Titanic, most all persons know
its wireless news to all nations would go.

They sparing no labor, nor time, nor expense
from each marine danger they had a defense.
Now art against nature would surely prove best
and they were preparing to put it to the test.

The great men and nobles, the rich and the poor
with ladies and children, two thousand and more.
Queenstown fairly crowded, all neatly equipped
to form the first crew in this wonderful ship.

Two thousand-four hundred, how safe they would feel
the ship was so perfect and sheeted with steel.
Inspection pronounced it so perfect and strong
defying the icebergs, the waves and the storms.

The boatswain, the rigging had all to its place
the orchestra playing a welcome of grace
The flag of the ship on the breezes afloat
the pilot at compass, locating his course.

The firemen busy a'shoveling coal
the engineer ready the throttle to hold.
Conductor receiving a ticket of each
and stewards conveying them back to their seats.

Sails set for New York, the fourth month and tenth day
one thousand nine hundred and twelve so they say.
Few life boats were taken, no danger could be
the weather was fine and a clear open sea.

She started off slowly but soon gathered speed
of fast sailing vessels now taking the lead.
The captain so bravely was sailing for fame
just like the winged falcon pursuing his game.

The young folks enjoying the pleaseure of life
most woman would marry, each man wants a wife.
They reveling, gaming, and drinking their gin
All hopeful of life to three score and ten.

All kinds of allurements and dainties and drinks
saloons for the drunkards, for skaters a rink.
For gamblers a table, for dancers a hall
the devout Christians abstain from all.

Vain pleasures of life seemed the chief-test design
the heart full of mirth and the stomach full of wine.
Young men had their lovers, old men had their wives
the grandest excursion of all of their lives.

The wireless news spoke of icebergs at sea
the captain was fearless of small things as these.
King Solomon's wisdom the ships way knew not
Captain Smith had the dangers of iceberg forgot.

One says to the captain "you're sailing too fast,
contrary to the law of the sea that was passed.
His flight as the eagle his voice as the stork
"five days, must reach heaven or hell or New York

On April thirteenth, eleven at night
one thousand nine hundred and twelve, that is right.
She chanced to encounter an iceberg that be
just west of Newfoundland, in deepest of sea.

The ship was fast speeding but suddenly stopped
as though it had struck a great mountain of rock.
Machinery was ruined and oars broken off,
poor heartbroken sailors completely were bluffed.

The hard ice's protrusion the ships hull had been ripped through
close down the partitions was all they could do.
The unsinkable ship so unbreakable strong
its hull now was ripped fully fifty yards long.

The water poured in, a perpetual stream
thus causing a fatal explosion of steam.
Once bulkhead soon sinking, though much it had cost.
"My God, My God," engineer, "We all must be lost."

They wired for aid and soon got a reply
some sixty miles off was a ship passing by.
Who, got her location and said she would come
six hours though it took, to make the long run.

This spot has been fatal to seamen of your
here many were lost in an iceberg before.
On latitude fourty-on, fourty-six north
where longitude fifty and fourteen west cross

The lifeboats to women and children they'd give
men choosing death rather that woman should live.
Some women would cling to their husbands and cry
she clasped in his arms, together they would die.

Major Butt was a leader in loading life boats
and getting those ladies our carefully afloat.
He jokingly, bravely exclaiming so bold
to die for a woman I am not yet too old.

Nearly fifty shut up in the water tight room
while fifty boys went cheerfully to their doom.
While John Astor, regarding his life
but could not go out with his invalid wife.

Those ladies undressed to night clothing in bed,
so suddenly summoned to life boats instead.
Set out on the water this cool April night
thus leaving behind them their clothes in their flight.

One man with a dress on, stepped out with his wife
they thought him a lady, thus saving his life.
Wrapped up as a baby one saved her pet hog
and likewise another, her pet poodle dog.

Major Pichen left three hundred thousand in ship
with lucky stick pin and three oranges he skipped.
Was thrust by the captain in life boat to row
thus saving his life while his fortune sank low.

The life now loaded was all they could do
they not quite containing one third of the crew.
Sixteen hundred mortals must drink the death cup
The Atlantic Ocean must swallow them up.

Their lives for the lives of their loved ones, they gave
the dying their women and childrend to save.
Rehearsing the words of the Savior to men:
"Greatest love is one giving his life for his friend."

All means now exhausted of which they cound think
the ship fast was filling and shortly would sink.
Some weeping, some screaming, some saying their prayers.
they had but a moment for death to prepare.

The angel no doubt with an airship was there
sixteen hundrend spirits to God he must bear.
How many would meet him in peace, I cannot say
but all will be judge at the great judgement day.

The wireless new throughtout the nation it flew
proclaiming the fate of the Titanic crew.
In hundreds of dewllings for tears were no dearth
in country and city all over the earth.

A few miles away was a ship of some size
which could have responded and saved many lives.
The captain declined his excuse seemed to be
he had wired the warnings of icebergs at sea.

At one in the morning, near as I know
when hundreds jumped out in the ocean below.
The bow rising upward, its lights bright as noon
and then it shot downward like a harpoon.

The great Leviathan went down for to sleep
near two thousand fathoms the water was deep.
Three life boats too near, were drawn in by the suck.
Their crews were all lost on account of bad luck.

Those ladies in life boats some distance in sight
all viewing the last disappearance of light.
And hearing sweet music go down in the sea
The band play. "Nearer my God to thee."

The wireless news man jumped in for to drown
though finding a life boat there turned upside down.
Climbed up on its bottom with thirty strong men
in the water they stood 'till the relief boat came in.

And many wore life belts, all swiming so bold
but soon chilled to death as the water was cold.
One John Jacob Astor, who lost his life there
was worth 80 millions, a great millionaire.

The hundreds all screaming for life without hope
heart rending to mothers and wives in life boats.
But soon all were hushed and stillness began
the grim monster death had the victory won.

A horrible moment of course it would be
sixteen hundred mortals all doomed in the sea.
All strangling, drowning and soon were all dead.
Their bodies went down but their spirits all fled.

Carpathia from New York to Liverpool bound
the largest ship now on the sea is found.
Receiving the wireless news on her deck
turned sails for the place of the Titanic wreck.

At last in the distance bright lights came in to view
which brightened the hopes of the heart broken crew.
They lighted some papers and held up a sign
thus causing Carpathia those lost ones to find.

At five A.M day break, Carpathia arrived
seven hudred and fourty and five were alive.
Poor heart broken ladies so chilled at the time
But three that were able to the ladder to climb.

The Titanic's builder stepped in on the floor
and into the office and locking the door
but leaving a note for the public to see
OH!! "Please do not call, do not call upon me."

With strong arms those ladies were carried on board,
and given the best care that they could afford.
Three ladies in life boats were already dead
three died on the way to New York, it is said.

Praise God for Carpathia, officials and crews
by her, through His mercy he saved this great few.
And wirelss news, for it worked like a charm
regardless of distance, spread wide the alarm...

The beach of the Hudson was crowded to see
the great ship, Carpathia, come in from the sea.
And hear the sad story of those that survived.
erach hoping his friends were remaining alive.

Carpathia, at once to New York would repair
free doctors, free nurses, free clothing were there.
Large sums made up ready to aid the distressed
arriving at once they were cared for and dressed.

A great inquisition at New York was heard
to learn of the casuality and how it occurred.
The ship, it was running at too great a speed
its hull was rent by the sudden impede.

Surviors remember this Titaninc trip
and never trust wholly to strength of a ship
It cost them ten millions to build her so grand
two miles under water she lies in the sand.

Her crew it was many but once more she lacked
had Jesus been in her, she would have not cracked.
No doubt that he stood at the door and knocked
but was not thought needed and did not embarke.

This great international disturbance marine
the greates ship wreck that was ever seen.
Its tremors were left faraway on the sphere
and witnessed in thousands of dwellings by tears.



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