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Alberta, Past and Present, Historical and Biographical
By John Blue, B.A. (1924)


The design of this work is to give a readable and comprehensive view of the history of Alberta from the earliest times. The author has divided the history of the province into three periods. The first period will cover the early explorations and rule of the Fur Traders. The second period concerns rival fur companies, the Selkirk Purchase, etc.-1811-1821. The third period, which in many ways is the most wonderful of all, deals with the events since 1821—tells the story of the marvelous transformation of the Great Lone Land into the rich and populous Alberta of today.

The story is one of intense and instructive interest to the student of Canadian history. To trace the development of the political institutions of the newest province of the Dominion and compare it with the development of similar institutions in the older provinces of Canada, is an interesting study in comparative politics and highly illustrative of the manner in which responsible government grows in free communities.

The wonderful material development of the province since it was opened for settlement is a story of enthralling interest. Less than fifty years ago the Blackfeet and the Crees roamed the plains and camped on the sites of the principal cities of the province. They hunted the buffalo and the antelope over the unploughed acres that now comprise the farms and homesteads of half a million people. Elk and deer by thousands found shelter in the foot-hills and mountain passes where now scores of mining towns and villages prosper and flourish. Less than fifty years ago there was not a mile of railway between the Red River and the Rocky Mountains. Today there are over six thousand miles of railway in the province of Alberta alone, connected with all the great transcontinental systems of Canada and the United States. Men traveled by dog sleighs, canoes or Red River carts. The only civilized persons who had penetrated the Great Lone Land were the Hudson's Bay traders, the hunters and trappers, the missionaries and the prospectors on their way to the gold diggings of Yale and Caribou.

Today there are nearly three-quarters of a million of a population within the area that now comprises the province. Many of the old Indian trails have been surveyed and have become permanent highways. The people have schools and churches; colleges and universities; municipal institutions; thousands of miles of telephone communication; banks and great commercial and trading houses. The province, through its vast resources and the energy of its people—drawn from the great races of the world—is rapidly becoming a powerful factor in the commercial and political life of the Dominion of Canada.

The story of this wonderful transformation is worthy of record. An earnest attempt has been made by the author and the publishers to present the great mass of facts with a sense of their due proportion and ultimate value as the true material of history. The author has had the advantage of a long residence in Western Canada, and has had the resources of the Provincial Library at Edmonton, the library of the University of Alberta at his disposal, as well as the excellent collection of Canadiana in the possession of Hon. Dr. A. C. Rutherford, the first Premier of Alberta. Many valuable suggestions have been received from the Officers of the Alberta Historical Society, and from many of the old-timers to whom the rapid development of the last few years is more make a dream than the natural events of history.



[Electric Scotland Note: We had hoped to bring you a great new educational advertising project to bring you information about Alberta of today and had communication with Cindy Ady, Minister for Tourism, Parks and Recreation, Ms. Noelle Aune, Executive Director of Media, Public Relations & e-Marketing and Chris Lamb, Director of e-Marketing.  Chris Lamb told me that it was considered and was to have gone ahead but due to a last minute cut in the advertising budget they had to pull out at the last minute. We are obviously sorry about this as it would have been the first of its kind advertising as the Media company, Rare Method, told me they had some 88 articles ready to go and their Andrew Forrin was quite excited about the prospects.]


Volume 1

First Period 1751 - 1811

Second Period 1811 - 1821

  • Chapter III
    Rival Fur Companies—Selkirk Purchase— Names of Chief Factors—Chief Traders

Third Period 1821 - 1824

[Electric Scotland Note: We've made available the biographies of any Scots in these 2 biographical volumes but we've made the whole list available in the event anyone wants to know if a relation is included. Note also that is was not possible to identify all Scots from the biographies due to lack of information so it's possible we missed a few. I do note with interest that some that we can't identify as Scottish were raised in very Scottish areas such as Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia and also went to Scottish founded universities. Quite a few also went into business with other Scots. Where we thought someone was of Scots descent but it doesn't make it clear in the biography we have searched the web for any reference and if we found it we've included them here.]

Volume 2 - Biographical
[Note: some 25+% of the biographies in this volume are Scots or people of Scots descent thus showing the impact that Scots had on the Province of Alberta.]

Hon. Alexander Cameron Rutherford, K. C., LL. D.
Herbert Greenfield
Hon. Alex Ross
Hon. Charles Wilson Cross
Joseph H. Ross
Harry Austin Driggs
George William Kerby, B. A., D. D.
Colonel Frederick Charles Jamieson
Percy W. Abbott
Hon. P. Edmond Lessard
Joseph J. Duggan
Rev. James McCaffrey
Arthur H. Russell, K. C.
Samuel H. Adams, B. A., K. C.
Stephen Dillingham
John Darley Harrison, M. D.
H. Spencer Kerby, D. S. C., A. F. C.
Walter Huckvale
William Grant Carpenter
Edwin A. McBain
Ernest W. Coffin, B. A., PH. D.
Kenneth A. McLeod
Hon. William Asbury Buchanan
Mrs. Emily Ferguson Murphy
Wilfred B. Browne
William Duncan Livingston Hardie
Joseph Gillis, B. A.
Alexander Hannah
Charles R. Morrison
Adam H. Esch
James Hossack Woods
Clemens H. Grunert, V. S.
Frank W. Russell
Hon. Jeremiah W. Heffernan, K. C., M. P. P.
James F. Adamson, M. D.
William Laurie
Norman Montague Plummer
Theodore Brandley
Charles W. Leonard
Ephram Harker
Reginald Cumberlay Day, B. A.
Brigadier General John Smith Stewart
Hon. Nicholas Du Bois Dominic Beck
Barney W. Collison
Robert A. Maitland Cook, M. D.
J. A. Carswell
William N. Condell, M. D.
Albert W. Fraser
W. Dixon Craig
John F. Fowler
Joseph Ward Turner
Vincent I. Stewart
John Walter
David Burton Emeno
George C. M. Boothe
Alfred J. N. Terrill
W. W. Gould
James B. Corbet
Simpson James Shepherd, K. C.
William Montgomery Chandler
Cavallo W. Rickerd
Edward N. Barker
Rev. David G. McQueen, D. D., LL. D.
Edward H. Maunsell
Thomas H. Whitelaw, B. A., M. B.
A. Clark Bury
Hon. John A. Jackson
Frank G. Stanley
John William Hugill, K. C., D. C. L., LL. B.
John MacKenzie
Thomas P. Greentree
J. A. Blezard, M. D., C. M.
Charles Lavelle Willis
Hon. Andrew Robert McLennan, M. P. P.
John Thomas Bateman
Ralph Victor Bellamy, M. A.
Samuel B. Ferris
David Horton Elton
Robert Benjamin Burland
T. Gilbert Onsum
John Keith
James Rae, Sr.
Samuel Archibald Dickson
Thomas C. Milnes
Alexander Gillespie, M. D.
Alphonsus Lannan, B. A., LL. B.
Joseph Andrew Clarke
Crammond R. Morton
William C. MacKay
Charles E. K. Cox
Walter Stuart Galbraith, M. D., C. M.
Reginald Harry Brett, M. D.
Curt P. M. Smith
Rev. Henry Goutier
A. Blair Paterson, LL. D.
G. L. Williamson, M. D.
John Callaghan
William Henderson
Carleton G. Sheldon
Peter M. Campbell, M. D.
Captain Frederick L. Shouldice
E. N. Hallock.
Walter Ramsay
James Shouldice
William Alexander Wells, B. A.
P. F. Smith, M. D.
Heber S. Allen
Levi Webster
A. Gladstone Virtue
Arthur W. Challand
Richard A. Pilling
Philip Quesnel, M. D.
John Montgomerie-Bell
Walter G. Ross
W. J. Bartlett
David Ritchie
Donald C. McEachern
Michael Hogan
William Short
John Herron
Henry Austin Chadwick
James May
Salton McGibbon, M. D.
George Bligh O'Connor, K. C.
Eugene E. Chandler
R. G. Douglas, M. D.
Rev. R. Lorne McTavish
Norman R. Blue
John M. Miller
William E. Bryans, M. D.
Francis Stacy McCall
Father Louis C. Walravens
Thomas Longworth
William C. Wood
John Collison, M. D.
James Stanley Kirkham
Harry Havelock Robertson, K. C.
William George Niblock
Ambrose B. Singleton, M. D.
Fred A. Keillor, M. D.
George M. Gibson, M. D.
W. J. Huntingford
Right Rev. Clement Hoyler
Harold Hargreaves
George E. Hayward
William J. Jackson
George B. MacKay
Ernest Victor Robertson
William G. Way
John D. Higinbotham, J. P.
J. D. and H. N. Stephens
Joseph Hare Mercer
Leighton C. Conn, M. B., C. M., F. A. C. S.
Benjamin F. Olsen
Edwin H. Jones
Alfred Fletcher Carrothers
Grover Cleveland Duncan
John McGregor Campbell
Tilley Strang Tupper, M. D.
Clyde A. Hook
Father Thomas P. Murphy
Robert Taylor Telford
James P. McCormick, M. D.
Malcolm Campbell McCannel, C. A.
Frederick M. Oldham
Gilbert M. Atkin, M. D.
William H. Ripley
H. G. Hoare, D. D. S.
Father Henry Grandin, O. M. I.
Owen Williams
Maurice L. Brown
Hugh B. Brown
William Pearce
H. Milton Martin
David Johnson Grier
Alexander H. Goodwin, D. D. S.
Rev. Alexander McTaggart
Norman T. Beeman, M. D.
Rev. E Pierce Goulding
Leslie C. Cox
John McNeill
Albert L. Wood
Hjaldermar Ostlund, K. C.
Leverett George Deveber, M. D.
William E. Hay
Howard Havelock Hepburn, M. D., C. M.
John A. Reid, M. D.
Frank Brown
Rev. Christopher Carruthers
Geoffrey G. Lafferty
Samuel Augustus Gordon Barnes
Dick A. Taylor, M. D.
Charles Edward Shaw
Joseph Montalbetti
Rev. Joseph Lebris
Andrew Michelsen
Henry George Morris
Harry Clinton Yuill
Austin De B. Winter
Howard B. MacDonald
Richard Wallace
Michael Joseph Gallagher
Aubrey S. Tuttle, D. D.
Richard Parsons, M. D.
Arthur Charles Lewis Adams, LL. B.
Ernest A. Sharman
John Stanley Wray, M. D.
Rt. Rev. Henry Allen Gray, D. D.
Cecil Ethelbert Race
Samuel S. Dunham
John M. Millar
Arthur Melville Scott, B. A., PH. D.
John James Dunn
James H. Hadfield
Loring Harrison Putnam
Rev. Michael J. O'Gorman
Walter Edward Pitcher
Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Redman, LL. B.
Isaiah Willis McArdle
Father Ivor J. E. Daniel
Clive A. Staples, M. D.
Walter F. Monkman, D. D. S.
William Mather
The Most Rev. Henry Joseph O'Leary, D. D., J. C. P., Ph, D,, LL. D.
John Craig Brokovski, LL. B., K. C.
Hugh Calais MacDonald, K. C., LL. B.
Oliver Boyd, M. P.
Rev. Canon W. G. James
Hon. George Hedley Vicars Bulyea, B. A., LL D.
John W. Evans
John Pilling
Harold Grant Mavesyn Nyblett, M. D.
Right Rev. Thomas Marie
Edward Ainslie Braithwaite, M. D,, L. M., C. C.
Louis A. Roy, M. D.
A. Blais, M. D.
Henry A. Meredith
Harry G. Taylor, M. D.
Alfred L. Bessey
Cecil Stanley Mahood, M. D.
John Perrie
Joseph Little
Charles Egan
John Walter McDonald, K. C.
Patrick Harcourt-O'Reilly, B. A.
John H. Fleetwood
Jonathan E. Bagley
Dr. A. T. Turner and Dr. G. C. Wagner
Peter J. Breen
Asa H. Gibson
Edward Windham Burley
Joseph E. Hodgson
Percy L. Sanford
Charles Broughton Bowman
Miles Kennedy
Henry Dickie, M. A., D. D.
J. E. Lambert
Alexander Scott Dawson, B. A. Sc.
Everett Hobart Reed, M. D.
Norman E. Carruthers
John Edward Brownlee
J. E. Carmichael, M. D.
William A. Hamilton
George B. Davies
Richard Duthie
Josephus F. Philip
Hon. James Duncan Hyndman
G. Frank Butler
Thomas S. Gregson
William Thomas Ogden
William Victor Newson, B. A., M. Sc.
William James Loggie
Bertram S. Smith
Bernard R. Mooney, M. D.
George H. Hutton
Edgar William Allin, M. D., C. M.
Marion L. Stoddard
Norman K. Luxton
Everett Thomas Love
William Crawford
David L. Dick, M. D.
Frank Beattie
Warren W. Prevey
Lewis Stockett
Hon. Perren E. Baker, B. A., M. P. P.
Colin G. Gruff
William John Simpson, M. D.
Robert B. C. Thomson, M. D.
Donald MacKie
Dawson Graham, M. D., C. M.
Alfred Chard
Christian Jensen
William David Spence
Byard Smith
William Morley Seller
Herbert E. Kelley
Murray H. Lister
William Lewis Thompson
Vernon Smith Shaw
W. Ernest Payne
Malcolm E. Thornton
William Oliver
Roy W. Henry
Hugh J. Montgomery
James H. Dowdell
Alfred M. Peters
Arthur K. Whiston
H. G. Mortson
J. D. Oliver Mothersill
Herbert L. Cunningham
Albert Palmer Corey Belyea, B. Sc.
Maurice Mathew O'Brien
Major Alexander Boswell Stafford
Richard P. Blakey, F. R. I. B. A.
Rev. Robert H. Leitch, PH. B.
Alexander Galbraith
John Jeremiah O'Connor, LL. B.
Harry Nelson
Charles E. Coleman, M. D.
Frank Coffin
Joseph Olivier, M. D.
Peter Edwin Graham
Charles G. Robson
Andrew Frankland Anderson, M. D.
Walter Lewis Veness
Andrew Gilmour
Frederick F. Harker
Chauncey E. Snow
Robert B. Wells, M. D.
Arthur George Baalim
John Thomson Stirling
Thomas Henry Blow, M. D.
J. Roy Drysdale, B. A., LL. B.
Alfred Weller Girvin, M. D., C. M.
James McGavin
Frederick William Lundy
Morton Eldred Hall, M. D.
Howard W. Reeves
J. W. Weir.
John A. McPherson, M. D.
Peter A. Wintemute
Michael Copps Costello, M. D., C. M.

Volume 3 - Biographical
[Note: some 25+% of the biographies in this volume are Scots or people of Scots descent thus showing the impact that Scots had on the Province of Alberta.]


Adams, H. K.
Allen, A. M.
Anderson, E. W.
Anderson, I. B. Anderson,
Johannas Armitage, H. B.
Ashcraft, J. H.
Atkinson, W. A.
Audy, L. G.


Bain, C. E.
Baldwin & Hurlburt
Barton, W. O.
Bates, O. E.
Bawden, I. W.
Beddard, F. A.
Beebe, W. A.
Bishop, E. S.
Blain, A. Y.
Blair, H. A.
Blakey, W. G.
Boon, C. W.
Botteley, T. B. D.
Bottom, W. H.
Bowker, James
Bown, J. C. P.
Bowness, E. W.
Boyce, J. F.
Braden, H. O.
Bradshaw, B. W.
Brankley, W. L.
Brett, H. G.
Brown, J. E.
Brown, James B.
Brown, W. O.
Browning, A. G.
Bruner, P. C.
Buchanan, J. M.
Burgess, J. K.
Burley, A. E.
Burnett, W. B.
Busselle, A. W.
Butler, J. L.
Buxton, Joseph


Calder, David
Calder, Malcolm
Cameron, A. R.
Cameron, A. H.
Campbell, A. M.
Card, J. V.
Carlyle, P. P.
Carnill, William
Carroll, C. W.
Carstairs, W. F. W.
Carter, J. M.
Casselman, F. C.
Cautley, H. H.
Chapman, C. H.
Chapman, W. C.
Christie, V. V.
Clark, J. A.
Clarke, G. A.
Collins, H. L.
Conn, H. W.
Connolly, C. F.
Connor, E. L.
Coombs, M. A.
Cooper, S. R. P.
Cottingham, H. H.
Coulter, H. S.
Coutts, T. H.
Cowan, J. D.
Craig, G. W.
Craig, M. A.
Craig, W. H.
Crawford, H. H.
Crawford, J. L.
Cross, A. A.
Crump, E. D.


Davies, Richard
Dawson, H. M.
Decker, H. S.
Deery, Daniel
Dehong, E. W.
de Rosenroll, A. S.
Dinning, H. J.
Dixon, William
Dorman, J. A.
Douglas, Howard
Dower, J. D.
Downer, F. W.
Driscoll, Alfred
Drumheller, Samuel
Drummond, L. E.
Duce, Thomas
Duff, D. A.
Duggan, D. M.
Duggan, J. I.
Dunn, D. J.
Dutil, Louis
Dutka, Michael


Ebbett, A. W.
Egbert, W. O.
Eghert, William
Ellert, J. P.
Elwin, G. N.
English, T. F.
Esdale, Mathew
Evans, H. M. E.
Evans, W. P.


Fancy, F. L.
Farquharson, W. O.
Faulds, Robert
Field, C. W.
Filer, P. K.
Finlay, W. T.
Fond, C. J.
Forster, M. L.
Frame, J. W.
Francis, H. C.
Francis, R. B.
Fraser, J. E.
Fraser, Jesse
Freeland, H. L.
Freeman, Manfred
French, V. C.
Frizzell, H. E.
Frizzle, R. J.
Furgeson, H. W.


Gale, G. H.
Galland, Arthur
Gardiner, W. H. H.
Geggie, C. O,.
Ghostley, H. C.
Gibbons, James
Gordon, Charles
Gordon, George
Gordon, M. L.
Gouge, Jesse
Gowda, Michael
Gray, G. C.
Gray, T. H.
Green, B. W.
Green, G. W.
Greig, R. W.
Grubh, W. B.


Hall, J. R.
Halpin, C. B.
Hanna, W. J.
Hanson, J. A.
Harden, C. J.
Hardy, William
Harker, Levi
Harris, W. M.
Harrison, W. G.
Hart, W. R .
Head, J. J.
Heagle, Everard A. and Bros.
Heagie, H. A.
Hegler, H. S.
Henderson, W. H.
Henderson, William
Henry, T. W. E.
Henry W. T.
Hewgill, W. H.
Heywood, J. A.
Hick, Fred
Higgins, Alfred
Hill, H. L.
Hoadley, George
Hogg, H. S.
Holden, J. T.
Holden, J. O. H.
Holman, G. A.
Holmes, C. U.
Hope, G. J.
Home, C. W. H.
Home, Fairfield
Horne, W. L.
Howatt, D. D.
Howatt, I. B.
Hudson, G. F.
Hunt, J. D.
Hynes, W. T.


Imrie, J. M.
Irvine, J. A.


Jack, Gavin
Jamieson, A. E.
Jamieson, C. V.
Jennings, M. H.
Johnson, J. P.
Johnson, I. L.
Johnston, J. P.
Jones, H. W.
Jones, James
Jordan, A. O.
Juhlin, J. L.


Kelly, J. I.
Knott, J. H.


Laidlaw, Lorne
Lally, C. T.
Lamb, J. H.
Lamb, W. V.
Lang Brothers
Lansdown, Frank
La Rose, Ludovic
Lawton, Benjamin
Layton, S. J.
Leech, G. W.
LePage, Avila
Little, J. A.
Logan, H. T.
Lougheed, Isaac
Low, Sylvester
Lowther, J. S.
Lymburn, J. F.
Lynn, H. W.


McCaffrey, J. P.
McCall, J. F.
McCarthy, Charles
McCauley, A. J. H.
McClary, P. F.
McCoppen, S. J.
McCormick, J. S.
McDermid, F. G.
McDonald, J. C.
McDonald, M. V.
McEachern, I. W. T.
McGill, G. A.
Mcllmoyle, Z.
McInnis, H. L.
McIntosh, D. S.
McIntosh, J.R.
McIntyre, M. A.
McKay, A. M.
McKay, R. S.
McKernan, J. W.
McLeod, F. H.


Macaulay, D. A.
Macbeth, Hugh
Macdonald, George
MacDonald, G. H.
MacDonald, J. C.
MacDonald, J. K.
MacDonald, J. P.
MacDonald, T. F.
MacDonald, W. H.
MacEachern, Duncan
Macfarlane, W. G.
MacKay, D. W.
MacKenzie, D. G.
Mackenzie, W. J.
Macklim, J. E.
MacWilliams, A. C.
Magrath, W. J.
Mahaffy, Albert
Mahaffy, J. J.
Malcolm, John
Martin, David
Martland, John
Mason, A. B.
Matkin, H. J.
Mayhood, F. H.
Mayland, A. U.
Meek, V. M.
Meeks, J. H.
Mellish, J. L.
Mercer, Ammon
Miller, J. O.
Miller, W. F.
Millican, W. J.
Milligan, A. J.
Mitchel], C. _A.
Mitchell, J. W.
Morehouse, H. W.
Morrison, F. A.
Murray, W. H.
Mustard, H. F.


Naismith, P. L.
Nash, H. H.
Naylor, George
Nelson, J. A., Sr.
Nelson, S. W.
Nicol, G. S.
Nolan, P. J.
Norquay, Alexander
Norstrant, J. G.


O'Callaghan, R. H. L.
Odell, W. H.
Ormond, David
O'Rourke, H. L.
Orr, J. S.
Ouimette, W. L.


Pardee, E. C.
Parrish, J. F.
Paterson, R. J. R.
Patriquin, H. O.
Patton, William
Paul, J. K.
Pawling, H. Y.
Pearson, J. L.
Pelton, G. V.
Pennefather, P. W.
Pescod, H. G.
Pincott, R. W.
Poffenroth, J. C.
Porritt, C. J.
Potter, A. H.
Prettie, R. D


Quinton, Bert


Ragan, W. J.
Ramsey, James
Ransford, Henry
Raver, C. A.
Reader, W. B.
Redmond, W. C.
Reed, C. H.
Reid, C. J.
Reid, John
Reid, R. G.
Rendall, Archie
Rendall, H. J.
Richardson, J. W.
Ririe, J. B.
Roberts, J. G.
Robertson, R. D.
Robinson, James
Rooney, H. A.
Ross, Allan
Roy, H. J.
The Royal Crown Soaps, Ltd.
Rushton, H. L.
Rusk, J. C.
Russell, C. H.
Ryan, Denis


St. Germain, Omer
Salmon, M. C.
Sanders, G. E.
Sargent, S. J.
Saunders, H. P.
Sexsmith, Marston
Sharpe, E. M.
Shaw, F. D.
Shaw, Harvey
Shearer, R. L.
Shera, .J. W.
Sherlock, R. E.
Sibbald, H. E.
Simpson, H. W.
Sinclair A. M.
Skelding, George
Slight, F. J.
Smailes, Frederick
Smart, James
Smith, Alexander
Smith, E. M.
Smith, J. S.
Smith, V. W.
Smith, W. D.
Spackman, W. H.
Spalding, J. W.
Sparks, E. M.
Spencer, Mark
Stack, L. H.
Staples, M. H.
Staples, R. H.
Staiky, J. B.
Stedman, T. H.
Steed, W. H.
Stevenson, T. H.
Stickle, W. A.
Stocks, John
Strong, O. F.
Stutchhury, Howard
Sutherland, W. H.


Tait. Harry
Tanner, H. P.
Taylor, H. C.
Terrill, J. E.
Terrill, S. N.
Thompson. F. A.
Thompson, T. S.
Thompson, W. .J.
Thomson, E. D. C.
Tracy, F. W.
Trimble, A. H.


Upton, W. W.


VanTighem, J. L.


Walker, J. G.
Walker, Thomas
Walsh, L. A.
Warner, W. C.
Washburn, H. T.
Weaver, C. V.
Webb, Arthur
Weber, L. A.
Welliver, R. B.
Whittaker, H. F.
Willson, J. D.
Wilson, .J. M.
Wilson, James
Wilson, Margaret J.
Wilson, W. A.
Woodland, G. H.
Woods, Roberts
Woolf, DeVoe
Woolf, Martin
Wright, C. A.
Wright, J. A.
Wright, H. A.

Taken from Fraser's Annual 1900

Books by John McDougall

John McDougall was born in 1842 in Sydenham, Upper Canada to George and Elizabeth McDougall. George McDougall was a Scottish Methodist missionary and, as a result, John grew up attending mission schools and learning to speak Ojibwa and Cree. He wrote several books about his life growing up in Alberta and you can read his books here!

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