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Scottish Families

Gregory Lauder-FrostProfessional genealogist Gregory Lauder-Frost has built up an extensive database, entitled Scottish Families, some of which are traced down to the present day. Currently with around 35,000 names, including extensive notes and references, work on this has been continuing for over five years. It is...

"Impressive and daunting - money well spent."
Wyn Evans, Houston, Texas.

The Earl of Lauderdale

This data-base is essential for serious researchers of Scottish genealogy. Everyone in this database is in some way connected to everyone else, either by blood, marriage, or direct or indirect descent. There are, for instance, many descendants of Robert the Bruce and other Scots of royal blood of that period, and many descendants of the Plantagenets. Interested parties should not be deterred by this as thousands of quite ordinary people can often trace their families back to the aristocracy in Scotland. The decreasing population as each century is covered, and the endless intermarriage, makes all things possible. Some families are traceable from very early on until the 20th century. Also, most entries will have details of sources. If they are not in the notes for the individual they will be at the earliest ancestor of that family. Mr. Lauder-Frost is happy to answer all queries by Email from purchasers.

For those who purchase they may do so by credit card over a secure connection or cheque. It is currently available in GEDCOM format, which will slot in to most quality family tree programmes, or may be read as a text file. This may currently be sent via Email, or CDRom for £45 incl p & p. As many thousands of hours of research and input have gone into this database, purchasing for just over 2 hours work is an extreme bargain!

Electric Scotland Comment: Gregory has been a regular contributor of articles to Electric Scotland for many years and lends us books from his vast library to OCR in for you to read on the site. We can certainly vouch for his professionalism and recommend his product.

Visit 1st Roots to read more and to order the CD

List of Surnames in the database include:

Abercrombie, Abercromby, Aberdeen, Aberdein, Abernethy, Aboyne, Abrial, Acheson, Adair, Adam, Adams, Adamson, Adinston, Adinstone, Adinstoun, Agnew, Ainslie, Aitken, Aitkyn, Albany, Alder, Alessandro, Alexander,Alington, Alison, Allanson, Allardice, Allardyce, Allen, Ambrosia, Anderson, Andrew, Andrews, Angus, Anjou, Annandale, Anstruther, Antrim, Apsley, Aquitaine, Aragon, Arbnuthnot, Arbuthnot, Arden, Argyll, Armour, Armstrong, Armstrong-Jones, Arnasson, Arnot, Arpad, Arundale, Arundell, Ashburnham, Ashe, Askew-Robertson, Atheling, Athlone, Atholl, Atkinson, Auchinlech, Auchinleck, Auchmuttie, Austria, Aychmuttie, Ayton, Aytoun, Babington, Babthorpe, Bailie, Baillie, Baillie-Hamilton, Bain, Baird, Balfour, Balliol, Balloun, Balmerino, Bannatine, Bannatyne, Barclay, Bardolf, Bargany, Bargeny, Barker, Barlow, Barney, Barrington, Barton, Barwick, Basset, Bateman, Bathurst, Bavaria, Baxter, Bayfield, Bayley, Beaton, Beattie, Beauclerk, Beaufort, Beaumont, Bechenoe, Bedingfield, Bell, Bellenden, Bellingham, Bennet, Bennett, Bentinck, Berenger, Beresford, Berkeley, Bertie, Best, Bethune, Betoun, Bingham, Binney, Binning, Binning-Home, Bisset, Bisshopp, Blackadder, Blackett, Blackstock, Blackwell, Blair, Bligh, Blount, Bogie, Bohemia, Bolster, Bomford, Bonar, Bonespoir, Bontine, Booth, Borthwick, Boswell, Bothwell, Boultbee, Bourchier, Bovey, Bower, Bowes, Bowes-Lyon, Boyd, Boye, Boyle, Brabant, Bragg, Brandon, Breakspear, Brecknell, Brett, Brewin, Bridgeman, Bridges, Brienne, Briggs, Brisbane, Brisben, Brodie, Brodrick, Bromflete, Brougham, Broun, Brown, Browne, Brownlow, Bruce, Brudenell, Brudenell-Bruce, Bryant, Bryce, Buchan, Buchanan, Buckle, Buckson, Budd, Buller, Bulwer, Burdett, Burges, Burgess-Lamb, Burgundy, Burke, Burleigh, Burlton, Burnett, Burrell, Burridge, Burrows, Bute, Butler, Butler-Madden, Button, Byrnand, Byron, Cadwallader, Cairncross, Cairnes, Caldcleuch, Caldecott, Calderwood, Call, Calliphronas, Cambridge, Cameron, Camoys, Campbell, Campbell-Hooke, Campden, Campvere, Candler, Cant, Capel, Capell, Capet, Cardny, Carew, Carey, Carmichael, Carnegie, Carpenter, Carr, Carreboris, Carrick, Carruthers, Carson, Carteret, Cass, Cassillis, Castile, Cathcart, Cavendish, Cayley, Cecil, Chalmers, Champagne, Chandler, Chapman, Charlton, Charpentier, Charteris, Chatto, Chaworth, Cheape, Cheese, Chein, Chene, Cherlton, Chester, Chetwode, Cheyne, Chichester, Childe, Chisholm, Chitty, Cholmeley, Cholmley, Cholmondeley, Christie, Church, Churchill, Clappertoun, Clark, Clarke, Clarke-Wellwood, Claude, Clavering, Clay, Cleland, Clephane, Clerk, Clifford, Clifton, Clinton, Cloete, Clutterbuck, Cochrane, Cockayne, Cockburn, Cockerell, Coffin, Coke, Col.Johnson, Colclough, Coleman, Colles, Collins, Collinson, Collison, Colquhoun, Colville, Colyear, Comyn, Congalton, Congiltoun, Connor, Constable, Cook, Cookson, Cooper, Coote, Corbeil, Corbett, Cornwall, Coulson, Coulthart, Courcy, Courtenay, Coventry, Cox, Craig, Craigie-Halkett, Craigston, Craik, Cranstoun, Craufurd, Craw, Crawford, Crawfurd, Creichton, Creighton, Crichton, Crichton-Stuart, Croatia, Crompton, Crosbie, Cruden, Culme, Cumin, Cuming, Cumming, Cummins, Cunliffe, Cunningham, Cunninghame, Cunynghame, Curie, Curle, Curzon, Cust, Cuthbert, Dacre, d'Alaix, Dale, Dalgarn, Dalgleish, Dallas, Dalling, Dalmahoy, Dalmer, Dalrymple, Dalrymple-Hamilton, Dalyell, Dalzell, d'Amory, Dand, Daniell, Danielston, Dankelman, D'Arboine, Darwin, Dashwood, d'Audibert, Davidson, Davie, Davies, Davis, Davy, Davys, Dawkins, Dawson, Day, de Audley, de Beaumont, de Berenger, de Borthwick, de Bourbon, de Brackel, de Brantes, de Bruce, de Burgh, de Clare, de Claromonte, de Coligny, de Coppet, de Courcy, de Eresby, de Fortibus, de Franquetot, de Gledstanes, de Gonzague, de Haga, de Hastings, de Jersey, de Keith, de la Pole, de la Rue, de la Tour, de la Tremouille, de Lacy, de Landells, de Lavedre, de Lawedre, de Lombe, de Longuemarre, de Loval, de Lusignan, de Massillan, de Menzies, de Mohun, de Montmorency, de Mortimer, de Mowbray, de Poelnitz, de Polignac, de Raleigh, de Raymond, de Rezin, de Rham, de Rodes, de Rohan, de Rupa, de Salviati, de Swinton, de Thirlestane, de Tiptoft, de Vere, de Vermandois, de Warenne, de Warrene, de Warrenne, de Wattines, de Winter, Denmark, Derby, Derdire, Devereux, Devon, Dewar, D'Ewes-Granville, Dick, Dickson, Digby, Dillon, Dischington, Dobbs, Don, Donaldson, Dormer, Douglas, Douglas-Scott, Dowbiggin, Down, Downing, Dreux, Drummond, Drummond-Ker, Drummond-Willoughby, Drury, Duckell, Dudingston, Dudley, Duff, Dumfries, Dun, Dunbar, Duncan, Dundas, Dunlop, Dunning, Durham, Durie, Dyer, Edenborough, Edgar, Edgcumbe, Edgeworth, Edingtoun, Edmondstone, Edmondstoun, Edmonston, Edmonstone, Edmonstoun, Edward, Egerton, Eglinton, Elibank, Elix, Elizabeth, Ellem, Elliot, Elliott, Ellis, Elphinston, Elphinstone, Elphinstone-Fleming,Epieres, Errol, Erskine, Erth,Evans, Eyre, Fairfax, Fairholme, Fairlie, Falconer, Fallow, Falsyde, Farmer, Farnie, Farquharson, Farrer, Fassingdon, Fawsyde, Feilden, Fellowes,Ferguson, Ferrar, Ferrier, Ffolliott, Fife, Finch, Findlater, Finlay, Fitzalan, Fitzgerald, Fitz-Gibbon, Fitz-Gilbert, Fitzmaurice, Fitzroy, Fitzsimmons, Fitzwilliam, Flanders, Fleming, Fletcher, Flood, Floyer, Forbes, Ford, Forman, Forrest, Forrester, Forsyth, Fortescue, Fortesque, Fortune, Foster, Fotheringham, Foulis, Fowler, France, Fraser, Frazer, Freame, Freeland, French, Frend, Frendraught, Frost, Fuller, Fullerton, Fullerton-Lindsay, Fullerton-Lindsay-Carnegie, Furman, Gage, Gages, Gairden, Gall, Galloway, Galton, Gamon, Gardiner, Gardyne, Garnet, Garnett, Garneys, Garstin, Gascoigne, Gascoyne, Gavestone, Gavin, Gemmill, Gengall, Geoghegan, Gerard, German, Gibbs, Gibson, Gibson-Maitland, Gibson-Wright, Giffard, Gifford, Gilbert, Girvan\Gevane, Gladstanes, Gladstone, Gladstones, Glasreth, Gledstaines, Gledstanes, Glen, Glendinwyn, Glendonwyn, Glengall, Glenurquhay, Gloucester, Glynne, Goalen, Goodeve, Goodwin, Gordon, Gore-Langton, Goron, Gower, Graeme, Graham, Graham-Montgomery, Grainger, Grant, Grattan, Grattan-Bellew, Gray, Grenville, Greville, Grey, Grier, Griffin, Grimstead, Grosvenor, Gudin, Gueldres, Guest, Guild, Guise-Lorraine, Gunning, Gurney, Guthrie, Gyll, Hacker, Haddin, Haddington, Haggerston, Haguvara, Haig, Hainault, Haitlie, Haitly, Haldane, Hale, Haliburton, Haliburtoun, Halkerston, Halkett, Hall, Halliburton, Halliday, Halyburton, Halys, Hamilton, Hamilton-Dalrymple, Hamilton-Macgill, Hammylton, Hancock, Harcourt, Harford, Harrington, Hart, Hartfell, Harvey, Hastings, Hathorn, Hawkins, Hay, Hayes, Hayhurst, Hay-MacDougal, Hay-Mackenzie, Head, Heath, Heathcote, Heber-Percy, Helen, Henderson, Hendry, Henrietta, Henry, Henryson, Hepburn, Hepburn-Murray, Herbert, Heriot, Herries, Herring, Hill, Hoare, Hobbs, Hobhouse, Hodge, Hodges, Hogg, Holden, Holderness, Holford, Holland, Holmes, Holt, Home, Home-Drummond, Hope, Hopetoun, Hope-Vere, Hopper, Hoppringil, Hoppringill, Hoppringle, Hore, Horsburgh, Horsman, Horwood, Houston, Houstoun, Howard, Howden, Howe, Hughes, Hulbert, Hulton, Hume, Hungerford, Hunt, Hunter, Hunter-Blair, Huntingdon, Huntly, Hutcheson, Hutson, Hutt, Huxley, Iggulden, Ingham, Ingleby, Inglis, Innes, Innes-Vine, Ireland, Irvine, Isham, Isles, Jackson, Jardine, Jedburgh, Jeffries, Jephson, Jesson, Jessup, Joass, Jobson, Jocelyn, John, Johnson, Johnston, Johnstone, Jolliffe, Jones, Journault, Judkins, Kaas, Katon, Keay, Keir, Keith, Kellie, Kemp, Kennedy, Kenyon, Keppel, Ker, Kerr, Kerr-Smiley, Keveliok, Key, Kilmaurs, Kilsyth, Kincaid, King, Kingston, Kinloch, Kinnaird, Kinneir, Kinninmont, Kirkcaldy, Kirkpatrick, Kirktoun, Kirkwood, Kirwan, Knight, Knollys, Knott, Knowis, Knox, Kumans, Kynnymouth, Laing, Lamb, Lambourne, Lambton, Lamont, L'Amy, Landells, Lands, Langdale, Langlands, Lauder, Lavedre, Law, Lawedre, Lawrie, Lawson, Layard, Laycock, Le Blanc, le Despencer, le Febre, Le Febvre, Leather-Culley, Leckie, Lee, Lees, Legard, Leigh, Leith, Lennox, Leslie, Lewin, Lewis, Liberton, Liddell, Liddell-Grainger, Lies, Lindsay, Linlithgow, Lion, Lister, Lithgow, Little, Littleton, Livingston, Livingstone, Lloyd, Loch, Lockhart, Lockhart-Scott, Lockwood, Logan, Logie, Long, Longueville, Lorn, Losamitch, Lothian], Loudon, Louisa, Louthian, Loval, Lovell, Low, Lowe, Lucas, Lumsdaine, Lumsden, Lundie, Lundin, Lundy, Luxemburg, Lyall, Lydell, Lyle, Lyon, Lysons, Lyttelton, Lyttleton, Macalister, MacAllister, Macdonald, MacDougal, MacDowal, Macdowall, MacElligot, Macfarlane, MacGill, Macguffie, Macguire, MacIldhui, Macintosh, Macintyre, Mackay, Mackenzie, Mackinnon, Mackintosh, Maclean, MacLeod, MacMoran, Macmorran, Macnamara, Macpherson, Macrory, Madan, Madonald, Magnusson, Maitland, Makcartnay, Makgill, Malan, Malcolm, Manley, Manners, Manners-Sutton, Mar, March, Marjoribanks, Marjoriebanks, Markham, Marshall, Marsham, Martin, Maryborough, Massam, Mauchane, Maude, Maule, Maxwell, May, Maynard, McAdam, McClellane, McCulloch, McGill, McGregor, McKechnie, McKenzie, McKinnon, McLean, McMath, McNabb, McNeile, McTavish, McTurk, M'Dougal, Meade, Meldrum, Mellish, Melville, Menteath, Menteith, Menzies, Mercer, Michelmore, Middleton, Milbanke, Mill, Miller, Millner, Mills, Milne, Milson,Mitchell, Mitchell-Innes, Mitchelmore, Mitchelson, M'Naught, M'Neil, Moir, Molleson, Mollison, Moncreiffe, Moncrieff, Moncrieffe, Monfode, Monro, Monson, Montacute, Montagu, Monteith, Montgomerie, Montgomery, Montgomery-Cunningham, Montieth, Montolieu, Montray, Moore, Moorehead, Mor, Moray, Mordaunt, Morgan, Morgan-Grenville, Morrill, Morris, Morrison, Mortimer, Moubray, Mountbatten, Mountjoy, Mowbray, Mullineaux, Mure, Murray, Murray-Gartshore, Murray-McGregor, Murray-Stirling, Muschett, Mylne, Nairne, Napier, Nasmyth, Nassau, Navarre, Neilson, Nelson, Nevill, Newcomen, Newdigate, Newton, Nichola, Nicholson, Nicolson, Nimmo, Nisbet, Nisbett, Noel, Noel-Hill, Norborne, Normandy, Northcote, Northumberland, Norton, Norvell, Norwood, Nottage, O'Brien, O'Dea, Ogilvie, Ogilvy, Ogston, Ogstoun, Oldmixon, Oliphant, Oliver, Oliver-Rutherfurd, Ollens, Orby, Ord, Orkney, Ormiston, Ormsby, Orpin, Osborne, Otterburn, Oxenfurd, Oxford, Paget, Pakenham, Palmer, Parker, Parks, Parnell, Paston, Paterson, Patrick, Patterson, Paul, Payne, Payne-Gallwey, Peacock, Pearson, Peat, Peebles, Pennefather, Penny, Perceval, Percy, Perris, Perrot, Pery, Peters, Petre, Petrie, Philpott, Piast, Pitcairn, Pitt, Plantagenet, Playfair, Plunket, Pocock, Poland, Pole, Pollock, Polwarth, Port, Porteous, Porterfield, Pott, Power, Pownall, Powys, Poynings, Preston, Price, Primrose, Prin, Pringle, Prinne, Psaraki, Purcell, Purves, Pyrmont, Queensbury, Quintsey, Rabett, Rae, Ralston, Ramsay, Ramsbottom, Rancliffe, Randolf, Randolph, Rapp, Rattray, Rawdon, Rawlinson, Read, Reade, Redpath, Reed, Reid, Renton, Rheinweiler, Rhind, Rich, Richards, Richardson, Riddell, Riddill, Rig, Rigge, Ritchie, Rivers, Roberts, Robertson, Rocheid, Rodger, Rogers, Rollo, Rose, Ross, Rouse, Routledge, Rowe, Roxburgh, Ruggles-Brise, Russell, Rutherford, Rutherfurd, Ruthven, Rymer, Rynd, Sadlier, Salm, Saltoun, Sampson, Sanderson, Sandilands, Sandwith, Sandys, Saunders, Savage, Savile, Saville, Savoy, Say, Schemmelpenninck, Schepperes, Schreiber, Scot, Scotland, Scots, Scott, Scott-Montagu, Scrimgeour, Scrimigera, Scrope, Scrymscoure, Seaforth, Seaton, Selby, Selmes, Sempill, Semple, Senhouse, Seton, Seton-Steuart, Sewell, Seymour, Shairp, Sharp, Shaw, Shepperes, Shirley, Sibbald, Sidley, Silvertop, Simpson, Simson, Sinclair, Skene, Skinner, Sleigh, Smijth, Smith, Smollett, Smythe, Snodgrass, Snow, Somerville, Sommerville, Sorel-Cameron, Soumans, Southwell, Sparkes, Speirs, Spence, Spencer, Spens, Spiers, Spottiswoode, St Albans, St.Clair, St.Clair Bower, St.George, St.John, St.Leger, St.Quintin Forbes, Stackhouse, Stafford, Standish, Stanhope, Stanley, Staples, Starnes, Steele, Steinbeck, Stephen, Stephenson, Steuart, Stevens, Stewart, Stewart-Murray, Stillingfleet, Stirling, Stopford, Story, Stowe, Strachan, Strafford, Strathbogie, Stratton, Strickland, Strode, Strutt, Stuart, Stuart-Wortley, Susan, Sutherland, Sutton, Swabia, Swinton, Sydserf, Syme, Synadenos, Synge, Taillfer, Tainsh, Tate, Taylor, Teare, Teck, Temple-Nugent-Brydges-Chandos-Grenville, Territt, Tharpe, Thoirs, Thomson, Thorburn, Thornhill, Threipland, Thriepland, Thurgor, Thurlow, Thynne, Tiptoft, Todd, Tollemache, Tollemarche, Tollmache, Toone, Torpichen, Torrens, Towers, Towne, Townshend, Travers, Tresham, Tritton, Trotter, Tryon, Tudor, Tullibardin, Turnbull, Turner, Tweedie, Twysden, Tyrwhitt, Urquhart, Utermarck, van Ghent, van Gueldres, Van Notten-Pole, Vaughan, Vaurenen, Vaux, Veitch, Venner, Vere, Verney, Vernon,Victoria, Villiers, Vine, Vipont, Visconti, Brunswick-Luneburg, von Busshe, von Grote, von Hapsburg, von Martinskirchen, von Torgclow, Wadham, Wake, Waldie, Wales, Walhouse, Walker, Wallace, Waller, Walrond, Walsingham, Waltone, Wandesford, Warburton, Ward, Wardlaw, Warren, Warrender, Warrington, Waterton, Watherston, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Wauchope, Way, Weaver, Wedderburn, Wedderhede, Weir, Welby, Welch, Weld, Wellesley, Wellwood, Wemys, Wemyss, Western, Westhead, Whaley, Wharton, Wheler, White, Whiteford, Whitelaw, Whitford, Wigton, Wigtown, Wilbraham, Wild, Wilde, Wilkie, Willan, Williams, Williamson, Willis, Willison, Willoughby, Wilson, Winchelsea, Windsor, Winram, Wishart, Wolseley, Wood, Woodcock, Woodward, Woronzow, Worsley, Wotton, Wren, Wright, Wriothesley, Wydeville, Wylie, Wyndham, Wynne, Yonge, Yorke, Young, Zahringen, Zouche

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