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Donna's Doorways
Renovation Project

A Proposed
Renovation Project

The BigEagle-Jones
Ancestral Ranch Site

Osage County, Oklahoma

"You've got to have a dream . . .
If you don't have a dream,
How you gone' to make a dream
. . . come true?"

~from "South Pacific,"
by Rodgers & Hammerstein

The Dreams......reveal......The Potential
The Realities......reveal......The Potential

Dreaming . . .
. . .our way of visualizing the complete renovation of
a once beautifully-ran ranch site, a site where a rugged
Oklahoma prairie was ingeniously converted into an
ecologically-smart working ranch that supported a
captivating, culturally-rich home place.

The links below,
will take you to photographs and narrations that reflect
the historical, ecological, cultural and artistic
significances of this special place,
while allowing you to see for yourself, what a tragedy
it is for all of these attributes to be going to ruin.
The webpages convey without a doubt,
that this Oklahoma prairie ranch-site,
located on lands named for the mighty Osage Tribe,
has the unquestionable, tremendous potential
to . . . TEACH!
And on an intriguing array of topics!

to Areas of
The Renovation Project
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Envision the Potential
The BigEagle-Jones Ranch Site
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Front Porch
~Page 3~
Back Porch
~Page 4~
Front Room
~Page 5~
Dining Room
~Page 6~
Daughter's Room
~Page 7~
Back Room
~Page 8~
Plumbing/ Watershed/ Dolmen
~Page 9~
The Stone Wall
~Page 10~
The Blessing

~Page 11~
The Mission

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