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Donna's Doorways
Renovation Project

~Page 8~
"The Stones Will Cry Out"

The BigEagle-Jones Ranch Site



The Plumbing

By todays standards,
the plumbing in the above photographs is meager.
One must remember,
this is a ranch house built in 1920.
By comparison to the homes of that era,
this plumbing was quite elaborate!

The kitchen sink
had two porcelain drain boards on each side.
On one side, there was a drain board of wood,
with notches cut out,
allowing water to run back into the sink.
There were counter tops of wood also.

To the far right,
was a rather large pull-down flour bin.
The cabinets were tall and reached to the ceiling,
as many of these cabinets in that time period did.

The Watershed

The Watershed

This is a final statement as to Lee's gently manipulating the landscape.
By pulling some very large heavy stones into this area
(not shown in the above photograph),
a watershed was created that has served for many years,
although it is now in need of repair and is dry.

A Watershed
is an important part of the prairie.
It creates a place for fish to multiply,
provides water for the cattle,
sets up an environment for trees to grow
(which provides a wind break in the Winter for cattle),
and, by slowing the rush of the water
during times of heavy rain,
it stops an eroding of the land.

become a life line not only for the cattle,
but for the rancher as well.
He needs a stable tree to hold onto
when cutting through frozen water with an axe,
enabling the cattle to drink.
This task has to be done.
His cattle would die, of course,
without drinking water.

So, my children,
the next time you dine at McDonald's,
stop and give a moment of thought
to all that went into your hamburger!

Two views of the Dolmen

The Dolmen
(from the Irish Roots)

The dolmen was built by
Lee Otis Jones,
at the request of his mother,
Bellzona (Collins) Jones,
that a house be built
for the
"Little People."

Bellzona (Collins) Jones was of Scot-Irish blood,
coming from the Collins and Hunter lineages.

Her parents were
Nathaniel Stewart Collins & Elizebeth Ann (Brewer) Collins.
Nathan was son of Jesse Lee Collins & Mary "Polly Ann" (Howard) Collins.

("Little People" are also a part of certain Native American lore.)

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