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Donna's Doorways
Family Lineages


Sam LittleCook

Esther (BrokenJaw) LittleCook

Sam LittleCook
Chief of the Rain Band
b: Nebraska
d: Ponca City, Kay Co, OK
buried: on his original allotment of land
m: Esther BrokenJaw
b: Nebraska
d: Ponca City, Kay Co, OK
buried: next to her husband
Sam and Esther were among the Ponca (Pah-Hahn-Kah) Tribe
who, in 1876, were forced to leave their Nebraska lands
and relocate to "Indian Territory," in Oklahoma.

"Pah-Hahn-Kah" means "Gentle Leader."
The word "pah" means "nose," or that part of the body to
'go before the rest.' Used in that latter context,
a one-word interpretation in English, is "leader."

Against orders, Chief Standing Bear, along with a small
group of other Ponca Tribe members, returned to Nebraska.
Among them was Esther's brother, Lewis BrokenJaw.
Later, Lewis did occasionally come back to visit his
Oklahoma relatives.

Chief Standing Bear and those who went back to Nebraska,
were ultimately placed under arrest and the history-making
"Trial of Standing Bear" ensued. A hundred years later,
Sam and Esther's grandson, Sa-Su-Weh "Daniel" Clark Jones,
worked to film the movie, "The Trial of Standing Bear,"
which aired nationally, on PBS. The movie depicted the
true-story forced-removal of the Ponca Tribe from Nebraska,
and the resulting first-ever Civil Rights Law Suit.
Winning the suit resulted in there being a legal fact,
that American Indians are human beings!
Prior to the suit, Indians were considered "savages" or
"Wards of the Government" who had no "human" rights.

Notes of Reference
Regarding Ponca Tribal Clans

The Straight Paths Clan, Rainmakers
The Rainmakers are said to be gifted with the "opportunity" of
appealing to Wah-Kohn-Dah, the Great Spirit, for rain,
that is, if they remain true to their "Straight Path."

The Medicine Clan

The Deer Clan
No touching of deer meat.

The Half-Breed Clan
Children of intermarrieds.

The Osage Clan
The children of this clan are given snake names.

The Warrior Clan

Elk Clan

The Ice Clan
There were only a few of these.

The Bear Clan
These returned to Nebraska.

The Buffalo Clan
They do not eat Buffalo meat or Deer meat.

The Blood Clan
Chief WhiteEagle's Clan
Consider themselves to be servants to the people.

info presently incomplete

Notes of Reference
Regarding Name Interpretations

The beautiful Indian names these people originally had,
were badly corrupted by well-meaning interpreters.


  • One who had a 'stormy' countenance, became
    "Rain In the Face."

  • One with 'no ear' for quarrels, became
    "No Ear."

  • One who was resonsible for 'dividing the hunt,'
    a trusted Straight Path Band member
    or Rain Band member, became "The Cook" - or -
    "Little Cook."

  • A mighty warrior, appearing tall and strong in stature
    'against a snake-like enemy,' became
    "Big Snake."

  • Men who were speakers or orators, thus ones
    who 'broke their jaws apart to speak,' became
    "Broken Jaw."

Sam's and Esther's

List of Descendants

  • (1) Creth LittleCook
    m: #1=Sam BigSnake
    m: #2=Jack NoEar
    m: #3=remarried Sam BigSnake

  • (2) Annie LittleCook
    m: Jessie GivesWater

  • (3) Fannie LittleCook
    m: Phillip NoEar

  • (4) David LittleCook
    m: Marion Pappan

  • (5) Henry LittleCook
    b: 1888
    d: 1936
    m: never married

  • (6) (Me-Tah-Ing-Gay) Elizabeth "Lizzie" LittleCook
    Her Indian name, an Osage Clan name, means "Little Bright Moon."
    b: 1884
    d: 13 Sep 1963
    buried: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Catholic Section, Ponca City, Kay Co, OK
    m: #1=Narcisse Pensoneau (French and Shawnee)
    son of Steve & Tilda (Canoles) Pensoneau
    paternal grandfather is Pasquel Pensoneau (French trader)
    maternal grandparents are Cedro & Mary (Ross) Canoles
    (Cedro is full Yanqui, Mary is full Cherokee)

    Narcisse is a cousin to Jim Thorp, the famous OK Indian athlete.
    m: #2=Henry Enrique Emilio Hernandez (from Mexico)
    buried: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Catholic Section, Ponca City, Kay Co, OK
      Liz's & Narcisse's Descendanats:
    • (1) Edward Richard Pensoneau
      b: 04 Aug 1910
      m: Harrient Collins
      b: 22 Aug 1920
      • (1) Edward Richard Pensoneau
      • (2) Charmain Ann Pensoneau
      • (3) William Cecil Pensoneau
      • (4) Steve Lanier Pensoneau
      • (5) Elizabeth Marie Pensoneau
      • (6) Lilly Vera Pensoneau
      • (7) Christopher David Pensoneau
    • (2) Velma Louise Pensoneau
      b: 15 Jan 1913
      m: Lee Otis Jones
      son of Joseph H. & Nancy Bellzona (Collins) Jones
      grandson of William S. & Mary Ann (DeWitt) Jones
      b: 09 Jul 1902
      • Clickon William/MaryAnn to find Velma's & Lee's List of Descendants.

      Liz's & Henry's Descendants:
    • (1) Daniel B. Hernandez
      b: 18 Mar 1917
      d: 10 Sep 1998
      m: Rena Christina Wiseman
      b: 28 Aug 1920
      • (1) Ronald Lynn Hernandez
        b: 02 Dec 1942
      • (2) Larry Wayne Hernandez
        b: 27 Apr 1948
      • (3) Edwin Bruce Hernandez
        b: 15 Sep 1953
    • (2) Francis Vincent Hernandez
      b: 13 Sep 1920
      d: 02 Feb 1989
      m: #1=Edna Mae Legg
      m: #2=Lucy Lee Rouseau
      b: 15 Aug 1929
        Francis's child by Edna:
      • (1) Franceen Hernandez
        b: 26 Jul 1948
        Francis's child by Lucy:
      • (1) Mary Maureen Hernandez
        b: 25 Jan 1954
    • (3) Otilia Haydee "Tillie" Hernandez
      b: 28 May 1925
      d: 01 Jan 1994 Ponca City, Kay Co, OK
      buried: I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Catholic Section, Ponca City
      In Spanish, "Otilia" is the name of a beautiful flower.
      Tillie was given the Ponca name of Shaw-Bah-Kay-Wah-They.

      • Tillie had no children

"The Old Man"


Who-Cha "Liz" (King) Smith,
a Sam & Rachel descendant, told the following:
"My daughter missed the bus and didn't come home from school.
I went to look for her and found her sitting on the steps of
the school. She was sitting, patiently waiting.
As we drove out the drive, a Coyote ran across the road in
front of the car, and I said to her,
'Look! The Old Man has been watching you.' "

Who-Cha's story is regarding the teachings about there being
no other animal as human-like as the Coyote. He is crafty,
quick, inventive, and is a survivor. The Ponca's respect him
and call him "Old Man," or "One-Who-Is-Wise."
When a person is someplace where they should not be,
it is said that Coyotes sit off at a distance in the woods
and watch that person, whom they consider to be
their "people-relative."
Also, this "watching" that the Coyotes do, is a warning, ie.,
"Even when you think you are getting away with something,
there is always someone there to see what you are doing.
Even if it be but a Coyote, remember,
he is your relative."

Donna's Lineage Bellzona's Picture Book
Lists of Descendants Pages:
  • COLLINS, Nathaniel
    & Elizabeth (Brewer) Collins

  • FLOOD, John
    & Anna (Tierney) Flood

  • GOSNEY, Benjamin
    & Nancy (Bryan) Gosney
  • JONES, William "Beaver"
    & Rhoda (Holloway) Jones
    & Clarrisa (LNU) Jones

  • JONES, William Stephens
    & Mary (DeWitt) Jones

    & Elizabeth (BrokenJaw) LittleCook

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