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Scots and the American Indians
As there seems to be a lot of interest in Scottish connections with the American Indians I've created this page to link to the various accounts we have on the site so they are all in one place. There are in fact many other smaller accounts contained within other accounts so it would also be well worth using our site search engine to locate these other texts.

  • Scots and the American Indians
    A talk by historian and writer James Hunter on the links between Scots and the American Indians.
  • Scotland and the American Indians
    This is a chapter from the book Scots in the American West 1790 - 1917
  • American History - Walton County
    Includes and account of the Euchee Indians and the Scots settlers.
  • Chief Bushyhead
    We could rightfully use the name of Stuart in recognition of our proud Scot ancestor, but we choose to be known by the name given our family by the Cherokee Indians," James Butler Bushyhead said.
  • John G. Burnett’s Story of the Removal of the Cherokees
    An account by John G. Burnett on the removal of the Cherokees including information on their chief, John Ross.
  • American History - Chilocco School
    Information on the Chilocco school for native American Indians.
  • Red Eagle
    Red Eagle had been born William Weatherford, the son of a Scottish trader. Though only one-eighth Indian, he chose to cast his lot with the Creeks.
  • Marie L. McLaughlin
    The author of "Myths of the Sioux".
  • John Ross
    Chief of the Cherokee Nation
  • Stand Watie
    The main protagonist again Chief John Ross of the Cherokee Nation.
  • Scots around the world - Chief William McKintosh
    His mother, a Creek named Senoya, was a member of the prominent Wind Clan.
  • Scotland's Lost Braves
    These are Scotland’s lost children - fathered by the Scots employed by the Hudson’s Bay Trading Company - now distanced by ocean, prejudice and neglect.
  • Colonel John Allan
    This is an interesting account showing the trials and tribulation in working on Indian affairs.
  • Native Indian Lore
    These are pages by Donna Flood of the Ponca Tribe.
  • Asiatics in America
    I discovered this article in an old copy of the Scottish Review c1890 which tries to trace the origin of the native indian peoples of North and South America. This is a pdf file.