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The Story of Leith
by John Russell
This book kindly provided by Ranald McIntyre

The Story of Leith by John Russell

Thomas Fraser
and to
All the Leith Boys and Girls
whom he used to send on school excursions to visit the historical buildings and monuments of their own district.



  1. Leith in Prehistoric and Roman Times
  2. Leith in Early Days
  3. Leith's Early Shipping Trade
  4. Leith's Part with Robert The Bruce
  5. The Logans
  6. The Enmity with Edinburgh: It's Origin
  7. The Enmity with Edinburgh: It's Development
  8. The Overlordship of Edinburgh
  9. The Overlordship of Edinburgh (continued)
  10. St Anthony's: A Medaeval Hospital
  11. The Trade Guilds of Leith
  12. Leith in the Fifteenth Century
  13. Our Parish Churches: South Leith
  14. Our Parish Churches: North Leith
  15. Leith Shipping in Early Stuart Times
  16. Leith's Sea-Dogs: Sir Andrew Wood
  17. Leith's Sea-Dogs: The Fighting Bartons
  18. The Rise of Newhaven
  19. Newhaven: A Fishing Village
  20. Leith in Later Stuart Times
  21. The Burning of Leith
  22. The Siege of Leith
  23. Queen's Men versus King's Men
  24. Leith after The Union of the Crowns
  25. Plague and Pestilence
  26. Cromwell's Ironsides in Leith
  27. Leith in the "Killing Times"
  28. Leith Changing to Modern Times
  29. The Troubles that Followed the Union
  30. Progress begins in Leith
  31. The Commerce of Leith
  32. The Industries of Leith
  33. How Leith was Governed
  34. Leith's Honourable Record in the Great War

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