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Significant and Famous Scots

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  • Napier, John
    Born 1550. Mathematician and Astronomer. Devised "Napier's Rods" or "Napier's Bones" which permitted easy multiplication by addition, and this led to him defining the concept of logarithms. Also invented the decimal point.
  • Napier, Macvey
    A learned lawyer, professor, and encyclopedist.
  • Nasmyth, Alexander
    An excellent artist and the father of the Scottish school of landscape painting.
  • Nasmyth, James
    Invented the Steam Hammer.
  • Nasmyth, Peter
    Son of Alexander Nasmyth and a significant artist in his own right.
  • Neaves, Charles
    Charles Neaves, Lord Neaves FRSE (1800–1876) was a Scottish advocate, judge, theologian and writer.
  • Neilson, James Beaumont
    Born 1792. Invented the hot blast oven, which was a great advance in the iron industry. His process reduced the amount of coal needed to produce iron, and greatly increased efficiency to satisfy the demands of the railway and shipbuilding industries.
  • Nichol, John
    Chair of English Literature at Glasgow University
  • Nicholson, Peter
    A skilful architect.
  • Nicoll, Alexander
    Canon of Christchurch, and regius; professor of Hebrew in the university of Oxford.
  • Nicoll, Robert
    A great poet.
  • Nimmo, Alexander
    Civil engineer.
  • Nobel, Sir Ian
    Banker, hotelier, distillery owner and champion of Gaelic culture

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