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Significant and Famous Scots

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  • Caird, Edward
    Professor of Moral Philosophy in the University of Glasgow and Master of Balliol College, Oxford.
  • Caird, John
    Principle of the University of Glasgow
  • Carnie, Robert Hay
    Professor Emeritus
  • Calder, James
  • Calder, Sir Robert
    A distinguished British Admiral.
  • Calderwood, David
    An eminent divine and ecclesiastical historian born in the 16th century.
  • Cameron, Alexander
    LL.D., Minister and known for his Celtic and Gaelic Studies.
  • Cameron, Donald
    This gallant Highland chief; who united such amiable manners and attractive accomplishments to the proverbial hardihood and valour of his race, that his name has descended to us under the title of "the gentle Lochiel."
  • Cameron, Richard
    An eminent martyr of the Scottish church, and whose name is still retained in the popular designation of one of its sects.
  • Campbell, Alexander
    It is worth mentioning that his Dialogue on Scottish Music, prefixed to the History, was the first means of giving foreign musicians a correct understanding of the Scottish scale, which, it is well known, differs from that prevalent on the continent; and it is consistent with our knowledge, that the author was highly complimented on this subject by the greatest Italian and German composers.
  • Campbell, Archibald, Marquis of Argyle
    an eminent political character of the seventeenth century.
  • Campbell, Archibald
    Ninth Earl of Argyle, son of the preceding, was an equally unfortunate, though less distinguished political character, in the unhappiest era of Scottish history.
  • Campbell, Sir Archibald
    Distinguished General and lieutenant-governor of New Brunswick.
  • Campbell, Dr George
    An eminent theological writer, was born on Christmas day, 1719.
  • Campbell, John LL.D.
    An eminent miscellaneous writer.
  • Campbell, John
    Duke of Argyle and Greenwich, a distinguished soldier and statesman.
  • Campbell, Rev John
    An active missionary and enterprising traveller.
  • Campbell, Lieutenant Colonel John
    A distinguished soldier.
  • Campbell, John Gregorson
    Minister of Tiree
  • Campbell, Robert
    Irish Mountain Man
  • Campbell, Thomas
    A poet, so justly and poetically called the "Bard of Hope."
  • Campbell-Tait, Archibald
    Archbishop of Caterbury
  • Cant, Andrew
    A Presbyterian preacher of great vigour and eloquence of the period of the Second Reformation.
  • Cargill, Donald
    An eminent preacher of the more uncompromising order of presbyterians in the reign of Charles II.
  • Carlyle, Alexander
    He left behind him a very valuable memoir of his own time, which, to the surprise of the literary world, is still condemned by his relations to manuscript obscurity.
  • Carlyle, Thomas
    n the first rank of writers
  • Carnegie, Andrew
    Born in Dunfermline, in Fife, in 1835. U.S. iron and steel magnate and great philanthropist.
  • Carrick, John Donald
    Editor of the first series of "Whistle-Binkie" and a literary man of considerable reputation.
  • Carstairs, William
    An eminent political and ecclesiastical character.
  • Chalmers, Alexander
    A laborious literary workman.
  • Chalmers, George
    An eminent antiquary and general writer. The authorís "Caledonia" astonished the world with the vast extent of its erudition and research.
  • Chalmers, James
    Scottish missionary-explorer who served in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands for ten years.
  • Chalmers, James
    Inventor of the Postage Stamp.
  • Chalmers, Rev Thomas
    An eminent orator, philosopher, and divine. He now constitutes to all future time so essential a portion of Scottish history, that his name will be forgot only when Scotland itself will cease to be remembered.
  • Chalmers, Stephen Marshall
    Novelist and Short Story Writer
  • Chambers, David
    A distinguished historical and legal writer, of the sixteenth century.
  • Chambers, Robert
    Author and Publisher
  • Charles I
    King of Great Britain, was the second son of James VI. of Scotland, and First of Great Britain, by Anne, daughter of Frederick II., King of Denmark and Norway.
  • Chepman, Walter
    Who appears to have been chiefly concerned in introducing the art of printing into Scotland.
  • Cheyne, George
    A physician of considerable eminence.
  • Clapperton, Hugh
    The distinguished African traveler.
  • Cleghorn, George
    A learned physician.
  • Cleland, William
    The troubadour, as he may be called, of the covenanters.
  • Clerk, Sir Dugald
    Inventor of the the two-stroke spark ignition engine.
  • Clerk, John
    Inventor of some invaluable improvements in the modern system of naval tactics.
  • Cockburn, John
    The Father of Scottish husbandry.
  • Cochrane, Sir Alexander
    Full Admiral and commander-in-chief at Plymouth.
  • Cochrane, Archibald
    Ninth earl of Dundonald, a nobleman distinguished by his useful scientific investigations.
  • Cochrane, Thomas
    Tenth earl of Dundonald, navel hero of Chile.
  • Cocker, William Dixon
    Poet and Author
  • Coffey, Danny
    Ayrshire's longest serving nationalist councillor and a former Provost of Kilmarnock & Loudoun District Council.
  • Colquhoun, Patrick
    A writer on statistics and criminal jurisprudence.
  • Combe, Andrew
    An excellent physician and physiologist.
  • Constable, Archibald
    An eminent publisher.
  • Cook, George
    Learned divine and ecclesiastical historian.
  • Coutts, Thomas
    Who long moved at the head of the monied and banking interest of the metropolis.
  • Cowan, Dr
    An extraordinary G.P.
  • Craig, John
    An eminent mathematician.
  • Craig, John
    An eminent preacher of the Reformation.
  • Craig, Thomas
    Author of the Treatise on the Feudal Law, and of other learned works.
  • Craig, William
    A distinguished senator of the college of Justice, and a large contributor to the literary paper styled "the Mirror."
  • Crawford, David
    Historiographer to queen Anne.
  • Creech, William
    An eminent bookseller, was the son of the Rev. William Creech, minister of Newbattle, a most respectable clergyman, and of Miss Mary Buley, an English lady, related to a family of rank in Devonshire.
  • Crichton, James
    Commonly styled the Admirable Crichton.
  • Crofton, John
    Chair of tuberculosis at Edinburgh University.
  • Cronin, A J
    A famous author.
  • Cruden, Alexander
    Styled by himself, Alexander the Corrector, his great work was "Concordance of the Old and New Testaments."
  • Cruickshanks, William
    An eminent surgeon in London
  • Cullen, William M.D.
    One of the most highly gifted and accomplished physicians that Scotland has produced.
  • Cumming, Sir William Gordon
    Baronet of Altyre and Gordonstoun and Chief of Clan Cumming.
  • Cunningham, Alexander
    Fifth earl of Glencairn.
  • Cunningham, Alexander
    The historian.
  • Cunningham, Allan
    A distinguished poet.
  • Cupples, George
  • Currie, James
    An eminent physician.

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