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Significant and Famous Scots

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  • Kay, John
    Long well-known in Edinburgh as a miniature-painter and caricaturist, and almost the only artist of the latter kind produced in Scotland.
  • Kay, John
  • Keill, James
    A physician and philosopher of eminence.
  • Keill, John
    An eminent mathematician and natural philosopher.
  • Keith, George
    Fifth earl Marischal, founder of the Marischal college of Aberdeen.
  • Keith-Elphinstone, George
    Viscount Keith, K. B. admiral of the Red, &c., a distinguished modern naval officer.
  • Keith, Field Marshall James Francis Edward
    A famous soldier exiled from Scotland after the Jacobite Rebellion of 1715.
  • Keith James
    Commonly called marshal Keith, the younger son of William, ninth earl Marischal, and lady Mary Drummond, daughter to the earl of Perth, was born in the year 1696.
  • Keith, Robert
    Commonly called bishop Keith, an eminent scholar and antiquary.
  • Keltie, John Scott
    Scottish Geographer.
  • Kemp, George Meikle
    The architect of the Scott Monument.
  • Kemp, Kenneth
    A talented scientific experimenter and lecturer.
  • Kennedy, David
    Scottish Singer
  • Kennedy, James
    Bishop of St Andrews.
  • Ker, John
    Third duke of Roxburgh, distinguished by his eminent bibliographical knowledge, and his extensive and valuable collection of books.
  • Ker, Robert
    Earl of Ancrum, a nobleman of literary accomplishment.
  • Kerr, Anthony J.C.
    A man of letters
  • Kerr, Robert
    A miscellaneous writer.
  • Kirkaldy, William
    One of the earliest converts to the protestant faith in Scotland, and a brave and accomplished man.
  • Kirkwood, James
    An eminent teacher and writer on grammar, in the latter part of the seventeenth century.
  • Knox, John
    The most eminent promoter of the Reformation in Scotland.
  • Knox, William
    A young poet of considerable talent.

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