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The Bard of Banff
Stories and poems by Stanley Bruce

2009 Homecoming Poetry and Painting Competition  |  Listen to some of his poems here!
Forbes Resting Place at St. Meddens Kirk

The Bard of the Broch

The Bard O' Buchan

The Bard O' The Yard

The Bard O' Snohvit

Unofficial Poet to the Scottish Parliament

Poems Issued a week before the Referendum


Iím undecided,
Do I vote yes or no?
Iíd like to vote yes,
But I just donít know.

£1.4 Trillion,
Is what we Brits owe,
But how much more will it become,
If I decide vote no.

Labour and the Tories,
Put us in this mess,
Iím listening to the Corries,
And Iím going to vote yes!

Stan Bruce
11th September 2014.

Vote YES

UK Ė AAA credit rating,
With £1.4 Trillion in debt,
£1.4 Trillion, Really!
Can that debt ever be met?

£20 thousand owed by every person,
Every man, woman, and child,
If you think this is good,
Ye need yer heid biled!

Better together they say,
Everybody owing £20K,
Do you think an independent Scotland,
Would let debt rise this way?

Vote YES, to break this spiraling debt,
Vote YES, to govern ourselves,
Vote YES, to get us out of this mess,
Use yer heid aní Vote YES!

Stan Bruce,
11th September 2014.

5% interest pa on £1.4 Trillion = £70 Billion pa.  Thatís £70Billion that could be spent making the country better if we didnít have this debt.


Scotlandís in mi heirt,
Scotlandís in mi soul,
Aní Iíll be voting fer Independence,
Iím voting YES at the poll.

700 years lang syne,
Bruce aní Wallace foucht time aní time again,
Noo aí ye need tae dee,
Is simply mark an ĎXí wií a pen.

Stan Bruce,
11th September 2014.

Books Published

The Bard of Banff holding the replica of MacPherson's Sword

20 December 2004

The first print run of a poetry anthology celebrating Fraserburgh life has sold out in less than a month. Surveyor, Stanley Bruce, has seen all 260 copies of his latest work, The Bard o' The Broch, snapped up in double quick time. He has now arranged with his printer for a second run to meet the demand.

Mr Bruce has been amazed at the popularity of the volume which contains around 100 poems covering the fishing industry, local buildings, well known people and his own memories of growing up in the Broch.

In the first week of December, it was the best-selling local title at John Trail's bookshop in Fraserburgh. The next run will be printed in early January. Mr Bruce, who stays in Banff, produced another book of poems earlier this year focusing on his adopted town. Entitled The Bard of Banff, it was printed in June and has now sold around 300 copies. At the same time, he was compiling material for the Fraserburgh volume.

The Bard o' The Broch is priced £6 and is illustrated with photographs and drawings done mainly by Mr Bruce himself.

Stan Bruce (left) with Robbie Shepherd

Hairsting - doric for harvesting
The picture shows an old binder and a stook which is like a tent made from the sheaves.
Binders which were first pulled by a horse then by a tractor were replaced by combined harvesters.
My Grandfather and uncle used to farm this way but I haven't seen this for about 30 years.

Bard O' Buchan Volume 1

Banffshire Maritime Heritage Association Opening Friday 14th July
Poster  |  Leaflet

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