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Glenora Single Malt Whisky

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Food and Drink and Scottish Recipes

From the beef farmer tending his herd in grassy, rural Aberdeenshire to the salmon farmer nurturing smolts in the cool, clear waters of the North Atlantic to the master blender perfecting a combination of single malt and grain whisky in a Highland distillery - Scotland's food and drink producers are blessed to work with beautiful unspoilt landscapes, fertile land, clean air and clear waters. Scotland truly is the world's 'land of food and drink'.

  • Electric Scotland Recipes
    Our own recipe collection.
  • Recipe Services
    Our Recipe database allows you add your own recipes and of course you can view any of our other recipes including our collection of video recipes where you can watch the recipe being made.
  • Visitors Recipes
    This is where our visitors have shared some of their favourite recipes with us and we're always happy to receive your own favourite recipes which we'll add to this collection :-)
  • Victorian Kitchen
    A series of videos of the Victorian Kitchen
  • Home and Farm Food Preservation
    By William V. Cruess (1918)
  • Stories and Stovies
    A unique book by Charlotte Bleh
  • Wenona Flood's Recipes
    Sent in by Donna Flood
  • Donna's Newest Recipes
    Donna's own recipes she's created
  • Jeanette's Recipe Collection
    Thanks to Jeanette for this and for sharing her tea party recipes.
  • Kooking for Kids
    A collection of recipes for young children.
  • The Practice of Cookery
    An old recipe book, Adapted to the Business of Every-Day life by Mrs. Dalgairns published in 1840.
  • Whisky
    This is an attempt to bring together what we know about Whisky.
  • All About Tea
    Learn about it's history and how to give a tea party.
  • Pot-Luck
    The British Home Cookery Book with over a 1,000 recipes from old family MS books.
  • Kitchen Measurement Guide
    Giving you a kitchen measurement conversion table
  • Donna's Recipes
    A collection of Donna Flood's recipes from a Scots-Indian background.
  • E-Texts of Recipe Books
    Some really excellent reading in these old recipe books.
  • Native Foods
    Canadian Native Indian Foods and Nutrition.
  • Bread
    Found this article on an old copy of MacMillan's Magazine. (1906)
  • Milk
    Another article from MacMillan's Magazine. (1906)
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    Have we always eaten them?
  • Cook and Housewife's Manual
    By Margaret Dods (pdf)
    Were he around today, there’s no doubt how Sir Walter Scott would have voted on this question. He was unhappy to see any of Scotland’s heritage disappearing and, besides campaigning for other causes, he welcomed the publication in 1826 of the first Scottish cookery book to feature native culinary traditions: The Cook and Housewife’s Manual by Mistress Margaret (Meg) Dods. These distinctive food traditions, he argued, should not be allowed to ‘fall into oblivion in our day’
  • The Scots' culinary heritage
    An interesting article by Catherine Brown

  • Scotland's Larder
    A video series by STV

  • Cooking with Eggs
    A few simple egg recipes explained through video demonstrations

  • A Tudor Feast at Christmas
    A great video to watch

  • Wild Food
    Ray Mears embarks on a voyage of discovery into the lost foods of Britain's Stone Age. He tries out the processes they might have used, finds connections with cultures around the world and tastes the foods of our forefathers.

  • Glasgow Cookery Book
    Fourteenth Edition

  • Our Favourite Links
    Links to sites that we believe provide some outstanding information.


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