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Scottish Military - Highland Regiments
Most of the Highland Regiment accounts are by William Melven, M.A., Glasgow but we have also included a book on the Scottish Lowland regiments by another author as well as some additional information from other sources.

The 1940s House
The 1940s House is a British historical reality television program made by Wall to Wall/Channel 4 in 2001 about a modern family that tries to live as a typical middle-class family in London during World War II. The series is narrated by Geoffrey Palmer.

  • Royal Air Force
    Permanent Organization of the Royal Air Force (1919) (pdf)
    The scheme outlined in the following memorandum on the permanent organization of the Royal Air Force has been prepared during the course of the present year under my directions by the Chief of the Air Staff, and has in principle received the approval of the Cabinet.
  • Jane's All The World's Aircraft
    1947, thirty fifth year of issue compiled and edited by Leonard Bridgman. Preface starts at page 121.
  • Letters and Memorials of Captain William A. Douglas
    6th Battalion The Royal Scots With Preface by the Rev. James Black (1920) (pdf)
  • Lessons in Combat Service Support Tactical Mobility
    The Afghanistan Conflict, Falklands War and Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm, A Monograph by Major Carol D. Clair Transportation (1993) (pdf)
  • The Naval and Military History of the Wars of England including the Wars of Scotland and Ireland
    In which is given an accurate and lively Description of the Sieges, Battles, Bombardments, Sea Engagememts, Expeditions, and extensive Conquests of the British Arms, in all Quarters of the Globe, with a variety of Interesting and extraordinary Anecdotes of Military Skill and Intrepidity, heroic Adventures, brilliant Exploits, martial Achievements, and memorable Actions of the British Warriors calculated to inspire the Rising Generation with Magnamity and Virtue and to Impress on their Minds the generous Ardour and Noble Emulation of their Ancestors in eight volumes.
  • My Home in the Field of Honour
    By Francis Wilson Huard with drawings by Charles Huard (1916) (pdf) This book tells the tale of how an American/French family in France fare in the 1st World War in France.
  • Reasons for Extending the Militia Acts to the Disarmed Counties of Scotland (1760) (pdf)
  • Effective Condition Monitoring of Aero-Engine Systems Using Automated SEMIEDX and New Diagnostic Routines
    By Mr Nicholas W Farrant, Rolls-Royce plc, Engine Condition Monitoring and Mr Terry Luckhurst, HQ Logistics Command RAF Wyton, AIME & RB 199 Engine Support Manager (1988) (pdf)
  • Two old documents discussing possible improvement dealing with Military matters
  • The Battle of the Somme
    By John Buchan (1922) (pdf)
  • General Craufurd and his Light Division
    By The Rev. Alexander H. Craufurd, M.A. (1891) (pdf)
  • Will Weatherhelm
    The Yarn of an old Sailor by W. H. G. Kingston (New Edition 1915) (pdf)
  • Famous British War-Ships and their Commanders
    By Walter Wood (1897) (pdf)
  • Memorandum on Naval and Military Aviation
    Presented to both Houses of Parliament by Command of His Majesty (1912) (pdf)
  • The Soul and Body of an Army
    By General Sir Ian Hamilton, G.C.B. (1921) (pdf)
  • Passages in the early military life of General Sir George T. Napier, KGB
    Written by himself, edited by his son, General W. C. E. Napier (1884) (pdf)
  • The Naval History of Great Britain
    From the Declaration of War by France in 1793 to the Accession of George IV by William James, a new edition with additions and notes, Also an account of the Burmese War and the Battle of Navarino by Captain Chamier, R.N. in six volumes (1837)
  • The Royal Air Force
    Its organization, duties and prospects as a profession or a trade by T. Stanhope Sprigg (1935) (pdf)
  • Voyage of His Majesty's Ship Alceste
    To China, Corea, and the Island of Lewchew with an account of her shipwreck by John M'Leod, M.D., surgeon of the Alcese (Third Edition) (1819) (pdf)
  • A Voyage to India
    Containing reflections on a Voyage to Madras and Bengal in 1821 in the Ship Lonach; instructions for the preservation of Health in Indian climates and hints to surgeons and owners of private trading ships by James Wallace, surgeon of the Lonach (1824) (pdf)
  • The Army List
    By the Ministry of Defence, Great Britain
  • The First World War
    There is no doubt that the First World War shaped the world in which we live today. There are those who believe the First World War should never have happened, those who feel it was absolutely necessary and those by whom it is quietly remembered. Few remain untouched by its memory. Given the number of countries involved and the unimaginable loss of life, such a long-lasting impact was inevitable. In fact, today we commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme with this brand new edition. We will explore the First World War through key events, significant battles and influential figures, while discovering the knock-on effect to everyday life on the Home Front. The words and images are accompanied by historical artefacts that will paint a picture of what life was like during the First World War – both at home and on the front line (2016) (Third Edition) (pdf)
  • Greatest Battles
    Much of history is determined by victories and defeats in battle. Such conflicts mark a turning point for the nations involved, having been fought in the name of defending their identity, ideals and population – or for causes close to the heart. War has been the chosen course for seeking resolution throughout history, from before the Persian invasion at Marathon in 490 BCE, to the Falklands War in 1982 and beyond. Through detailed battle maps and diagrams we will examine the strategies that guided some of the world’s most significant campaigns. You’ll read about the men who became heroes when they went beyond the call of duty and understand the impact of heavy bloodshed for all those on the frontline. Take a closer look at the equipment that would decide between success or failure, and uncover how such events have shaped the identity of societies across the globe.

Nuclear Disaster Movie I Threads (1984)

Nuclear war is not only imaginable, but planned

Bomber Harris
Bomber Harris is a 1989 BBC television drama biography based on the life of Arthur Harris, who was Commander-in-chief of RAF Bomber Command during the Second World War.

The Ancient Origins Of Medieval Scotland's Most Feared Military Tactics
The renowned reputation of Scottish clans as formidable warriors traces its roots back to the Picts, who, despite Hadrian's Wall, continuously plundered Roman Britain through sea raids. With a blend of Viking and Celtic blood, an array of weaponry, including battle axes and blades, was developed. Scottish men were raised with a warrior mindset, crucial for facing their natural adversary, England. Despite typically engaging in internecine conflicts, the clans united in a fierce war of independence from 1296 onwards. This resistance was sparked when Edward I (the 'Hammer of the Scots,) claimed the Scottish throne for his puppet, only to be cleverly defeated by the rebellious upstart William Wallace, who met a gruesome end after ultimate defeat.

  • The British Admirals
    With an introductory view of the Naval History of England by Robert Southey, LL.D., Poet Laureate, in 4 volumes (1833)

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