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H-Factor Recipes
Collected by Donna Flood

Recently I spoke with a cousin I saw at our aunt's funeral for the first time in years. I knew he had diabetes but was struck by how youthful, slim and handsome he looked. If he had not have stepped behind me, put his arm around me and asked, "Where did you get this blue eyed Indian? (my daughter) so I recognized his voice I wouldn't have believed it was he.

I called him later and asked how he managed to stay so healthy looking with diabetes and at our age. He told me at first he did all they told him to do and was miserable and then he began to research on his own, "The H Factor"  and for years has not taken insulin.

I went into google and read all I could about it and decided it was mostly, no fat, fresh food, vegetables and fruits and oatmeal for breakfast.  No meat, cheese, dairy.

Correct me if I'm wrong.  At any rate, even with this tooth I have felt wonderful as far as the diabetes is concerned. So, I'm creating these recipes to follow that diet as much as I know how. 

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