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Antiquarian Scottish Books in Adobe Reader format

Over the years Electric Scotland has acquired many antiquarian books with the intention of adding them to the site.  However in very recent times we have seen a start made by various libraries to scan in copies of their books.  Also, companies like Microsoft and Google are now busy scanning in books from libraries around the world.  We note that some of the books that are appearing in Internet archives have been taken from ourselves and we really don't mind that being done. The purpose of Electric Scotland is to make a body of work available so people can learn about the History of Scotland, the Scots and people and places of Scots descent.

The files in here have been downloaded from various sources and we have then optimised them for the web.  For example one book was 525Mb in size but after we optimised it we got it down to 85Mb and so making it much easier to download. Many of the books in here we have purchased ourselves but see little point in duplicating work already done by others.

Each link goes to a web page where we endeavour to provide an introduction to give you a better opportunity to decide if you wish to download it. At the foot of each page you'll find a link to download the book and information on the file size.

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Society of Antiquaries of Scotland - Digital Books

Here is a list of the books that we've made available so far...

  1. Dictionary of the Gaelic Language
    Part I - Gaelic to English. Part II - English to Gaelic
  2. A Highland Tour
    Three weeks with Dr Candlish
  3. Campbells of Argyll
    A 150 page book about the Campbells of Argyll and around the world.
  4. A Volume of Verses
    Some great poetry of Will Buchanan
  5. Scot in America
    A history of the Scottish race in America
  6. Henry Drummond
    The author of "The Greatest Thing in the World", it went on to sell over 12 million copies and it continues today to influence people to follow God's two great commandments: to love God and to love each other.
  7. Out On The Pampas
    This is a story of an English family that emigrated from England to Argentina and settled on the Pampas. As we have books on the site about Scots in Argentina it was felt that this book would provide some interesting information on the process of settlement and in fact near neighbours of this family were Scots.
  8. Urquhart and Glenmoriston in Olden Times
    By William MacKay LL.D.  (1914). THE following pages are the result of much gathering, begun during my school and college days, of the traditions and legends and songs of my native Parish, and of much searching, in more recent years, for written records referring to it. I have endeavoured to give in them a plain and accurate account of the Olden Times, and a true picture of the Past.
  9. Scotch-Irish in New England
    A short 55 page book by the Rev. A. L. Perry published in 1891.
  10. War Diary of the Fifth Seaforth Highlanders 51st (Highland) Division
    Great information of this Division during the 1st World War.
  11. The Castellated and Domestic Architecture of Scotland
    From the Twelfth to Eighteenth Century in 5 volumes, by David MacGibbon and Thomas Ross (1887)
  12. The Scots Peerage
    Founded on Wood's Edition of Sir Robert Douglas's Peerage of Scotland, containing an Historical and Genealogical Account of the Nobility of that Kingdom, Edited by Sir James Balfour Paul, Lord Lyon King of Arms with Armorial Illustrations.
  13. Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott, Bart.
    In 7 volumes published in 1837.
  14. How to Learn Gaelic
    By Alexander MacBain LL.D. and John Whyte
  15. The Black Book of Taymouth and Other Papers
    From the Breadalbane Charter Room (1855)
  16. Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland
    In 4 volumes by Billings
  17. Gazetteer of the United States of America
    By John Hayward (1853)
  18. Ancient Scottish Lake-Dwellings or Crannogs
    By Robert Munro (1882)
  19. The History of Windham
    In New Hampshire, a Scotch settlement embracing nearly one third of the ancient settlement and historic township of Londonderry by Leonard A. Morrison (1883)
  20. Carmina Gadelica
    This work consists of old lore collected during the last forty-four years. It forms a small part of a large mass of oral literature written down from the recital of men and women throughout the Highlands and Islands of Scotland, from Arran to Caithness, from Perth to St. Kilda.
  21. Topography of Great Britain
    This is a 26 volume set which we felt was worth making available on the site. Volumes 24, 25 and 26 are to do with Scotland but as the Scots also were well travelled in England and Wales we thought it worth making the whole set available.
  22. John L. Stoddard's lectures
    His volume on England and Scotland complete with many illustrations.
  23. Caledonia
    By George Chalmers
  24. Ledger of Andrew Halyburton
    Conservator of the Privileges of the Scotch Nation in the Netherlands (1492-1503)
  25. Waifs and Strays of Celtic Tradition
    By Lord Archibald Campbell (1889) in 5 volumes
  26. An Account of the System of Husbandry of Scotland
    An account of farms and farming methods in Scotland (1813)
  27. Deirdire
    and the Lay of the Childen of Uisne, Orally Collected in the Island of Barra and Literally Translated by Alexander Carmichael (1914)
  28. Life of St. Margaret, Queen of Scotland
    By Turgot, Bishop of St Andrews, translated from the Latin by William Forbes-Leith
  29. The Beauties of Scotland
    Containing a clear and full account of the agriculture, commerce, mines and manufactures of the population, cities, towns and villages, &ct, of each country. By Robert Foryth in 5 volumes printed in 1805.
  30. Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine
    Introducing the first 3 volumes of some 150 available volumes.
  31. History of Civilisation in Scotland
    By John Mackintosh in 4 volumes.
  32. Series of Chronicles and Memorials
    Published by authority of the Lord's of her Majesty's Treasury under the direction of The Right Honourable The Lord Clerk-Register of Scotland.
  33. The Scots Magazine
    Here is a copy of Volume 1 of the Scots Magazine which was compiled in 1739.
  34. Chronicle of Scotland
    By John of Fordoun
  35. The historie and life of King James the Sext
    Being an account of the affairs of Scotland from the year 1566 to the year 1596; with a short continuation to the year 1617. [Edited by Thomas Thomson] (1825)
  36. The Compt Buik of David Wedderburne
    This is the first book issued which contains authentic details of the imports, exports, and home trade at a busy Scottish seaport during the eventful period between 1587 and 1630. It thus covers sixteen years before the Union of the Crowns, and twenty-seven years after that event, in all, forty-three years of Scottish mercantile life, in a time of political and national transition.
  37. History of Dundee
    We have been researching books about Dundee and the surrounding area and on this page we show you some truly excellent resources for research.
  38. The Autobiography of a Seaman
    By Thomas Cochrane, Tenth Earl of Dundonald, G.C.B. Admiral of the Red, Rear Admiral of the Fleet (1861)
  39. Vindication of the Celtic Character
    or the Scotchman as he was and as he should be in a series of letters to a young friend by William Livingston (1850). This is an interesting book with some details on early Scottish history that I haven't come across before.
  40. Leabhar Nan Gleann - The Book of the Glens: with Zimmer on Pictish matriarchy
    Includes Matriarchy among the Picts by Heinrich Zimmer, p. 1-42
  41. The Celtic Who's Who
    Names and Addresses of Workers who contribute to Celtic Literature, Music or other Cultural Activities along with other Information (1920). We felt this publication would be useful to researchers.
  42. Four Perthshire Families
    Roger, Playfair, Constable and Haldane of Barmony by the Rev. Charles Rogers.
  43. Monuments and Monumental Inscriptions in Scotland
    By Rev. Charles Rogers in 2 volumes (1871)
  44. Scottish History Society
    This society provides a huge amount of information on old records of Scotland.
  45. Golspie
    Contributions to its Folklore (1897)
  46. The Earl of Stirling's Register of the Royal Letters
    Relative to the affairs of Scotland and Nova Scotia from 1615 to 1635
  47. The History of the Western Highlands and Isles of Scotland
    From A.D. 1493 to 1625 with an Introductory Sketch from A.D. 85 to 1493 by Donald Gregory (1881)
  48. A study of the diet of the labouring classes in Edinburgh
    carried out under the auspices of the town council of the city of Edinburgh (1901)
  49. The Exchequer Rolls of Scotland
    A selection of these rolls to illustrate their research potential.
  50. Stoddard's Lectures
  51. Highland Papers
    Edited by J. R. N. MacPhail K.C. (1914)
  52. Sibbald's History & Description of Stirlingshire
    Ancient and Modern 1707
  53. Scottish Directories
    Around 500 directories are available through most parts of Scotland
  54. Annals of Scottish Printing
    From the Introduction of the Art in 1507 to the beginning of the seventeenth century by Robert Dickson L.R.C.S.E and John Philip Edmund
  55. The Arniston Memoirs
    Three centuries of a Scottish House 1571 - 1838, edited from Family Papers by George W T Omand. Also on this page you will find the book "Henry Dundas, Viscount Melville".
  56. The Kingdom of Kippen
    Its History and Traditions by William Crystal (1903)
  57. Autobiography and Services of Sir James McGrigor, Bart
    Late Director-General of the Army Medical Department (1861
  58. The Constable of France
    And other Military Historiettes by James Grant (1866)
  59. Register of the Privy Council of Scotland
  60. The Life of George Stephenson and his son Robert Stephenson
    Comprising also a history of the invention of the Railway Locomotive by Samuel Smiles (1868)
  61. Annals of Hawick 1214 - 1814
    With an Appendix containing Biographical Sketches and other illustrative documents by James Wilson, Town Clerk of Hawick (1850)
  62. The Life and Death of Jamie Fleeman
    The Laird of Udny's Fool (1859)
  63. The Scottish Historical Review
    This is a series of volumes in which there are many interesting stories of a Scottish nature.
  64. An Account of the Behaviour of the Late Earl of Kilmarnock
    After his Sentence and on the day of his Execution by James Foster (1746)
  65. Under Lochnagar
    Cathie Parish Church Bazaar Book
  66. Ochtertyre House Booke of Accomps 1787 - 1789
    Edited by James Colville
  67. The Botany of the Eastern Borders
    With popular names and uses of the plants, and of the customs and beliefs which have been associated with them by George Johnstone M.D., Edinburgh (1853)
  68. Early Travellers in Scotland
    Edited by Hume Brown (1891)
  69. Everyday Life in Prehistoric Times
    Written and Illustrated by Marjorie & C. H. B. Quennell
  70. Letters from the Mountains
    Being the real correspondence of a Lady (Anne Grant) between the years 1773 and 1807 (1809)
  71. It's Am Old Scottish Custom
    By Neil McCallum
  72. Collection of epitaphs and monumental inscriptions, chiefly in Scotland (1834)
  73. The Picture of Scotland
    By Robert Chambers in two volumes (1818)
  74. Hotch Potch and Kedgeree
    By Sir Allan Arthur
  75. The Life And Adventures of Alexander Selkirk
    By John Howell in 1829
  76. Keltic Researches
    By Edward Williams Byron Nocholson (1904)
  77. A Description of the Western Islands of Scotland
    By M Martin (1716)
  78. Peter's Letters to his Kinfolk (second edition)
    By Peter Morris M.D.
  79. Selections from the Family Papers of the MacKay's of Bighouse
    Consisting mainly of letters addressed to John Campbell of Barcaldine, some time one of the Government Factors on the Forfeited Estates after the '45.
  80. St. Mary's Abbey, Melrose
    The Monastery of Old Melrose and the Town and Parish of Melrose by James A. Wade. (1861)
  81. The Early Chronicles relating to Scotland
    A Rhind Lecture for 1912
  82. East Neuk Chronicles
    By William Skene (1905)
  83. The Past at our Doors or The Old in the New Around Us
    By Walter W. Skeat, M.A. With numerous Illustrations. 1911.
  84. Scotland and the Commonwealth
    Letters and Papers relating to the Military Government of Scotland, from August 1651 to December 1653. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by C. H. Firth, M.A. (1895)
  85. Scotland and the Protectorate
    Letters and Papers relating to the Military Government of Scotland from January 1654 to June 1659. Edited, with Introduction and Notes, by C. H. Firth, M.A. (1899)
  86. The Scottish Philosophy
    Biographical, Expository, Critical from Hutcheson to Hamilton by James McCosh (1874)
  87. Chambers's Information for the People
    Edited by William and Robert Chambers (Fifth Edition) (1884)
  88. Descriptive Catalogue of Impressions from Ancient Scottish Seals
    Of Impressions from Ancient Scottish Seals, Royal, Baronial, Ecclesiastical and Municipal embracing a period from AD 1194 to the Commonwealth taken from original charters and other deeds preserved in public and private archives by Henry Laing.
  89. Records of Argyll
    Legends, Traditions, and Recollections of Argyllshire Highlanders collected chiefly from the Gaelic
    by Lord Archibald Campbell (1885)
  90. Songs and Hyms of the Gael
    With Translations and Music, and an Introduction by L. MacBean (1900)
  91. A Voyage Round Scotland and the Isles
    By James Wilson (1841)
  92. A Century of Scottish History
    From the Days before the '45 to those within Living Memory By Sir Henry Craik (1901)
  93. Dictionary of National Biography
    TheDictionary of National Biography(or DNB) is a biographical reference for deceased persons notable in British history. Edited by Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee
  94. Statistical Accounts of Scotland
    The Old and the New.
  95. The Staggering State of Scottish Statesmen from 1550 to 1650
    By Sir John Scot of Scotstarvet with a memoir of the author by the Rev. Charles Rogers, LL.D., F.S.A. Scot. Historiographer to the Historical Society. (1872)
  96. The Pictorial History of Scotland
    From the Roman Invasion to the Close of the Jacobite Rebellion A.D. 79 to 1746 by James Taylor, D.D. in 2 volumes (1859)
  97. The Picts
    Here we present some books about the Picts to help with research. I have also placed books on Places Names in Scotland on this page.
  98. Archaelogical Notes on Early Scotland
    By W. G. Don
  99. Our Christmas Party
    By Old Merry
  100. The Emigration of Highland Crofters
    In a letter to the Lord Advocate by Rowland Hill MacDonald
  101. List of Works Relating to Scotland
    Compiled by George F. Black (1916)
  102. The Highland Smugglers
    In three volumes (1832)
  103. Historical Sketches of the Parish of Cambusnethan
    By Rev. Peter Brown (1859)
  104. Legends of the Braes O' Mar
    By John Grant (1876)
  105. A Voyage Round the Coasts of Scotland and the Isles
    By James Wilson in 2 volumes
  106. Our Christmas Party
    By Old Merry
  107. The Scottish Gallovidian Encyclopedea
    The Original, Antiquated, and Natural Cusiosities of the South of Scotland containing Sketches of Eccentric Characters and Curious Facts, with Explanatins of Singular Words, Terms, and Phrases; interspersed with Poems, Tales, Anecdotes, etc., and various other strange matters; the whole illustrative of the Ways of the Peasantry and Manners of Caledonia drawn out and Alphabetically arranged by John MacTaggart (1824)
  108. The History of the Troubles and Memorable Transactions in Scotland 1624 to 1645
    Containing an interesting Narrative of the Proceedings of the great Families in Scotland during that Period—Rising of the Highland Clans in Arms—Origin and Progress of the Covenanters, their Battles, Sieges, &c.—And many other remarkable Particulars of the Troubles in the North of Scotland, not contained in any other History of the Times. From the Original MS of John Spalding then Commissary Clerk of ABERDEEN in 2 volumes.
  109. The Spalding Club
    Published scholarly editions of texts and archaeological studies relevant to the history of Aberdeenshire and its region
  110. Records of the Coinage of Scotland
    From the Earliest Period to the Union collected by R. W. Cochran-Patrick of Woodside in 2 volumes (1925)
  111. Road that left home
    A Romance of Plow-Land, With some passages from the Lives of Henry Nicol, Philosopher of Islay; Ernie Bedford, Pedagogue; Jim Dover, of the Everlasting Thirst; and Sioux Ben Sun Cloud, the Scotch -talking Indian; as well as Others, not excluding Charlie Tinker of the Continuous Speech and Ida Bethune of the Pale-green Smile; Jim is Dead by Will E. Ingersoll (1918)
  112. Wild Sports of the West
    With Legendary Tales and Local Sketches in two volunes (1833)
  113. An Inquiry into the causes and effects of Emigration
    From the Highlands and Western Islands of Scotland with Observations of the Means to be Employed for Preventing it, By Alexander Irvine, Minister of Ranoch (1802)
  114. History of Abby Johnson Kendrick Robinson Gooch
    A history of this Morman lady and her family
  115. Geographical Collections Relating to Scotland
    Made by Walter MacFarlane in 3 volumes
  116. The History of the Ancient Scots
    By The Rev. Duncan M'Callum (1858)
  117. Scotch Stories
    Or The Chronicles of Keckleton by David Grant (1888)
  118. Scottish Guardian
    Volume the Second January to December 1865
  119. Scottish Diaries and Memoirs 1550 - 1746
    Arranged and Edited by J. G. Fyfe, M.A. (1927)
  120. Scottish Characteristics
    By Paxton Hood (1883)
  121. Burt's Letters from The North of Scotland
    With Facsimiles of the Original Engravings with an Introduction by R. Jamieson and the History of Donald the Hammerer
  122. Wanderings in the Western Highlands and Islands
    Recounting Highland & Clan History, Traditions, Ecclcsiology, Archaeology, Romance, Literature, Humour, Folk-Lore, etc. by M. E. M. Donaldson, Second Edition (1923)
  123. Scottish Toasts
    By Ivor Ben McIvor
  124. Some Nineteenth Century Scotsmen
    Being Personal Recollections by William Knight (1903)
  125. Remarks on Claims of Scotsmen Abroad
    On the Christian Sympathy and Exertions of their Countrymen at home by William Rintoul (1826)
  126. Fragments of Scottish History (1798)
  127. The Tommiebeg shootings, or, A moor in Scotland
    by Jeans, Thomas; Skelton, Percival, ill (1893)
  128. Brown's Bookstall
    A great collection of wee stories from 1897 edition
  129. Curiosities of A Scots Charta Chest 1600 - 1800
    With the Travels and Memoranda of Sir Alexander Dick, Baronet of Prestonfield written by himself (1897)
  130. The Gentle Persuasion
    Sketches of Scottsh Life by Alan Gray (1918)
  131. Cluny MacPherson
    By Emelia E. Barr, A novel.
  132. The Native Steam-Boat Companion
    Embracing the Names, Etymons, and Antiquities, of every object of note on the routes from Glasgow to Staffa, Iona, Skye, Fort William, Glenco, Glen Finan the Seat of Prince, C.E. Stuart's Monument, Glen Albin, Inverness, &c. embodying a new and most minute Historical and Descriptive Account of I-Colm-Kill, or Iona by Lachlan MacLea (1845)
  133. The Life or Mansie Wauch
    Tailir of Dalkeith (1828)
  134. Memoirs to His Majesty's Treasury respecting a Geological Survey of Scotland By J. MacCulloch, (1836)
    THE following "MEMOIRS" have been printed verbatim from the manuscripts of the late Mr. MacCulloch, without note or comment. His sudden and lamented death has prevented my remarking on certain of his opinions and statements; but these, it is hoped, will be received as he meant them to be, by such as are competent judges of the real errors and deficiencies in the unfortunate Map, that became so fertile a source of his indignation.
  135. Scottish History & Life
  136. The Stickett Minister
    And some Common Men by S. R. Crockett (1908) (pdf)
  137. Winter Evening Tales
    Collected among the Cottagers in the South of Scotland by James Hogg in 2 volumes (1820)
  138. Robert Milligan's Difficulties
    Or Struggle and Triumph, A Scotch Life Story by Rev. William Adamson, D.D. (1891)
  139. Lectures on the Mountains or the Highlands and Highlanders
    As they were and as they are (1860)  by William Grant Stewart
  140. The Highlands and Highlanders of Scotland
    By James Cromb (1888)
  141. Scottish Short Stories
    An Anthology. The rule governing the selection of stories for the following collection was, not merely that they should be the work of writers of Scottish birth, but that they should deal also with Scottish characters and the Scottish scene.
  142. Letters Chiefly connected with the Affairs of Scotland
    From Henry Cockburn, Solicitor-General under Earl Grey's Government (Afterwards Lord Cockburn) to Thomas Francis Kennedy, M.P. (afterwards The Right Hon. T. E. Kennedy), with other letters from Eminent Persons during the same period, 1818-1852. (1874)
  143. Scottish Pageant 1513-1625
    Edited by Agnes Mure MacKenzie
  144. Enumeration of the Inhabitants of Scotland
    Taken from the Government Abstracts of 1801, 1811, 1821;1831. These two interesting publications open our eyes to many interesting facts on social and business Scotland.
  145. An index, drawn up about the year 1629, of many records of charters, granted by the different sovereigns of Scotland between the years 1309 and 1413, most of which records have been long missing.
    With an introduction, giving a state, founded on authentic documents still preserved, of the ancient records of Scotland, which were in that kingdom in the year 1292. To which is subjoined, indexes of the persons and places mentioned in those charters by Great Britain. General Register Office (Scotland) 1n; Robertson, William, (1798)
  146. The Runic Roods of Ruthwell and Bewcastle
    With a short history of the Cross and Crucifix in Scotland by James King Hewison (1914)
  147. Traditional Tales of the English and Scottish Peasantry
    By Allan Cunningham (1887)
  148. Wariston's Diary and Other Papers
    Diary of Sir Archibak Jonston, Lord Warison (1639); The Preservaion of the Honours of Scotland (1651-52); Lord MAr's Legacies (1722-27); Letters concerning Highland Affairs in the 18th Centuary by Mrs. Grant of Laggan
  149. Miscellany of the Maitland Club
    Consisting of Original Papers and Other Documents illustrative of the History and Literature of Scotland in 3 volumes.
  150. A Tour through the Highlands of Scotland and the Hebride Isles in 1786
    By John Knox.
  151. Recess Studies
    Edited by Sir Alexander Grant, Bart. LL.D. (1870)
  152. Miscellanea Scotica
    A collection of Tracts relating to the History, Antiquities, Topography and Literature of Scotland in four volumes (1818/1820)
  153. Eleanor Leslie
    A Memoir by J. M. Stone (1898)
  154. The New Amphion
    Being the Book of the Edinburgh University Union Fancy Fair, in which are contained sundry articles instructive, and diverting matters, all now made public for the first time (1886)
  155. Political Survey of Britain
    Being a series of Reflections on the Situation, Lands, Inhabitants, Revenues, Colonies, and Commerce of this Island intended to show that we have not as yet approached near the Summit of Improvement.
  156. An Historical Account of the Ancient Rights and Power of the Parliament of Scotland
    By Andrew Fletcher of Saltoun (1823)
  157. Drumlanrig Castle and the Douglases
    With the Early History and Ancient Remains of Durisdeer, Closeburn and Morton by Craufurd Tait Ramage LL.D. (1876)
  158. A Critical Examination of Dr. MacCulloch's Work on the Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland
    By James Browne (1825)
  159. Letters from a gentleman in the North of Scotland
    To his friend in London; containing the description of a Capital Town in that Northern Country, with an account of some uncommon customs of the Inhabitants; likewise an account of the Highlands, with the Customs and Manners of the Highlanders to which is added, a letter, relating to the Military Ways among the Mountains, begun the the year 1726. The Fifth Edition and a large Appendix, containing various important historical documents, hitherto unpublished with an Introduction and Notes by the Editor, R. Jamieson and the History of Donald the Hammerer from an Authentic Account of the Family of Invernahyle; a MS. communicated by Sir Walter Scott, Bart. in two volumes (1822)
  160. The Court and Times of James the First
    Illustrated by Authentic and Confidential Letters from various public and private collections edited with an Introduction and notes by R F Williams in two volumes (1848)
  161. Index to Genealogies, Birthbriefs and Funeral Escutcheons
    Recorded in the Lyon Office by Francis J. Grant, W.S. Rothesay Herland and Lyon Clerk (1908)
  162. Unique Traditions Chiefly of the West and South of Scotland
    By John Gordon Barbour (1886)
  163. The Jacobite Lairds of Gask
    By T. L. Kington Oliphant (1870)
  164. The Works of The Duke of Argyll
    Containing The Reign of Law, The Unity of Nature and Primeval Man (1834) (pdf)
  165. Ardenmohr Among The Hills
    A Record of Scenery and Sports in the Highlands of Scotland by Samuel Abbott (1876) (pdf)
  166. Ecclesiological Notes on some of the Islands of Scotland
    By T.S. Muir (1885) (pdf)
  167. A New Medley of Memories
    By the Right Rev. Sir David Hunter-Blair, Titular Abbot of Dunfermline (1922) (pdf)
  168. Lady Jean
    The Romance of the Great Douglas Cause By Percy Fitzgerald, F.S.A. (1904) (pdf)
  169. Benderloch
    Or Notes from the West Highlands by William Anderson Smith (second edition) (1883) (pdf)
  170. Loch Creran
    Notes from the West Highlands by William Anderson Smith (1887) (pdf)
  171. Rosneath Past and Present
    By William Charles Maughan (1893)
  172. The History of the Blue Blanket
    Or Crafts-Man's Banner by Alexander Pennecuik (1756) (pdf)
  173. The Days of the Fathers in Ross-Shire
    By the Rev. John Kennedy, Dingwall (second edition) (1861) (pdf)
  174. Extracts from the Diarey of Robert Birrel, Burgess of Edinburgh
    Containing Divers Passages of Staite and uthers Memorable Accidents (Frome the 1532 zeir of our Redemptione till ye beginning of the zeir 1605.) (pdf)
  175. The Chronicle of Lanercost 1272-1346
    Translated with notes by the Right Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell, Baronet (1913)
  176. The Caledonian
    A monthly magazine
  177. By-Ways among Books
    By David J. MacKenzie (1900)
  178. Historical Tales and Legends of the Highlands
    Compiled by Alexander MacKenzie (1878)
  179. Gray Days and Gold in England and Scotland
    By William Winter (New Edition) (1897) (pdf)
  180. Epitaphs & Inscriptions from Burial Grounds & Old Buildings
    In the North-East of Scotland with Historical, Biographical, Genealogical, and Antiquarian Notes also an Appendix of Illustrative Papers by Andrew Jervst FSA Scot in two volumes (1875)
  181. Lives of Simon Lord Lovat, and Duncan Forbes of Culloden
    By John Hill Burton (1847) (pdf)
  182. Diary of Sir Archibald Johnston of Wariston
    From the Scottish History Society
  183. Middlemarch
    A study of Provincial Life by George Elliot (New Edition) (1891) (pdf)
  184. Catalogue of Books relating to Scotland (pdf)
    An interesting list of books which were collected from private libraries and offered for sale.
  185. Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh
    Scotland-based scientific journal
  186. Paul's Letters to his Kinsfolk
    Second Edition (1816)
  187. Memoir of the Late James Pillans, LL.D,
    Professor of Roman Literature, University of Edinburgh including a review of his services in the cause of Education by "Free Lance" (1869)
  188. History and Genealogies of the Families of Miller, Woods, Harris, Wallace, Maupin, Oldham, Kavanaugh, and Brown with Interspersions of notes of the families of Dabney, Reid, Martin, Broaddus, Gentry, Jarman, Jameson, Ballard, Mullins, Michie, Moberley, Covington, Browning, Duncan, Yancy and Others By W. H. Miller (1907) (pdf)
  189. Watt Anniversary Lecture
    14th January, 1887, in Honour of the Birthday of James Watt by Mr. Robert Duncan on Evolution in Naval Architecture during the reign of Queen Victoria
  190. Edinburgh Sketches and Miscellanies (1884)
  191. An Account of a Voyage to Spitzbergen
    Containing a full description of that country, of the zoology of the North, and of the Shetland Isles with an account of the whale fishery by John Laing, Surgeon. (1815) (pdf)
  192. Matthew Fowlds
    Centenarian Weaver 1806 - 1907 and other Fenwick Worthies and Brief Histories of the Martyrs and Covenanters of Fenwick, the Secession Church and the Weavers Society edited by Rev. J. Kirkwood Fairlie (1910) (pdf)
  193. Men of the Knotted Heart
    A Recollection and Appreciation of Alexander Duncan Grant, and John Paterson Struthers by Thomas Cassels (1915) (pdf)
  194. Sketches of Highland Character
    Sheep Farmers and Drovers (1875) (pdf)
  195. The Book of Kells
    Described by Sir Edward Sullivan (second edition) (1920) (pdf)
  196. Scotland Picturesque; Historical; Descriptive
    Being a series of views of Edinburgh and its Environs; the Mountains, Glens, Lochs, Sea-Coasts: and the Palaces, Castles, and Ecclesiastical Buildings of Scotland, consisting of over seventy chromo-lithographs from origional and copyright drawings by Sir William Allan, F.R.S.A., Clarkson Stanfield, R.A., George Cattermole, W. L. Leitch, Thomas Creswick, A.R.A., David Roberts, R.A., J. D. Harding, Joseph Nash, Horatio MacCulloch, R.S.A., D. O. Hill, R.A., W. Simpson, R.A., &c., &c. Accompanied by Descriptive, Historical, Antiquarian, and Anecdotal Notices of the Principal Scenes and Events illustrated by John Parker Lawson, M.A. In 4 volumes (1840)
  197. The Blackwood Group
    By Sir George Douglas (1897) (pdf)
  198. Reminiscences and Essays
    by James Montgomery Stuart (1884) Includes a very good essay on The Ayrshire Ploughman and the Ettrick Shepherd.
  199. Memoirs of Mr William Veitch and George Brysson
    Written by themselves with other narratives illustrative of the history of Scotland, from the restoration to the revolution to which are added, biographical sketches and notes, by Thomas M'Crie, D.D. (1825) (pdf)
  200. The Men of the Mountain
    By S. R. Crockett (1909) (pdf)
  201. Scotland, Historic and Romantic
    By Maria Hornor Lansdale in two volumes (1901)
  202. Modern Statesmen
    Or Sketches from the Strangers' Gallery of the House of Commons by J. Ewing Ritchie (1861) (pdf)
  203. Northern Memoirs calculated for The Meridian of Scotland
    To which is added, the Contemplative and Practical Angler, writ in the year 1658 by Richard Franck. THE following reprint of a scarce book will afford, it is hoped, amusement as well to the topographical antiquary as to the lover of the angle, since it contains some curious particulars respecting the state of Scotland during the sixteenth century. (1821) (pdf)
  204. The Scottish Parliament
    Its Constitution and Procedure 1603-1707 With an Appendix of Documents By Charles Sanford Terry, M.A., Burnett-Fletcher Professor of History in the University of Aberdeen (1905) (pdf)
  205. Humorous Episodes In the Life of a Provincial Publisher
    Extending over Fifty Years by Samuel Cowan, J.P. (1900) (pdf)
  206. Annals of Auchterarder and Memorials of Strathearn
    By Alexander George Reid (1899) (pdf)
  207. The Life of Sir Robert Cochran
    Prime-Minister to King James III of Scotland by Robert Cochran (1734) (pdf)
  208. The Making of Scotland
    Lectures on the war of independence delivered in the University of Glasgow by the Right Hon. Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bt. F.R.S., LL.D. (Glasgow), D.C.L. (Durham), Pres. Soc. Ant. Scot. (1911)
  209. Montrose and the Covenanters
    Their Characters and Conduct, from Private Letters and other original documents hitherto unpublished embracing the times of Charles the First, from the rise of the troubles in Scotland, to the death of Montrose by Mark Napier, Esq., in two volumes (1838)
  210. A Journey through Scotland
    ln Familiar Letters from a Gentleman Here to his Friend Abroad bring the third volume, which completes Great Britain by the author of The Journey thro' England. (John Mackay) (1723) (pdf)
  211. The King of Saxony's Journey Through England and Scotland in the Year 1844
    By Dr. Carl Gustav Carus translated by Br. S. C. Davison, B.A., Da. Ph., &c. (1846) (pdf)
  212. Alturlie
    The same being some passages in the life of Simon Stuart of Alturlie, sometime officer in King Louis of France his regiment in Picardy, and later Major of his Britannic Majesty's regiment of Fraser Highlanders. These now edited by H. Robswood Cooke (pdf)

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