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Robert Burns Lives!
By Frank R. Shaw, FSA Scot Email:

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1
    Background of the Times in Which Burns Lived, Loved and Wrote
  • Chapter 2
    Guest columnist David E. Shi, President, Furman University, Greenville, SC, USA
  • Chapter 3
    Whiskey and Burns Gang Thegither by Thomas Keith
  • Chapter 4
    Dining in Ayrshire
  • Chapter 5
    Guest columnist Thomas C. Burns, Ph.D.
  • Chapter 6
    Guest columnist Dr. G. Ross Roy.
  • Chapter 7
    G. Ross Roy’s Library.
  • Chapter 8
    My Long-Awaited Journey Through Burns Country
  • Chapter 9
    Robert Burns – Country Dancer
  • Chapter 10
    Dumfries Burns Howff Club
  • Chapter 11
  • Chapter 12
    Jim Hewitson
  • Chapter 13
    G. Ross Part II
  • Chapter 14
    Robert Barr, Jr.
  • Chapter 15
    Dr. G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 16
    Anne Christie
  • Chapter 17
    Abb Gunn
  • Chapter 18
    North Carolina College Honors G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 19
    Who Are These Burns People?
  • Chapter 20
    Another Tour of Burns Country
  • Chapter 21
    Immortal Memory at the Atlanta Burns Club
  • Chapter 22
    22 Days - An Highland  Immortal Memory
  • Chapter 23
    Burns Chronicle Index
  • Chapter 24
    Sir Walter Scott and Robert Burns
  • Chapter 25
    Robert Burns Diamond Stylus
  • Chapter 26
  • Chapter 27
    With Passions Wild and Strong
  • Chapter 28
    Scottish Coin To Celebrate 250th Anniversary
    of Robert Burns’ Birth
  • Chapter 29
    My Favorite Burns Poem
  • Chapter 30
    A Place to come to
  • Chapter 31
    Burns Nicht Bits, Tidbits, and Fragments
  • Chapter 32
    Robert Burns and James Hogg
  • Chapter 33
    Hunters’ Illustrated History of the Family, Friends and Contemporaries of Robert Burns
  • Chapter 34
    An article by Professor David Purdie, "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 35
    An article by Dr. Carruthers, "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 36
    An article by Billy Kay - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 37
    An article by Eddi Reader - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 38
    An article by
    Dr. Kenneth Simpson - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 39
    "Inspiration on Inauguration Day" by Clark McGinn
    (with reflections on Lincoln, Jefferson, and Washington)
  • Chapter 40
    Alex Salmond Speaks at Burns Symposium in Washington, D.C.
  • Chapter 41
    G. Ross Roy Collection of Robert Burns
  • Chapter 42
    An article by G. Ross Roy - "What Burns means to me".
  • Chapter 43
    An article by Patrick Scott - "The Immortal Memory".
  • Chapter 44
    Sunday Post articles on Robert Burns.
  • Chapter 45
    The Bard - Robert Burns, a biography.
  • Chapter 46
    The Bard. A Review of the book by
    Professor Gerard Carruthers.
  • Chapter 47
    Address to the Burns Club of Atlanta by Bill Dawson
  • Chapter 48
    Chat with Robert Crawford author of "The Bard".
  • Chapter 49
    Ae Fond Kiss, A Speech by Dr. James W. Flannery
  • Chapter 50
    Starkey Staring Mad by Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 51
    "Fickle Man", Robert Burns in the 21st Century
  • Chapter 52
    Robert Burns in England
    by Chris J. Rollie
  • Chapter 53
    Phrenology of Burns By Megan Coyer
  • Chapter 54
    Address to Robert Burns given by Clark McGinn at Westminster Abbey
  • Chapter 55
    Robert Burns and Slavery by Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 56
    Archibald Skirving and his Drawing of Robert Burns by Robert Carnie
  • Chapter 57
    'Law and Order' in 18th C. Edinburgh, The Case of Miss Burns V the Baillie by Robert Carnie
  • Chapter 58
    A Speech by Robert Carnie
  • Chapter 59
    Robert Burns - Writer of Songs by Robert H. Carnie
  • Chapter 60
    Burns the Improviser by Robert H. Carnie
  • Chapter 61
    The Honorary Graduation of Professor G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 62
    ‘To Mr Robert Burns’: Verse Epistles from an Irish Poetic Circle by Jennifer Orr
  • Chapter 63
    What Burns Means to Me by James Macsween, Director, Macsweens of Edinburgh.
  • Chapter 64
    Programs at the Mitchell Library
  • Chapter 65
    New Burns Research Unit for Dumfries
  • Chapter 66
    On Burns Prosody: Address to a Haggis by Colin Blyth
  • Chapter 67
    What Haggis means to me.
  • Chapter 68
    Burns and Historic Scotland
  • Chapter 69
    The Auction of a Robert Burns Bowl Replica
  • Chapter 70
    Book Review of "The Best Laid Schemes: Selected Poetry & Prose of Robert Burns" Edited by Robert Crawford & Christopher MacLachlan.
  • Chapter 71
    Burns Statue in Chicago
  • Chapter 72
    Follow-up Story of Chicago’s Defaced Robert Burns Statue
  • Chapter 73
    Was Robert Burns a Member of the Friends of the People in Dumfries?
  • Chapter 74
    An article by
    Floridian John Hollingsworth
  • Chapter 75
    Regarding the Homecoming
  • Chapter 76
    Robert Burns, The Fornicators Court
  • Chapter 77
    Immortal Memory Address, 2010 By Corey E. Andrews
  • Chapter 78
    Burns Night: Poetry and Emotion By Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 79
    A Reply to Mark Wilson’s Essay ‘Was Robert Burns a Member of the Friends of the People in Dumfries?’
  • Chapter 80
    The Questions Patrick Scott Hogg Should Answer By Mark J. Wilson
  • Chapter 81
    Another Reply to Paddy Hogg
  • Chapter 82
    You Can Meet Rabbie In Many Unexpected Places! By Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 83
    Email from Patrick Scott Hogg to Frank R. Shaw and his reply
  • Chapter 84
    A Lazy Saturday Morning with Two New Burns Friends
  • Chapter 85
    My grandson, Ian Shaw
  • Chapter 86
    My granddaughter, Stirling Shaw
  • Chapter 87
    The Luath Kilmarnock Edition of Poems, Chiefly in the Scottish Dialect,
    Edited by Dr. John Cairney and Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 88
    The Peculiar ‘Research’ of Patrick Scott Hogg
  • Chapter 89
    Merry Muses,
    Edited by Dr. Valentina Bold, Glasgow University Dumfries Campus
  • Chapter 90
    Another Unsubstantiated Claim by Paddy Hogg
  • Chapter 91
    The Drouth, Edited by Johnny Rodger and Mitchell Miller
  • Chapter 92
    Burns and Slavery by Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 93
    Lament for Slavery? The Case of Robert Burns By Corey E. Andrews, Youngstown State University
  • Chapter 94
    Chairman of the Bard by Jim Gilchrist, The Scotsman.
  • Chapter 95
    Capital Caricatures by Shelia Szatkowski
  • Chapter 96
    The Tears of Robert Burns by Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 97
    Book Review of Scottish and Irish Romanticism By Murray Pittock
  • Chapter 98
    Presentation of the G. Ross Roy Medal by Dr. Rhona Brown
  • Chapter 99
    The Robert Burns 1859 Centenary: Mapping Transatlantic (Dis)Connection By Professor Leith Davis
  • Chapter 100
    The 100th Anniversary of the Laying of the Cornerstone at Robert Burns Cottage By the Burns Club of Atlanta.
  • Chapter 101
    Poetry Reading and Lecture by Dr. Robert Crawford.
  • Chapter 102
    Robert Burns and the Excise By Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 103
    The Biographical Construction of Robert Fergusson, 1774-1900 By Rhona Brown
  • Chapter 104
    Auld Lang Syne by Kate Taylor
  • Chapter 105
    Robert Burns’s Reputation as the “Genius” of Scotland By Dr. Corey E. Andrews
  • Chapter 106
    An Unpublished Letter from Burns to Prof James Gregory MD - with an early draft MS of 'On seeing a wounded Hare' By Prof. David Purdie MD FRCP FSA Scot. Editor, The Burns Encyclopaedia.
  • Chapter 107
    Ideological Adaption of Robert Burns in the Soviet Union By Dr. Natalia Kaloh Vid (Slovenia, University of Maribor, Faculty of Arts)
  • Chapter 108
    Robert Burns: Bawdy Language By Pauline Anne Mackay
  • Chapter 109
    A Million Reasons Robert Burns Will Never Die!
  • Chapter 110
    The Burns Chronicle
  • Chapter 111
    Frank Gives a Talk to the Burns and Beyond Conference in Glasgow
  • Chapter 112
    Burns and Beyond: A One Day Conference hosted by the Centre of Robert Burns Studies by Dr. Rhona Brown, University of Glasgow.
  • Chapter 113
    Burns and Sex By George Scott Wilkie
  • Chapter 114
    Remember Tam O'Shanter's Mare, A Study of Burns and Health, by Sir Kenneth Calman
  • Chapter 115
    Almost Speechless by Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 116
    Burns and Bawdy by R.D.S. Jack
  • Chapter 117
    A Trip to Glasgow to Speak on Robert Burns
  • Chapter 118
    Robert Burns – His Life, Illness and Death: 18
    th Century Medicine in Scotland By Thorne Winter, MD.
  • Chapter 119
    Robert Burns & Pastoral By Nigel Leask
  • Chapter 120
    The G. Ross Roy Collection of Robert Burns: An Illustrated Catalogue. A book review by Dr. Kenneth Simpson
  • Chapter 121
    This and That. Rachel Bergstrand and Natalia Kaloh Vid.
  • Chapter 122
    Pretty Nancy By Ian MacMillan
  • Chapter 123
    Robert Burns: A Life in Letters by George Scott Wilkie
  • Chapter 124
    The History of The Burns Club of London: 1868 to 1968 Part I By Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 125
    The History of The Burns Club of London: 1868 to 1968 Part II
  • Chapter 126
    Venders, Purchasers, Admirers: Burnsian ‘Men of Action’ from the Nineteenth to the Twenty-First Century By Dr. Corey E. Andrews
  • Chapter 127
    Robert Burns in Global Culture Edited by Murray Pittock
  • Chapter 128
    In Search of Highland Mary By Dr. Gerard Carruthers, Glasgow University
  • Chapter 129
    Vindication of Highland Mary by Norman Paton.
  • Chapter 130
    Deirdre Nicholls, BA (HON) ATC MBA FRSA - Burns Bronze Statue
  • Chapter 131
    Burns Supper held at the Stonehouse Primary School near Larkhall, Glasgow
  • Chapter 132
    Scottish Parliament is Memorable Venue for American Erin’s First Burns Supper
  • Chapter 133
    The Mitchell Burns Collection: The Best in the World? By Gerry Carruthers
  • Chapter 134
    Scottish Bards and English Prelates By Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 135
    “A Tribute to Dr. Patrick Scott”, A Noted Robert Burns Scholar By Frank R. Shaw
  • Chapter 136   
    Book Review of "Robert Burns and Transatlantic Culture", Nineteenth-Century Transatlantic Studies, Edited by Sharon Alker, Leith Davis and Holly Faith Nelson.
  • Chapter 137
    Robert Burns:  Scotland's National Bard by Erin Frazer, Senior, Furman University, Greenville, SC, USA
  • Chapter 138
    The Correspondence of Samuel Thomson (1766-1816). Fostering an Irish writers’ circle By Jennifer Orr, Editor.
  • Chapter 139
    Robert Burns, Patrician Protégé, People’s Poet by Professor Christopher Whatley.
  • Chapter 140
    Rehabilitating the Radical: Robert Burns in the Belfast Press in the Period of the Irish Act of Union by
    Dr. Carol Baraniuk.
  • Chapter 141
    A Forgotten Hero By Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 142
    The Songs of Burns and the Serge Hovey Archive by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 143
    Fiddling with Known Burns: Burns and the Limits of Criticism By Murray Pittock
  • Chapter 144
    ‘Love and Poesy’: Burns and Highland Mary By Ken Simpson
  • Chapter 145
    As Others Saw Him: Robert Burns and Highland Mary by G Ross Roy
  • Chapter 146
    “An Unco’ Sight”: Burns and Enjoyment by Professor Ian Duncan
  • Chapter 147
    John DeLancey Ferguson (1888-1966): An Appreciation By Corey Andrews
  • Chapter 148
    Robert Burns and The Invention of the Haggis By Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 149
    My Friend Robert Burns by Ian MacMillan
  • Chapter 150
    How Many Copies Were Printed of Burns's Second (Edinburgh) Edition? By G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 151
    Robert Burns’s First Printer: John Wilson of Kilmarnock. Part 1: The Book Market in Burns’s Ayrshire by Patrick Scott.
  • Chapter 152
    Robert Burns’s First Printer: John Wilson of Kilmarnock. Part 2: Printing Books for Local Authors by Patrick Scott.
  • Chapter 153
    The New Studies in Scottish Literature Goes Digital (and keeps print) By Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 154
    Atlanta’s Robert Burns Cottage by Frank R. Shaw.
  • Chapter 155
    Burns's Poems and their Audience By Ian Campbell
  • Chapter 156
    Digitizing Robert Burns By Frank Shaw
  • Chapter 157
    Robert Fergusson and the Scottish Periodical Press by Rhona Brown
  • Chapter 158
    Book Review: "Robert Burns & Friends", Essays by W. Ormiston Roy Fellows Presented to G. Ross Roy Edited by Patrick Scott & Kenneth Simpson
  • Chapter 159
    Whatever Happened to Gavin Turnbull? Hunting Down a Friend of Burns in South Carolina by Patrick Scott.
  • Chapter 160
    Robert Burns’s “The Twa Dogs”: ideological aspects of translation into Russian By Natalia Kaloh Vid
  • Chapter 161
    Scotland and the 19th-Century World edited by Gerard Carruthers, David Goldie and Alastair Renfrew
  • Chapter 162
    Robert Burns Lives! Publishes its 150th Chapter by Bill Dawson
  • Chapter 163
    Aspects of the Humour of Robert Burns by Dr. J. Walter McGinty
  • Chapter 164
    G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 165
    Immortal Memory to Robert Burns, Burns Club of Atlanta by Frank Shaw
  • Chapter 166
    What others are saying about Robert Burns Lives!
  • Chapter 167
    How more Popular could Burns be if translated into English? By Alastair McIntyre GOTJ, FSA Scot
  • Chapter 168
    Just another Saturday Night in Scotland by
    Corinne Buivenga
  • Chapter 169
    Studies in Scottish Literature
  • Chapter 170
    Christ Church Burns Supper, 25 January 2013, By Stephen Hammock
  • Chapter 171
    On Finding A Battered Copy of Burns’ Poems by Stephen A. Hammock
  • Chapter 172
    A Tribute to Professor G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 173
    Burns and art: local, national, international By Murdo Macdonald
  • Chapter 174
    W. Ormiston Roy as Remembered by his Grandson by G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 175
    Poems Like Hand Grenades: Baxter, Burns and Bawdry by Liam McIlvanney
  • Chapter 176
    Plea for the Jacksonville Robert Burns Memorial
  • Chapter 177
    A Victorian Admirer Writes Back: Marion Bernstein and Robert Burns by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 178
    The Cambridge Companion to Scottish Literature, Edited by Gerard Carruthers and Liam McIlvanney
  • Chapter 179
    Two Tales of 'Tam O' Shanter' by Sarah M. Dunnigan and Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 180
    Poem on Burns by John Imlah and read by John P. Imlay
  • Chapter 181
    Seceders and Satire: Ulster Poetry of the Romantic Period by Dr. Jennifer Orr.
  • Chapter 182
    Obituary of Professor Kenneth Simpson by Christopher A Whatley
  • Chapter 183
    Eileen Bremner’s "The English Poetry of Robert Burns (1759 – 1796)"
  • Chapter 184
    A Young Irish Scholar's Transatlantic Pilgrimage to The Burns Club of Atlanta and Beyond by Dr Jennifer Orr
  • Chapter 185
    The Professor G. Ross Roy Medal 2013 Winner for Excellence in Research in Scottish Literature
  • Chapter 186
    How I Came to Burns By Michael Morris, PhD
  • Chapter 187
    Flow Gently Sweet Afton. The Story Behind the Song By Norrie Paton
  • Chapter 188
    Peter Kormylo, Hanna Dyka, and Tayisa Khryplyva
  • Chapter 189
    A Letter from John Clark, Dumfries Artist and Poet
  • Chapter 190
    Primrose by Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 191
    Artist Yuriy Kovatchev’s  Reproduction of The famous Nasmyth Burns Portrait
  • Chapter 192
    Robert Burns 255th Anniversary from Robert Burns Kiev Junior Club.
  • Chapter 193
    Review of Maurice Lindsay’s The Burns Encyclopedia, Revised and Edited by David Purdie, Kirsteen McCue and Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 194
    Review of the Burns Chronicle
  • Chapter 195
    Journal of New Zealand Literature 30 Special Issue: Baxter and Burns
  • Chapter 196
    The Immortal Memory of Robert Burns, Globe Inn - 25th January 2011, By Peter Kormylo, Past President
  • Chapter 197
    Robert Burns, Open Access, and the Digital Studies in Scottish Literature By Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 198
    Thomas Campbell of Pencloe, New Cumnock, Ayrshire (1746 - 1831) By Chris Rollie, St John’s Town of Dalry, Galloway.
  • Chapter 199
    Immortal Memory by Mike Duiguid
  • Chapter 200
    Celebrating Frank's 200th Chapter of Robert Burns Lives! By Alastair McIntyre
  • Chapter 201
    Burns and North America by Leslie Strachan
  • Chapter 202
    The Cambridge Companion to Scottish Literature Edited by Gerard Carruthers and Liam McIlvanney
  • Chapter 203
    The Centre for Robert Burns Studies is happy to announce the launch of a new website! by Dr. Vivien Williams
  • Chapter 204
    The First Nine Guests: Number Three: 'Provost John' By Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 205
    World Congress of Scottish Literatures, University of Glasgow, 2-5 July 2011, By Rhona Brown, University of Glasgow
  • Chapter 206
    Jean Redpath, A Memory By Kirsteen McCue
  • Chapter 207
    The Other Side of Robert Burns’s Correspondence by Patrick Scott and Joseph DuRant
  • Chapter 208
    John Galt: The Other Great Ayrshire Writer by Ian McGee
  • Chapter 209
    Red Red Roses on a Tragic Poet’s Grave by Rosemary Goringe
  • Chapter 210
    A Lost Collection of Robert Burns Manuscripts: Sir Alfred Law, Davidson Cook, and the Honresfield Collection by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 211
    Burns and the Bachelors By Kirsteen McCue, University of Glasgow
  • Chapter 212
    Tam o’ Shanter: A Talk at the Atlanta Burns Club, December 3, 2003 by G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 213
    The Robert Burns World Federation Newsletter March 2015 edited by Mike Duguid
  • Chapter 214
    Far Fam’d RAB’: Scottish Labouring-Class Poets Writing in the Shadow of Robert Burns, 1785-1792 By Corey E. Andrews
  • Chapter 215
    The Annual Robert Burns Commemorative Service, Dumfries, 23 January 2015 by Rhona Brown
  • Chapter 216
    A Sermon by Professor Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 217
    Welcome Home, Mr. Burns by Deirdre Nicholls
  • Chapter 218
    The Life and Poetry of Thomas Burns by Dr Christine Seal
  • Chapter 219
    Poets in the Park 2015
  • Chapter 220
    Robert Aiken - Orator Bob by Dr. Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 221
    John Anderson My Jo, John by Frank Shaw
  • Chapter 222
    Rededication of the Highland Mary Monument at Greenock Cemetery, Sunday 30th August, 2015 by Gerard Carruthers, University of Glasgow
  • Chapter 223
    Atlanta Robert Burns Cottage Rededication by E. Ross Wyllie, Editor, Burns Club of Atlanta Newsletter
  • Chapter 224
    Thomas Muir, Uncompromising Hero or The Man Who had Poor Social Skills by Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 225
    Burns: Monument and Memory by Murray Pittock
  • Chapter 226
    Interview with Dr. Carruthers
  • Chapter 227
    James Orr, Poet and Irish Radical by Dr. Carol Baraniuk
  • Chapter 228
    Nine Men: The Banker and the Professor by Dr Clark McGinn
  • Chapter 229
    A free online course on Burns from the Centre for Robert Burns Studies at Glasgow University January 2016.
  • Chapter 230
    Tracking the Kilmarnock Burns by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 231
    The History of Robert Burns Statues around the World By Sofiane Kennouche
  • Chapter 232
    A Unique Burns Supper By Chris Waddell
  • Chapter 233
    The Centre for Robert Burns Studies at the University of Glasgow By Professor Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 234
    A Scottish Contemporary of Burns: Alexander Wilson (1766-1813), Poet and Ornithologist by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 235
    Burns in the Running for Great Scot Title
  • Chapter 236
    Nine Men: The Soldier, The Gardener (And not to forget the Innkeeper) by Dr Clark McGinn.
  • Chapter 237
    Robert Burns voted as public’s National Trust ‘Great Scot’ by Frank Shaw
  • Chapter 238
    Teaching Robert Burns Online by Ronnie Young BA (Hons), MA, PhD, Glasgow University
  • Chapter 239
    Memories of Muhammad Ali by Alison Wilson
  • Chapter 240
    Robert Burns Was Not A Gaelic Speaker but, By Murdo Morrison
  • Chapter 241
    University of South Carolina Scholar Studies Abroad at the University of Glasgow By Professor Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 242
    The Twa Bards: Robert Burns and William Shakespeare by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 243
    Burns in the heat of the South: rare books and modern technology By Craig Lamont
  • Chapter 244
    The Immortal Memory: Befriending Robert Burns By Dr. Valentina Bold
  • Chapter 245
    “Not in Egerer"? Roberts Burns in some Early Anthologies by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 246
    Burns and ‘Blue Devilism’ By Moira Hansen
  • Chapter 247
    Burns and Broadside Publication "The Chevalier's Lament" at Auction in Macon, Georgia by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 248
    Blue Devilism: Physical and mental health in the life and work of Robert Burns by Moira Hansen
  • Chapter 249
    Ronnie Jack and Robert Burns: An Appreciation by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 250
    A Collaborative Tribute from Four Editors by Patrick Scott, Bill Dawson, Mike Duguid, and Gerard Carruthers
  • Chapter 251
    Thomas F. McNally, Dean of Libraries, University of South Carolina on the Jean Redpath music collection.
  • Chapter 252
    Bringing The Jolly Beggars to Life! By Dr Kirsteen McCue
  • Chapter 253
    How the Victorians Monumentalized Robert Burns: Christopher Whatley’s Immortal Memory: Burns and the Scottish People reviewed by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 254
    Abraham Lincoln & Robert Burns by Alec Ross
  • Chapter 255
    "The Chevalier's Lament" Broadside and Robert Burns at the National Library of Scotland By Robert Betteridge
  • Chapter 256
    Reading Burns in Installments: the Hidden History of Part-Publication by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 257
    Robert Burns’ Songwriting Prosody – Why His Tunes Matter by Andrew Calhoun
  • Chapter 258
    The Kilmarnock Census: A Personal Perspective By Allan Young
  • Chapter 259
    Burns Unbroke, Contemporary arts inspired by Robert Burns
  • Chapter 260
    A Neglected Source for Burns Manuscripts? Some Old Guides for Autograph Collectors by Patrick Scott
  • Chapter 261
    Auld Lang What?! from Sainsbury's Grocery Chain
  • Chapter 262
    Reminiscences of Editing Burns by G. Ross Roy
  • Chapter 263
    Robert Burns and the Philosopher By Walter McGinty
  • Chapter 264
    The Agnes Burns Song Book by Kirsteen McCue
  • Chapter 265
    Immortal Memory by Kevin Hague
  • Chapter 266
    Robert Burns: 'Man O' Independent Mind' by Professor Chris Whatley who reflects on the poetic legacy of Robert Burns.
  • Chapter 267
    US couple donates £170,000 for Robert Burns research
  • Chapter 268
    Visiting Ellisland Farm By Gerry Carruthers
  • Chapter 269
    Contains much information on Burns & his associations & is valuable to the Burns Student. J Williamson, Meadowfield

The Life of Robert Burns

Misc. Texts

Burns Conference 12th January 2013
Click on the Graphic to bring up the pdf file

Burns Unbroke
Contemporary arts inspired by Robert Burns

BURNS UNBROKE is a new adventure in the world of Robert Burns, and Robert Burns Lives! is proud to bring it to our readers. It is interesting, thrilling and full of thought-provoking Burns information that can easily become a favorite of many Burns readers, this editor included. The information below is very informative and those who have read our pages over the years should be happy to see what this new endeavor puts forth in the name of Burns. BURNS UNBROKE has agreed to share their programs and articles with our readers over the coming months. I already have another issue to publish and will be working in this area for the next few weeks. I am excited about this new venture and I believe you will be too.

November 2017

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