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Check all the Clans that have DNA Projects. If your Clan is not in the list there's a way for it to be listed. Electric Scotland's Classified Directory An amazing collection of unique holiday cottages, castles and apartments, all over Scotland in truly amazing locations.

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The Ellen Payne Odom Genealogy Library Family Tree
Mo Hawg

Mo Hawg official autographMo Hawg is a very pink pig who writes about things happening in and around Moultrie, Georgia...and most everywhere else.  He is part philosopher, part jokester, part trivia expert and part punster.  Mo is world-famous columnist who frequently travels to consult with world leaders but he also visits schools, churches and lurks in many places around town! 

   His name is from the local newspaper, The Moultrie Observer.  The sports teams at the local high school are called "The Packers!" (And "packers" refers to packer hogs/"hawgs."  At one time, Colquitt County was number one pork producing county east of the Mississippi!)

   Of course, if you love puns and jokes (clean please), you're welcome to send them in to Mo!

   Mo's secretary may be reached by emailing <>

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